Monday, 8 July 2013

Perfect day :D

              I must be God's favorite :D I can't thank my stars enough for the perfect day I was blessed with.

            On Saturday S was here. He finished off his work and by 4 he was on this side of the city. I reached early ( rare event!) and waited near the bridge. I fixed my eyes on the stairs. He had told he will be there in 15 minutes and at the 16th minute (yes I was watching the time on my phone :P) I saw him rushing down the stairs..He was wearing formals and jumped the steps eagerly

            'Araam se, bhaagi nahi ja rahi hu me!' I teased him, my heart still thumping with all that adrenaline in my system.
            We took an auto to our usual destination. He stuffed the phone charger and room keys in my purse and started animatedly describing the journey. All the while I restrained myself from hugging him :D
            The only movie that we could manage was The Lone Rider and it was a good one hour before it commenced. We snacked around in Mc Donalds, planning the next day and making his reservation. Next came the shopping. It was around 6 when we were done and headed to the movie.

            The next two hours we sat in silence, whispering 'I love you" and laughing about the queer way in which the kids next to our seat behaved. It had been really long since we actually enjoyed a movie (Last being Oh my God which had me in splits)
            We decided the time to meet on Sunday and parted after the movie got over.
             I had quite a few things on my mind. Sleep eluded me well past midnight. I was excited like a kid before picnic and it was an apt simile. I tried to catch some sleep so that I didn't end up looking like a panda the next day. I woke up at 1.30 am :P The same thing happened every other hour. Finally I gave up at 4.30 and stayed awake on bed till it was 5.30. My eyes were red due to the lack of sleep but my mind was on alert.

             I had packed my bag on Saturday morning to avoid any suspicious activity that raised the alarm bells at home. With that part taken care of, I got other preparations rolling. Breakfast, bath, dressing up... I had it all planned in my mind already. I set about with the tasks, smiling and singing to myself.

            Dressed in formals (which covered the top I was wearing inside), the red neckpiece S bought me the day before, hair made up like any other day, I started with the only thing that would decide my readying time..lenses!! The sleep deprived eyes didn't help either. After toiling for more than 15 minutes (including cleaning them like an OCD, flushing the eyes with water and then bawling like an idiot) I stepped out without falling to much interrogation at home. Step 1 completed.

              Twice in 24 hours, I was early. We had mutually decided to be at the station by 7.30 and I reached a good 20 minutes before time. S hurried to meet me. There we were! Two of a kind. He had been awake since 3.30 am :P

             After S  had his breakfast, we went to the National Park. It was swarming with vehicles. A serpentine line for tickets was building up. Sunday ,coupled with the soft spells of rain, made it a great day to trek or have family picnics. We took our tickets and waited for the van or bus to take us to our destination. Finally we got a van that took us to the Kanheri caves. We were brimming with the thrill and expectations !
            I changed into a pair of track pants and took off the formal shirt. Wearing a tank top with a three fourth was a first time. S looked at me adoringly.
            "Do I look weird?"
            "No! You are looking nice.. Pataka!"

            After some photography and looking around, we started the climb. We did not wish to venture deep into the range because of the heavy bag S carried and it was risky on two accounts. First was the clumsy me who can slip on flat surfaces. Second was the risk of lecherous groups which were notorious at such places. The place was a beauty. With the water falls active this time of the month, the scenic place was all the more a sight to see! There were a large number of caves ( I forgot the exact numbers) but we explored only a few. With our rendezvous and the nonsense stories we made about the life of people who actually lived in such caves, I think we set some of them  rolling in their graves.

            The descent back was a treacherous one (for those who are aware of my extraordinary balance skills, this is no news!). I took each step holding his hands and S walked behind me to hold me if I slipped. He kept giggling every time I miscalculated my step and he pulled me up from falling and shouted when I acted reckless.
            Back at the base, we changed again and coincidently got the same van which we came in. I wanted to take the mini train ride with S next. We halted at that station inside the park and embarked on a 20 minute ride across the park. IT was worth every minute. Right from the herd of deer we saw, the monkeys on the way and the sparkling water that flowed!
            It was only close to noon when we came out. Exerted and happy!
            After lunch, we went for the movie Lootera. Soft, calming, soothing and old school.. Just like our love story :) S enjoyed teasing me that Sonakshi behaved just like me :P Freaking resemblance to me it was :P
            There was this scene were Ranvir asks for Sonakshi's hand.
            "Pen hai pen?" S asked me between the scene.
            "Kyun??" I took him seriously, thinking that he must have remembered something.
            'Likhna hai lines, tumhare papa ko bolne" 

Contrary to myself, I went "Awwwww" in that moment!!

