Friday, 9 December 2011

Why I love winters!!


               The mercury is finally dipping in my city.. I wake up to a fog filled city. The oil in the parachute bottle looks like ghee in the morning. I bathe only after 10 when it is somewhat less chill.. No matter how early I sleep, the eyelids won't separate in the morning.. I m in love with my bed and blanket.. ALL.OVER.AGAIN..
               These are the signs that make me happy.. Yes its the beginning of the bessst and most loved part of the year for me.. 

               I await winters.. December, January and February are my favorite months ( Did I tell you I have favorites in everything!! )
              Why do I love winters so much?

Warmth The coldest months of the year and full of warmth. Warmth which you like! Warm blankets,  hot cup of tea or coffee, piping hot food, warm clothes, warm hugs and more cozying up. Under blankets with a great novel or under the sheets in the arms of your love, bliss!! 

Celebrations Most of the people you know have their birthday in December! The Christmas holidays, New Year Parties are the highlights.. Totally love the Christmas environment.. I wish we celebrated Christmas too in a grand way.. 
Christmas for me meant Santa Clause ( those dressed up ones), gifts and pastries.. Now I m grown up and there is no line I can queue up just to shake hands with the Santa or hang socks :P Yeah those crazy things I did ! 
                                             Celebration!! for the love of pastries :D 

The special part of 31st is hiding and calling S to wish "we made it into a new year".. Not quite literally but the clogged phone lines and all have made it so eventful..

My otherwise all gloomily "professional" college wears a decorative look. There are games, intercollege festival, college days and annual days.. Fun fun fun.. 

Birthdayyyy!!! Aqua that I m, the best part of winters is ofcourse the birthday! January baby ;) The month I get doled out with E.X.T.R.A love.. Aquas are big time attention seekers.. We love to be cherished.. 

Month of Love Although every month is month of love for us, but winter has Valentines.. Now the romantics know what that means.. From the most romantic movies like, "DDLJ" "Titanic" to a month full of passionate cute songs which you feel are fabric made for you are playing on television and radio.. There are special winter book sales which ofcourse are mostly romantic novels.. Its the month for the dreamy ones.. ( S I know you don't identify with even one of the above things.. that was what Chalk and Cheese is all about) 

I love the smell of morning in winter.. It is so pleasantly sweet.. How come every talks of the sweet smell of mud after rain and never of winter? 

The tingling of grass moist with dew.. For this you have to wake up your lazy bum and walk on grass early in the morning.. Hehe no I didn't do it as a hobby.. Last winter I went to a farm house where I did this and its really amazing!

Love the colorful scarfs, shawls and stoles that make their way out of the cupboard.

The smell of cocoa butter and strawberries! Everyone smells of that.. The cold creams, lip balms and the chill soft winds that bring in the smell :) :) 

I can let my hair down and not sweat like crazy.. Love the longgg hair look that goes too well with the warm clothes..

The sun sets early and days roll faster and make you wonder what you did all winter! 

w o r l d t r a v e l e r
 I want a winter marriage!! It is soooo beautiful... 

This cold weather makes me all cuddly.. Missing S so much! I need a biggg HUG.. 

P.S I wish it snows sometime.. I want to live in a place where it snows..alteast for sometime.. 


Sujatha Sathya said...

""The oil in the parachute bottle looks like ghee in the morning""". - now that's one thing i dont like about winters. i have to go searching for brands of hair oil that doesn't become ghee :DD

true, blankets are the best place to be these 3 months :)

longing for a winter marriage? that's a new one. hmm

Alcina said...

Dolce Vita (sweeettt)
Ahhh..winters that you told you would write :)
And the smells which you associated are like aam aam superb!
I toooo wish for a winter marriage :D (if ever i want to get married :P )
And i so much can relate to a hug longing syndrome specially in winters..its like a dream come true when you are hugged in winters..I am dreaming already :P
And yesssss i realize after reading your post that one of the best part about winters is that you can let your hair open without having to think about getting sweaty..when it's winters my hairs are free to flow and flaunt :D :P

P.S.-Delhi just received a rain shower yesterday night and the mast wali thandi winters has set in finally and its foggy outside and to top it up today is full moon..i am in love with this everything...

Keep smiling always(S n M ;)

M in love said...

@Sujatha: Well you have to heat the oil at night and apply it.. sound sleeep you get! Can't help about the morning solidification of oils :)

Winter marriage yes! Its lovely... Just been to one ;)

M in love said...

@Alcina : Yea winter like I said I would write about.. Awwie hope you get a winter marriage too ;) Why would you not want to marry? ofcourse you will ;)

Its is wonderful to be hugged in winters.. hehe winter is a season to dream.. Not to forget the nakhras we do with our hair.. Damn this exams, cant even dream to our content na!

Thank you sooo much Alcina.. :)

The weather you have described is just soooo coool and romantic..

Red Handed said...

when is ur budddaaaay?
And I want a winter marriage too and a honeymoon in rome :P

PeeVee™ said...

I have always maintained that I can bear cold more than I can stand heat. Guess what that makes me:P

I love your description Em. Why have you stopped writing stories? :(

Cuddly weather, I know and in all the three years of our relationship, I haven't been with him during winter for he goes home during that time :(

M in love said...

@Red : Oh hooo you are all planned huh?? :P Birthday in Jan :D :D

M in love said...

@Red : Oh hooo you are all planned huh?? :P Birthday in Jan :D :D

M in love said...

@PeeVee : Vampire!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
Thanks PeeVee.. Well *shhhhhhhhhhhhhh* about the stories here :) This place is only for lil things in love..;)

You have winter vacations thats why! Me been only once with S :P

phatichar said...

Ah yes...the season of sharing and caring and shivering and cuddling and sipping hot coffee and snuggling and curling up and dreaming and spreading warmth.

Nice. :)

M in love said...

@Phatichar: wonderfully described in just 3 lines! Thats winter!!

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