Monday, 19 September 2011

Thank God !!you are there with me :D

       I m a little messed up in the head.. No it is not called "dimagi santulan me kharaabi' . I feel like that puppy who has suddenly been dumped by the owners in a crowded street.. A little disorientation is always there in me ( I m pathetic with directions!) but today I feel I m in a different space!
      Its funny how someone can fill your life in such a way that you are blind to everything else (example, the book lover in  you doesn't find a single stuff in CROSSWORD!! never ever has it happened to me!) and on his departure leave a void that nothing else can fill..
      How I miss that warmth around me..
If it weren't for S,
Who else would come so far to be with me?
Who else would get into the crowded trains just to get some more time with me?
Who else would show me directions when I get lost in my own city?
Who else would check my mails when I need to urgently see it while I have no connection?
Who else would hear me rant out my frustrations?
Who else would calm me down when I fume with rage?
Who else would hold me tight when I get disturbed?
Who else would wipe my tears when I silently cry?
Who else would know I m crying even if I don't show?
Who else would explain things to me which I had never noticed? ( I never knew about elevator sensors! I always saw them moving.. What was I doing??)
Who else would gauge my mood and smile at my excitement or nervousness?
Who else would understand my phobias and hesitations?
Who else would be more concious about my image than me?
Who else would move around me so protectively?
Who else would translate the Tamil movie for me ( when I missed the translation script!)
Who else would love me knowing every little fault of mine??

Thank God! I have you with me S..
Today is a special day to thank God, for making you so awesome.. for sending you all the way into my life and making it so beautiful.. for the most wonderful thing God did for me.. that is to make you :)

Happy birthday day Darling..  Even if I m not there with you today I m proud of you for working so hard.. for all the sacrifices you make.. You are totally the best partner I could have. A little more time, just a little more time and we will be together.. forever..

I really want that forever to start soon.

P.S Readers if you are super confused and wondering what happened to me then let me tell  you that its my S ka birthday !! And yes we did meet yesterday after more than two years so that is probably the reason of my insanity or lack of it :P More on that later.. Today is my guy's day :D 

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Another year flies by..

         6 years back when I held your hand in an innocent gesture, little did I know that these were the hands I would want to hold on to forever..

When I saw you for the first time what did I know that this would be the smile that would bring a smile on my face?
that's my smile by the way :P 

You entered my life and it was never the same again.. 

If I could summarize the last 4 years of my life then I would say it was an "emotional roller coaster".
Seriously!! I never thought a single human would be able to bring out so many mood variations, so many feelings and so many outbursts from me! 

This post is going to be long and I know you are already scrolling to see how long it will run but what the heck! It's our anniversary!!!!!!! 

You made me dance with joy when you said awesome things to me  

You irritated me when you acted like a short term memory loss affected! (The what? what? you do when I m arguing!!!!) 
You stressed me to the point of making me an insomniac when you didn't bother calling me up after we fought.
You made me fume with jealousy when you talked of anyone else ( so what if I made fun of that girl when you tried making me jealous)

You made me scream, shout and cry ( and madddddd by saying silent!!) for more reasons than I can remember.
You were the one who made a teacher embarass me when my phone rang off in the classroom. (because you thought it would be fun to call me when  I can't attend it !!)

You made me feel better after that ( remember I was soooo depressed!!!) by talking to me and making me cheerful again 

You made me laugh so hard till it hurt to even open my mouth ,with your stories!! (kori da katta raid!!! ) 

You absolutely surprise me when you give me little rights over you... Like when you involved me in naming your company..
I can't tell you how happy I was when you showed me your card which had the name of the company , the name which I had initially  liked!!!

There are so many highs and lows I have felt being with you !!

Amazing how I m so totally decided that I want nothing to do with you and I want you so badly the very next moment!
No matter how much mad at you I m I always long to hear that, "ha baba, jaane do" from you.. You scare me when you get mad at me !

Do I need to tell you how much I love you? Its no use because that will never be enough!

21.. I love you when I ask you how far a place is and you actually tell me that in kilometers! 

22. Love it when you try to reach home early to talk to  me. 

23. I love it when you tease me for silly reasons. 

24. Love it when you remember small details of my life, no matter how unimportant.

25. Love it when you purposely disturb me when you know what I m upto.

26. Love it when you understand everything I want to say when I just give you hints. I don't have to get into uncomfortable explanations with you.

27. Love it when you say you missed me when you go on outings.

28. Love it when you say those filmy dialogues to make  my mood happy.

29. Love it when you educate me on things I never heard before. You have enhanced my local vocabulary like anything!!

30. Love the secrets that we share..

Another year of our love flies by and we are one year closer to being together... Happy 4th Anniversary Sweetheart.. I love you a lot..

P.S Our anniversary is on 2nd September but  something is wrong with my scheduling of posts.. Didn't want to miss the time S would come to read this :) 


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