            I loved the movie. It had a calming pace which is a rare thing. Not for the restless ones though.

            We stood at the bus stand, chattering and waiting for the bus to arrive. With time, I have become used to that feeling of him walking away. I no longer cry when he steps into the bus although I feel something tugging at my heart. I don't feel myself shake when I walk all alone to the station. I don't feel disoriented when I return home. I no longer shed tears at the moments we spent.
           IT strangely relaxes my nerve. To have something to remember and live by. To have more moments to relish. To not worry when we would meet next. To not succumb to the pressures of the distance.
          Maybe it is our sheer determination or it is the faith with which we face each day.. The unknown fear that lurked about my happiness is now clearing. Life is gifting me with such perfect days to engulf my thoughts..

                            I wish I could share our pics here, but this is all I can for the time being...


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Please please please

S is in town! S is in town !! I'm reeling with all the excitement I feel :) :) ok I'm literally dancing around !!!!
I have such awesome plans for tomorrow. All I pray is everything go smooth.
Please God, don't let it rain more than the drizzling here and there
Let there be no problems that make us late
Let there be no event that makes us angry or irritated :(
I'm praying hard . Harder than my boards .. Really !
Let the day be perfect ..

Pray for us please :*

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Back again

                    Regular readers (yes the three of you) must have guessed that S was in my native place last week. I was hoping that we would meet there. For the last few months we have been meeting every month and I was expecting that we might be able to make it this month too. S had invitation to attend his friend's engagement. Although bored at first to come for engagement, this new proposition excited him too. Next came the task of convincing mom to let me go.
                    After the last time we spoke about my relation, the topic never came up again with Mom. I was a bundle of nerves and followed her like a puppy all around the house. She was busy with meeting relatives and doing household work and I dare not ask her at the wrong time. When she was alone, I would gauge her mood and think of saying something but she moved too quick. After trying one whole day, I finally managed to ask her, "Mom can I go to Mu ( short form of the place) on Sunday?"
                 "Why ? Who's there?" She asked.
                 "He" I replied, my heart pounding madly.
                 "No need, I won't come around looking for you here!" she said sternly.
                 "Mom, please. I will call you all the time. You take his number too. Please na" I pleaded
                 "No no.. not here. Here everyone notices who is going where. I don't want any scene here. You do what you want in Mumbai. Ask Dad if you want but I won't let you"
                 Asking Dad was out of question so I walked back dejected. S told me to broach the topic the next day.
                The next two days I tried all I could but she didn't budge. I know she was feeling sorry too but she didn't have it in her to let me meet S in a place where people know you by your name. Saturday evening I made my last attempt. I refused to accept anything that she was offering. I did not want Gadbad ice cream in return, nor did I want anything else to eat. She looked at me helplessly. She really was afraid of people making a mess of our relation. I had to give up. I ate Gadbad icecream and drowned my sorrows :(
                Late that night, S came back from engagement and messaged me
                " I can come to Mu by 10 tomorrow. What happened today?"
               It broke my heart to tell him that I couldn't make it. I knew that I was the reason he made the trip in the first place. It was a sad night for both of us and we went to bed with a heavy heart. I m just so glad that he understood my plight and didn't become mad at me. I know I would have created havoc if I had been in his shoes.
                The next day we were back on Watsapp as usual. He was leaving that day and I had the train on Monday. I had quite a few tasks ahead to compensate S :D
               So I m back in town. I m being a good girl to S :P :P
               I m back to the holiday routine which includes Grey's anatomy, criminal case, novels, lazying around and sleeping. I m hoping to include more of writing :) 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dear S

It just breaks my heart to know that you are in the same place as mine,
That you are breathing the same air as me,
You are closer to me right now,
And yet we cannot meet..

I wish we lived in a perfect world,
A place where we could be together without worrying about anything,
Somewhere people didn't bother us about seeing each other..

Right now I'm calm outside, smiling even..
But my insides burn,
flames of desire and regret I swallow within,
Only you know how my heart aches..

