Friday, 2 December 2011

Chalk and Cheese..

"There is nothing in him to be so mad about him.. So don't be stupid to tell him that you love him.." this is what my diary read on a day in 2007. He wasn't the guy I used to think of as "Mr Right".

A few months  later..
I used to think to  myself.. "we are so different.. I wonder if it will work out.."           

I had no idea how different when I was writing this! 

To start with, I was a chatter box and he "hmmm" "haa" type. For the first few weeks we used to talk long silent pauses of more than 20 seconds.. Yes, that less we had things to talk of. 

When we actually began talking I realised that I had not even seen the tip of the iceberg called differences.

From the most basic things to the most complicated decisions- we are poles apart..

He is an early to bed and early to rise person,( just remembered "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise..and makes his girlfriend run away with other guys") while I m the one who likes to stay up late and get up even more late.. 

He  believes in "eat to live" and I m the "love to eat" type of person. They say "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Doesn't apply here. There are only a handful things that he really, like truly, likes to eat. There are only a handful of things which I really, like come what may, don't like to eat.. 

He is order personified. Virgo trait I might add. From folded clothes to neatly sorted and classified email folders! Not a single unread spam. 

Me on the other hand, I have to empty my wardrobe to find a tshirt and still deep within for smaller clothes. My mailbox is clogged with 101 mails as of now and I clean it only when it gets difficult to understand spam from genuine. The good thing is I got the idea of making folders (from him ofcourse) although I hardly fulfil their purpose. There was one time when I had to urgently check a mail and I had no connectivity. I told him to check my mail and he was like, "Kitne mahino se nahi khola ye email id?" and order that he likes, he cleaned my trash mails too.

I m the calender and the data bank. From his nephew's birthday to the names of all people he might have mentioned once, I keep note of all he says. 

I once called him on August 2nd, just tried some fun..

"happy anniversary" with excitement..
"happy anniversary.... " (with a confused pause)
"aaj humare relation ko 4 years ho gaye" 
"ha.. congrats! fir aaj kya plan hai?" and I started with my never ending answer..
"Okay..rakhti hu.. waise aaj humari anniversary nahi hai.."
"Wohi!!! (euphoria!!) 2nd september hai na? Me kab se soch raha hu!" 
"Fir bola kyun nahi?" 
"Maine socha tum confuse ho gayi ho.. Fir socha agar me wrong hua toh tum gussa karogi, anniversary bhi yaad nahi raha bolke!" 
"Haa fir tum khush thi toh maine socha kyun bolke mood kharab karu!" (see that's how he gets away with it..) 

I love chinese and junk..yummy junk.... He eats when I order it :P 

I want to talk things out when something bothers me.. He wants distance..

I m a book lover and he is sports page reader.

I love to cook what I know to cook and he won't even make bread butter. I have given up the hope that he will stop eating so much outside. 

I speak out my feelings..a lot.. I like to pamper and I like to be pampered. He is the total opposite. This is the only area where he is slowly changing and we aren't so different here now.

He is my conservative guy. "No intercaste" and all that. I have more open out look and such things often lead us to fights.. So these things are often put under carpet now..

He is outright practical and I m the emotional fool.. Don't get me started here..

He will bother more about the negative and I will start dreaming of the positive.. Again typical traits of a virgo and aquarius..

He is the planned kind of a person and I m the spontaneous one. This is not just about him going to the exam completing his entire studies and then even revision (seriously I never thought of doing that since I came in degree college) and me going with "95 % ho gaya hai, 5 % ho jayega in train and college..matlab first time padhke.. fir revision ka time mila toh :P "

I have been stupid and told him that I love him. Two distinct people, two different backgrounds, two different decades (huge difference between 80s and 90s), two different paths that crossed and decided to go together.. It feels miraculous as each day passes and still the "love you" and "miss you" never sound boring or less genuine.

When I get a text, "Call me as soon as you leave exam hall.. Missing you badly!!! really!!!", it makes my heart skip a beat and I still think of thousand raised to thousand reasons for the text.. only to find that he was checking "way to sms" service is working fine or not! Such a brat sometimes! 

Only love can make such things happen.. Opposites do attract.. No one wants to live with a clone.. But opposites can fight forever.. For me and S, we have gotten on each other's wrong side so often that we have literally spent most of our 4 years fighting.. Its in the 5th year that we have somewhat come to terms with each other and dare not be reason to infuriate each other :P 

Perfect is not when compatible persons are together. It's when you both are opposite but in that way you complete each other..

