Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Of missed calls and Waiting!

                 When you are in love, a larger part of your life consists of waiting. You are always looking forward to something. The whole love story can be summarized in just one word - WAIT. The wait to get together!
                 In long distance love the wait gets an entire new meaning. It is what keeps the days rolling.
                 Our love story is the love story of me, S and our phones.
                 Ever since we started talking on phone, S would insist I give him a missed call and he would call me back. He is not the one who would call first. Extra precautions by Mr Virgo (although that does save us sometimes) to make sure no one but me receives it. Then the relation evolved and new modifications came into the missed call rule.
                  A missed call will be responded to anytime he is free. If he calls and I m busy ( doing important things like watching TV or bathing or lesser things like attending lectures) then I have to give another missed call when I m available and the cycle repeats.
                 Two-three back to back missed calls means "EMERGENCY" and if it is a false alarm then a good deal of lecturing from S is called for!
                 On weekends the time period for calling back is only 3 minutes. Uske baad time out! Try again after next missed call..
                  Due to this missed call cycle that has actively been working for last 4 and half years it has now become second nature for me to check my phone every 5  minutes after giving a missed call and  everytime I come out of the bathroom. Since the phone is always on vibrating mode, my ears and sensations have become so much tuned that I can hear any phone vibrating in a crowd! My dad thinks I have special powers to listen to ultrasonic things :D :D
                  The worst thing about a fight with S is that there is no hope of getting a call. Ruthless he is sometimes. I stare at the screen and it gives me the blank look as if saying, "How can they do this to us?" No wait, no missed call and no passing of time. Days are the longest and even though I pretend to be busy, the ears are on high alert for a call. In the end I give up and give a missed call..
                There was a time (the worst ever) when he would call only on landline and I told him, "If I give you one missed call, you can call me anytime after that but if I give you another missed call then it means don't call!"
                 I gave him a missed call and shortly Dad came. So I gave him another missed call. Then my Dad went out again so I dashed to my phone and gave him a call but no reply!
                 I waited for more than an hour near the landline.
                 Next day I asked him, "Why didn't you call?"
                 He replied, "You told to call on one missed call and not to call on second. You didn't tell me what to do for the third!" What could I say to that.. He wins over me  :P
                 Here I wrote this whole new post while I was waiting for S to come online. He gives me a missed call which means, "I m home and online!". Yes we have this language of missed calls. So off I go until next time. Waiting does make you creative ;)
                 Its worth all the wait when that voice you love so much says, "I love you" and it never seems  enough!
P.S: My dear Phone is very critical. Gets switched off when I slide it. So I m gone to those pre mobile revolution generation. Can't text! Only receiving calls and giving missed calls to those who text. Sigh! Pray for me and my phone.



PeeVee™ said...

:D Ah, the tale of love and missed calls.

But we don't have a system. If one missed calls, the other calls. It's easy because we're in the hostel., we don't have to worry about parents picking up the call.

So true about the bit with the fighting. I keep staring at my phone every three seconds wishing he'd call or atleast text and when there's nothing, I almost throw the poor phone out the window :P My 'he' is heartless that way too :)

And I take my phone EVERYWHERE. Even to the bathroom on the pretext of wanting music when I bathe:P I can't bear to see '3 missed calls and five messages' :P I think it's an OCD.

What's the longest you've gone without making up a fight, Em?

Sujatha Sathya said...

hahhaa such an elaborate SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for calls!!!
loved reading this one esp the one where there is no instruction about what to do for the third missed call :DDD
this is like a guide book for new lovers who might want to use some of these fool-proof techniques :0 esp because they are all tried & tested by M in Love :)

M in love said...

@Priyanka: Yeah hostel gives you that freedom ;) Your "he" is ditto like mine :P I don't take my phone with me everywhere. Poor thing needs space :)
The longest I think was 10 days... :(

M in love said...

@Sujatha: SOPs indeed! Yeah that third missed call incident goes to the list of "lol" moments.. I was soo angry with him but when he said this I couldn't help smiling :D
Fool proof they are because they got made by trial and error :) :)

Motifs said...

Thank you for visiting my blog....I love your posts...Love does it all.

Indumathy Sukanya said...

wow, woman...are yo talking about me here?!
long distance relationships do make us creative...n the wait makes it so much more special than other normal 'i-see-him-everyday' kinda relationships! :D
Nice post :)

M in love said...

@Motifs : Thank you :) I like your blog :)

M in love said...

@Indumathy: Ohh you too! Hi five on that! Yes long distance relations do get creative ;)

Pink Panther said...

Nice blog girl! I read almost all of your posts :D They are so Awww =)

The third miscall thing and super power to like to ultrasonic sounds are funny!

Get well soon to ur phone!
Btw, why do u have the word verification thing on ur comments section? It's kinda irritating :P

M in love said...

@Pink Panther : Wow I m just flattered! All my posts! really?
Aw thank you.. I really hope my phone gets well soon..

The word verification makes sure comments don't land in spam! I don't moderate comments often so :) Sorry for the inconvenience..

Mithlash said...

I'll Pray...Nice post:)

Red Handed said...

Ohhhh I know how this feels! Me n my guy are two states apart. Cant wait to meet him!!!!
I pray ur phone gets fine :)

M in love said...

@Redhanded: I do hope and pray you will meet him pretty soon! Thanks babe :D

M in love said...

@Mithlash: Thank you so much :) Welcome to my blog! Thanks for the follow :D

Alcina said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww..again a wonderful post..no matter what i can never run out on reading your stories..seriously!!
got late on reading..
and keep smiling always
and yes a belated merry christmas :D

M in love said...

@ Alcina : Hehe thank you dear.. I know you can never get bored of us :) Thank you dear and belated xmas to you too :)

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