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Awesome day

Spent the day lazying around yesterday. Grandparents wanted to visit a temple today so yesterday grandpa called a driver home. The temple is an hour' s drive away and we were 7 people and that man says one ambassador car would be enough !! Talk about fitting in :p.  After much persuasion by me ( I didn't want them to blame it on my size if I didn't fit) everyone agreed that only 4 people go in that car and rest by bus. As luck would have it, the car broke down on the way before it even reached our home in morning. Grandpa finally relented to hire a van. :D He refuses to believe that his whale of a grand daughter won't concise in a car having 6 people :D
            The house was live with activity early in the morning. The hustle bustle was evidence of the rare events when the entire family went out some place. The drive was awesome with the roads all clear. The temple was a beauty as with all architectures of such sanctity. After getting the rituals done we decided to skip the temple meal and eat in some restaurant. It is another thing that doesn't happen much in this house. On our way back, the driver got a little distracted and we landed on the side of the road in a shallow patch. As I was on the window I felt myself tilt and people started gathering. When we got out I saw that the van was saved by a block of stone else would have toppled over. Narrow miss !  The people helped us out and then pulled the vehicle on road. Couldn't thank the stars enough!
             The lunch was delicious and thank God it was that good that no one brought again the line "should have eaten at temple, see God punished!"  Personally God has been much more benevolent to me and won't lurch me in a ditch because I didn't eat at temple :)
             Back home everyone is dead tired and happily snoring while I type this. I m just whiling time waiting for S to ping. Poor.guy just returned from work..
               It's raining outside and there is no electricity right now. I lay on bed with my ears cotton plugged. I hide inside the thin blanket. It just gives me a false sense of safety from all insects. The cat of the house is sleeping tucked in the bundles of waste cloth under the bed.
             My S is collecting all bonus loyally :p.. So no worries about that. Missing Grey' $ anatomy.. No zee cafe here..
             S replies as I type and I'm off to sleep when I complete this line :)
             P.s- I'm still struggling to reply to comments via blogger app. I wrote long responses to previous comments and it disappeared :(  will type replies once I figure this out !

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

First day

We set out from home early yesterday. Early morning calls started trickling in that its raining heavily and trains are late. We took of 3 hrs before our train schedule and kept checking on internet about the confirmation status. Contrary to news reports, the trains were running smoothly with only 10 minute delay which is the "normal" delay! So we reached a full one hour before time, something which we regretted only after the fellow passenger turned out to be a talkative navy man :( why god why ?? Why do I get such people as co-passengers? Thank goodness that he slept as soon as the train started and woke up only when his destination arrived. Thank GOD for the little mercies !
            I kept myself busy with the novel and day dreaming :P
            Today morning I woke up with a bad stomach :( worst.nightmare ever!!! Never again bread pakoras in train :( I kept napping as train got delayed. Finally my trouble came to an end and so did the journey.
            It was drizzling when we stepped out of the train. Took auto and had that ride through narrow, lonely and damp roads. Nani stood waiting at the door.. :)
            In minutes I was devouring dosa and her speciality chutney. It started raining heavily and hasn't stopped raining yet. Just the intensity keeps changing. The hot water bath and home grown bottleguard curry put my discomfort at rest finally!
            We went to the market in the evening. Walked through the greenery and the ups and downs of the road in the rains. It was super fun.
            Its just 8.30 now and we have already had dinner and are ready to hit the sack. Its pitch dark outside. The surrounding houses have put their lights off at 8. We are the only house having light right now. I can already hear the night insects and frogs.
        I better stop now before the flies swarm my mobile screen. More later.
        Good night :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Just saying

If a guy agrees to collect your daily bonus on criminal case everyday while you are away, marry him 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Monsoon here I come!

             For last 2 years I have been welcoming monsoon in Konkan railway trains. I m missing Goa terribly.  I m missing that journey with friends to Thivim station. The bus ride from Thivim to Calangute. The lazying around, the food, the street roaming and beaches and ofcourse the rains. The furious roars of the waves as the rains create turbulence, the wind that leaves sloppy kisses and the guards screaming their lungs out to stay AWAY from the waters. I m missing all of it!
             This year I was in Mumbai when it drizzled and flooded on Facebook. Why was I never awake when it rained :O Finally yesterday it rained and by that I mean it rained for hours. So yes all that over hyped smell of soil, chill in the air, etc etc statuses are now rightfully applied to the atmosphere here. When will I ever stop dreaming romance in monsoon? Sigh.
             I m headed to Konkan.. hush hush.. I know some of you already guessed :P  I m so excited to make that journey on the same route. Amidst the trail of lush green, I pass through the red mountains. Those dark tunnels, that cloudy sky, those proud palms, that red drenched soil.. Ah! The joys of nature.
             I await to embark on those narrow roads, that muddy lane that leads to the house. The house of my grandparents.. Yay! Monsoon here I come!