Chalk and cheese are finally making peace.. I want to be the cheese coz its soft, delicious, yummmy :D :D 

Note: The post got inspired by Opposites Attract? Ridiculous!!. That was the guy talking and he is a poor not so orderly aquarian like me :P :P 

4 days holiday for the next exam.. S finally gave the password.. So facebook happening today.. What weird passwords he comes up with! I can't guess and crack :P :P 

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Sujatha Sathya said...

i am surprised there are no comments yet

well, lets shake hands M - I am an Aquarian too :) & so i know how dirty & messy & outspoken & emotional you can get - hihihi & my guy is a scorpio!! & if you're into zodiacs you'd know how poles apart that is:D

had written on the same topic here

you know M, most couples are mostly different from each other esp in love marriages. but no matter how opposite we are from each other, there are 2 things that make the relationship work:
1. adjustments/compromises/acceptance from one of the partner towards the other (if not both)
2. they both want the same things out of life. like Sathya & I have one thing in common - we both want to go out there & enjoy life. Financial security, big house, 12 kids, a Mercedes Benz C class in the garage - not on our priority list at all. so that works.
just imagine if I was very very money-minded/status conscious,a gold digger & he was a loser! the friction is unimaginable!

oh the third one - love :) which is understanding & WANTING to make it work

CHEERS to all the AQUAS of the world who are attracted to their opposites & making it work :)))

Sujatha Sathya said...

oh noooo i wrote an entire post in the comments section.

soooryyyy -- making a puppy face :(((

M in love said...

@ Sujatha : My readers are busy bees I guess :)
Hand shake from me too! Aqua fellowship :P
No couple can be exactly same but yes when the differences are too much then adjustments have to be made and compromises to be thought of.. At the same time it should not be to such a limit that you stop being yourself to please the other.. It all depends of -Wanting to make it work..
Finally an Aqua who understands being the girl doesn't mean we should be always that "toothpaste ka dhakkan, geela towel" worrying :P We can be messy too!!
OMG a scorpio! That is another extreme to aqua :P I have a few scorpio friends.. Although we are great friends but OPPOSITES in capital!

No worries, your longggggg comment made up for all the drought of comments :) Thank you!

Cheers to the AQUAS.. here I m wonderin if getting attracted to opposites is a special Aqua thing too :D :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Aaaahhhh...Chalk and Cheese Indeed....different but yet the same...notice the "C" :D :D I love this post...mostly because the difference you have pointed out are not really differences at all...these are the reasons you love each other for too :D :D :* Nice post M in Love! :D :D

M in love said...

Thank you MSM.. true true "C" and "h" common :P :P Well can't say we exactly love each other for all the differences :P Only some ;)

Alcina said...

Sigh...I just so love whatever your write about you guys :) *tears again*
I have finally jumped on your blog and read the last two posts which i had missed and commented as well :D
today is the monday day so i guess you have the day free..and yeahhhh me too have exam after four days :( All the beshttttttt :D

When opposites meet hell lot of awesome things happen only if they are made to happen :)..and i wish you guys live on love and care forever and together :)

P.S.-I have moderated comments and i was wishing to exchange mails with you or chat :) so if you are willing then would you leave your mail id in my comments??

Keep smiling always(for you and himm)

M in love said...

@ Alcina :Your comment always makes my day :) Thank you soooo sooo much <3
yea Monday but having a busy morning today ( S that is :P)
All the besst for your exams dear..

Sure dear why not.. hope to catch up with you soon :)


PeeVee™ said...

Yet another lovable post that makes me wanna start my own love blog. Opposites do attract. Why? Because they balance each other out.

Like always, God bless you guys Em:)

OHOHOH! And all the best as well:)

John Doe said...

Thanks a zillion M for continuing the battle for me!!! :) Like Sujatha said, Aquas are a difficult bunch to live with... I am sure Jane would agree with that (she is a Virgo)... And I am so excited to have found a fellow aqua and also that you decided to write more on what I started... (What Sujatha started, actually...) :) Loved ur post... Awesome!!!!

John Doe said...

Reading all the above comments, it looks like Aquas alws make the fantastic mistake of falling in love with their opposites... ROFL...

M in love said...

@PeeVee : I would love to read the "Love" side of you :) If not a love blog than a post or two now and then would be great!!! Yeah opposites balance each other if they do it in the right way :)
Thank you thank you :) :)

M in love said...

@John : Thank you so much for reading this post :) Yeah we have quite a aqua bunch out here! I know JAne is such a Virgo- going after you to clean :) :) It was quite a read na- Sujatha, you and me! Aquas with opposites :D :D

nupur said...

Hey :D
Just stumbled by your blog and realised that even I have the same case! Apart from the fact that I'm 15 :p. But that hardly matters. My guy is 6'1 whereas I'm 5'2, Hes younger to me and my junior. I live to read and he hasn't read a book in his entire life! And Im the conservative one here, hes open minded. But we are perfectly imperfect :D

M in love said...

@Nupur: Hey nupur, welcome to my blog. Yes age does not matter. I was also 15 when I fell in love ;) Happy to know that you have found the "perfectly imperfect Mr Right". Thats the best way to be :D

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