            Ah I just wish S was with me now. I have been jumping around like a kid ever since my tickets were booked. Every conversation includes, " I m going gau" :D :D
            The weather is just getting to me.
             I can't stop fantasizing about this journey in side berth with S.
             Those cold hours and warm soup.
             The adventure on the roads.
             Walking close under an umbrella on deserted streets.
             IF only !

           For now, its just me and my family. My novels, my phone, my window to distant lands of joy..
           Maybe I will blog when I reach there :D
           Happy Monsoon people :)


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Live it while you can..

               Life is so very unpredictable. While we go on like we have an eternity to spend, death lurks closer than we ever thought. It sends out subtle reminder which shouts out "Time is running out"
               In my last post, I talked about the girl trainee in office. We were having fun in the company, getting our work done on time, gossiping during the breaks and travelling together. This week is the last day of work and we planned to go to Mc Donalds. It was triggered by her craving for potato fries and also the fact that we probably won't work together in near future. Yesterday we left office early as work was done before time. I just didn't feel like eating out and she too told she wanted to go home and then out with her mom to doctor. We went home talking and laughing like always.
               Till late night there was no watsapp from her which was unusual. Today morning I texted her on getting the train like I always do but there was no reply. I waited at the station for close to 5 minutes and called her up. 4-5 calls later too there was no response. Maybe she wasn't feeling feel and was asleep. I got into the bus to go to office. At noon we all got to know that her mother expired due to sudden heart attack. I was shocked to hear this from the manager.
               I feel strange writing this because tomorrow is going to be the day we were both completing the internship. I was going to complete on friday but she had planned to go on a holiday with her family so insisted we finish on thursday. Who could have seen what lay ahead? Its awkward to finish alone :(
              She is in no state to talk and is in deep trauma. Our mentor personally talked to me at length. Her words still echo in my mind," I lost my mother 16 yrs back and yet there isn't a single day when I don't think of her. Not a day when I wish she was here to see me managing everything so well. I think of her when my child says something that hurts me. Did I do the same to my mother? How did she forgive me so easily?" She got so close to crying. I can't imagine the plight of my friend who is still in shock..
              I do not know to exist in a world without my Mom. She wasn't around all day because she is a working woman. No, she wasn't always home when I came back hurt. She didn't make me dependent for every little thing. She always told me, " I travel in trains and I m out all day battling unknown evils. A bomb scare, a train accident, a terrorist attack! you never know where I will die." She somewhat kept me aware that death coexists with life and yet, I do not know how to exist in a world without my Mom. I can't imagine what it must be for someone too pampered and protected!
             My mentor repeats the words, " Be happy with what you have. This is your present. Don't worry what will happen in future. It always works out. You will finish studies, get work and struggle to go up in life but once you reach where you want and settle down then the graph is the same. There is no fun. No thrill of the uncertain. Life is unpredictable. Don't take tension and be happy with the present."
           The first few times I thought, "IT is easy to say that when you are in a stable position." I did not know this experience would happen so fast. One moment life can be so happy with a family planning their holiday and next moment they are at the funeral of their loved one.
           Live it up while you can.. We can't just be hit by a truck or a massive attack and leave with a list of things to do.. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Little update

  The exams are done finally! That's the first update. The exams got over on 3rd but that's another thing that I was too lazy to type anything until yesterday :D
After the exams we are required to do a month of industrial training. While the rest of my class got assigned companies in groups, I got placed with someone I never even talked to in college. When I got my letter for training I was waiting to hear the other names but alas! It was only me and him :(
Call it bias or prejudice or whatever, but there are some people you never choose to mix with. He is one of them. Being in the same batch of labs didn't matter at all in these 3 yrs. I never talked to him and being in the office for almost 6-8 hours with him was a feat in itself.
The first day of work started with boring assignment of checking the packaging and making a report of the same :( I learnt about some things I had no idea about and boy did I even know what all things they document! Trust me every package of medicine undergoes so much detailing and checking !
It was a slow day and even though I knew that I would have to deal with an uninterested companion, I had little idea about tackling the bigger issue-bad breath!
I almost died that day with being on my toes (literally!! because of the shoe bite :( ) for 6 hours and rushing about to save myself.
The day was soooo exhausting and by the time I was home I was about to doze right away.

The next day I got to know that my co-trainee was going to go home in 4 days and would return only at the end of the month. I was worried that the manager might want me to come also later with him :O Worse would give us a certificate without bothering to train any further :|  By the end of the second day I was relieved that nothing of the sort would happen and I would be allowed to continue but now I would b working solo. Eating solo. Writing report solo :( Sometimes bad company is better than no company at all!

It was the fourth day and I prayed in the morning that something worked out for me. Surprise, surprise! The moment I enter office, I see a new trainee. Turned out that she too would be working as long as I m :D
Plus I knew her from my 12th standard physics class. What's more ? She stays close by so I have company to go along with :D sometimes things work out for the best! We just have to keep going ... :) So now the fellow has gone home and me and the new trainee work together and its turning out quite well :)

The last two weekends I spent with my nephew who came with my cousin sister from Pune. So much adorable time we have. He's just 4 and I dote on him. Talking to him is so much fun :D Could have posted his pic here but my sis would be mad at me :P

The company I m training at has its audit so that means holiday for us trainees :) Work starts on wednesday.. Until then I have all the time in this world to cook, watch grey's anatomy, read blogs and laze around.

S is in town and busy :P Can't wait to see him!!!

Until later

P.s Ok that wasn't such a little update :P

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happiness in little things..

    Sometimes we take life so seriously that we don't even realize what we are missing out on.
    Exams, deadlines, pressures and stress of the busy life and added to it the little disappointments that burden us leave hardly any space to step and relish life. We take so much time to dwell on the rude behavior of others, the wrong that one time friends did, the way a friend is acting difficult, some comment on your appearance that you didn't take well, some insecurities, some troubles and the list is never ending. We measure difficulties in buckets and happiness in spoons. A tiny problem comes over and we feel threatened of our very existence but a little joy will go unnoticed. Until it becomes a luxury..
         I miss my Grandmother. She is someone who is untouched by time. Its like she lives in some sphere of happiness and ignorance. I don't know if they are inter related. The only disappointment I ever see on her face is that of not feeding someone who came home! She goes on with life unaffected by the changes around her. She would never really give up on her leisurely cup of tea in the morning. She goes around doing the work and only after it finishes will she take her longgggg bath. Never ever in the two decades of my life I have seen her taking a quick bath. When you are around her, you kind of live in the slow motion. As a kid it gave me a lot of comfort that she was never hurrying around anywhere. Always there to listen to my blabber attentively. Always taking time to nurse my small bruises. Always rock me to sleep. And then life happened.
        I was always busy with classes. She would always wonder what kind of a life I live and pity my state :P
She would try to lift my heavy bag whenever I went to her and say " What use will you back be when you grow as old as me!"
       She would call me everytime she prepared mutton curry. Ah the little wonders of her culinary skills!
       The lemon juice that she would make whenever I go to her house.
       The fuss over making me eat atleast chicken and bread when I would say I m dieting.
       The way she always found to way to send me pakoras whenever she made them.
       The ginger juice she made every friday for me and how she always forced me to gulp the bitter fluid down and then quickly put a spoon of honey in my mouth. Yes she carried honey too all the way to my home.
       Now its over a year since she moved to native and a year since I saw her. Calling her is not an option because she cant hear on the phone well and it kind of irritates her. Every time she knows I m on the other end she always says "Come soon in holidays". I m waiting to visit her in June :D
       Like I said we never really take time to enjoy the things we have! Now all of the above things sound so distant and luxurious.
       There are some things which make me happy in little ways

Like the early morning "Good morning jaanu :*" text from S
Reading a good book or a good post
Opening Criminal case and finding two orange juice bonus or getting energy refill or finding a burger :P
Sitting with the family and talking
Getting an unexpected gift from mom (like the huge teddy :P )
Long conversations with friends
Meeting the school besties and giggling and laughing like kids
Eating kulfi with S
Coming home drenched or tired and taking a warm bath in dettol!
Having manchow soup on a cold evening.
Drinking lots of coffee and telling bro that "kick laga" before starting to study for exams. :P
Mom getting bored and telling "order chinese for dinner"
Baa from next door always waiting for me after her walk so that she can come with me in the lift.
The kid in the building who I call "goluuuu" and do timepass with at the building gate :P He is just 2 years old :D :D and a cutieeeee
The way I step out of the house and the lil kids flock around me calling "hi didi"
Staying up late in the night watching crime patrol reruns and then waking up late
Getting so many likes on a pic of mine which S clicked
Dad getting a new gadget and giving it to me :P
Reading confessions about people I hate :D :D :D
Shouting out comments in the movie !!
The walnut brownie in Mc Donalds and the doughnuts in MOD <3
Going to college and finding some lectures got cancelled :P
Skyping with S
Going through old photographs and slam books
Finding money in old clutches
Writing  a blog while I m supposed to be studying for exams :D :D :D

Little precious things in life <3
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Until later!
Lots of love

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mom knows everything!!

                 "Mom I have too have found a guy " I said
                 "For whom?"
                 " For myself"
                 "No need to see a guy right now."
                 "But you told I could, once I turned 21"
                 "Tell your dad" 
                 She got busy on the phone.

"Told mom. She told to tell dad"
"What did she ask?"
"Not taking me seriously only!"
"Don't tell again. She will ask."

               "You told me you saw some guy"
               'But you didn't ask."
               "Just because you turned 21, doesn't mean you search a guy."
               "But I have."
               "No one in our family has had love marriage."
               "So many cousins!!"
               "Not in our family!"
               "We are only 4.. two of us are married."
               "Yes we did not do love marriage (hinting to her and dad :P)
               "What can I do about that"
               "Look at masi.. She's still unmarried. Did she do love marriage?"
               "Wouldn't you be relieved if she did? If I don't do I too will end up that way."
               "Look at the cousins who married intercaste!"
               "But mine is not intercaste."
               "Oh.. so you have seen in caste."
       The cooker whistles and she is off! 

On phone.
I recite every dialogue.
"And she didn't even ask who it is!!"
"haha you have no value only.. No one takes you seriously."
"Don't tease me."
"Ok.. ok"
"What do you think?"
"I think she knows.."

                 2 weeks later.
              "Mom its been 2 weeks I told you."
              "Are you going to marry tomorrow?"
              "No tomorrow is Sunday :D :D "
              "First study and get independent. Talk later."
             " Atleast ask who he is or what he does!"
             " I know its S"
              Topic over 

On Whatsapp
She knows its you
See I told you. One side clear na
What clear
She doesn't have a problem atleast :D 


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snowy world..

           Am I the only one lost or are the months flying away so fast?? I can't believe its already March and in a month's time 6 semester exams will start! Then comes the industrial training and pretty soon will commence the dreaded final year.
          Whatever happened to reading books at leisure, watching Grey's anatomy, cooking and baking, drawing and making art and ofcourse blogging :( :( I seem to find no time for them even though there is so much time at hand.
          The good thing about 2013 is that I met S twice already. Once in January when he came for my birthday. Oh crap! I didn't blog about that either!! Anyway that will be dealt in another post ;) Yesterday was the second time. Only for an hour though :P
         He is here for official work and even though he is only 15 minutes away from my college, we could meet only at 5.30 in the evening after he was done with his work.Given that I had to set back for home in an hour's time, we decided to go to a nearby mall.
         The mall is huge enough for someone like me to get lost ( taking into consideration my poor sense of direction) and soon we had decided that it was a bad idea roaming about there. The ground floor had something called as snow world. What a time it was!
         We entered with apprehensions about the time we had in hand and whether the snow rain will make it too obvious of where I was :P With the coat, gloves and shoes handed over to us, the excitement started setting in and by the time we went into the snow we felt like enthusiastic kids.
         It was freezing inside ( obviously!!) with something of -20 degree. It being 5.45 pm on a week day, there was hardly any crowd inside which was a good thing :P   After getting in I realised that the snow world was tricky visually. I could see people and  things close to me very clearly while someone standing about 10 ft away looked foggy and dark! Also the camera refused to give good pictures :(
         Emboldened by the fact that no one could see  us that clearly, we started playing in the snow. The typical snow fights and all! There was this sleigh on which I sat and S pulled me and I kept laughing like a retard. Later I also pulled him :D :D
        I don't remember when was the last time I behaved so kiddish ( in public that is :D :D ) Whether it was throwing ball on S and hiding when he went to get it or sitting inside the igloo or posing by the snow man! Total fun it was.
       Thank you sooo much S for the lovely time (hahah because he paid :D :D )  Although I was too tempted to make you fall in the ice, I was scared it will spoil your office clothes :D :D
       We sure know how to make use of an hour to the best!!!



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