Monday, 28 November 2011

Simple is best!

            Today I spent the better half of my day trying to change the look of my blog. Actually the work started yesterday when I came across PeeVee's beautifully designed header. Since I m pathetic with designing ( I don't know to work on Photoshop!! Jeez I m hopelessly behind time!) I did the next best thing- went on a hunt for that PERFECT TEMPLATE. I was using the SIMPLE template offered by blogger template designer so far. The only creative touch I gave to my blog was the variations in the background when I got bored of looking at my blog or jealous of the awesome designs the blogworld is coming up with.
            So I downloaded a few XML files from btemplates and discussed each and every look with a gmail friend. Since this friend and me have similar likes in the writing space (yea I discovered it only after we started discussing the look) we tried best to come up with a good combo. Sigh! The number of times I have uploaded and edited templates!! Tauba tauba atleast for 3 months I m not going to download a template!
            It was a Monday so I had a lot of time (read planned free time) at hand which I devote to S. So while he gave me breaks in between alright its sounding like a lecture or something, the breaks here means the time he went for lunch, did office work, took power naps I quickly logged into blogger and tried doing some more keeda with my blog look.. 
            Finally I liked a look and then came the problem of adjusting its title. So there I went into adjusting its length in the CSS code and mahn! I suck at searching these codes. That was only part of the problem. This new look forbade me from putting up gadgets ! like the most essential ones-- Followers! So I tried playing more with the codes while my dear S stared at me working my fingers so furiously on the laptop. As much as I wanted to keep it from him, the tapping on the laptop drew his attentions. 
            He kept giving me the LOOKS and made some sounds on the speaker when I came out of the trance and I was like, "Thoda wait karo, mere blog ki maa behen ho gayi hai" :P :P Swear maine ye words kabhi use nahi kiya! I guess its the effect of reading blogs which use this language. But the good part is we both burst into peels of laughter 
            So finally when I adjusted the title head, I went "Waah me toh genius hoon". But this so called inflation of ego was short lived. I couldn't do anything about the gadgets. So at the end of the day after wasting like hours I came  back to the old one.. Thank goodness for the brains I had to save this one! I love this simple look where I can change whatever element I can just by going to design and not some CSS code.. 
 I would now just restrict myself to changing the backgrounds or some images and nothing more. Atleast until I find something just perfect and simple for my much beloved blog. Just goes to say that simplicity is better than the overdone crappy look and certainly better than copying. Lesson learnt! 

 After much pleading I got my facebook password from S for just one day. Seriously I m disappointed. Just 5 notifications in the 1 week I was away!! Hmppph! And 3 requests from useless people (read people I deleted from my friends list). Makes me feel that nobody came online or everybody is studying!! So I better gear up.. Long night ahead with lots of mugging to be done. 

S this is for you,

you know why :) Love you more than elephants! :D :D 

P.S: If "Miss you like mango" ho sakta hai toh " love you more than elephants" fir bhi logical hai! What?? More than elephants matlab more than size of elephants!! 

P.P.S: I had a new visitor Sujatha and  my dear sis Pradeeta visit this afternoon on my blog. You both ladies -sorry for that ravaged condition my blog was in :P :P 

P.P.P.S: My last post was another attempt at doing something different and I was terribly bored.. The post was not so good but then again I realise I should blog for myself than for style.. According to S it was too boring :P :P Thank you 3 ladies who commented on it.. S was like, "ek bhi comment nahi ayega" :D :D :D.. If not for those 3 comments, I would have deleted that post..

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Why girls love bad boys


        Have you ever wondered how the jerk in your class ends up with the prettiest girls? Believe it or not, most of us fall for a bad boy sometime or the other. What makes girls fall for bad boys?? 

Unpredictability He may be calling you up and 'babying' you on the phone at night but giving you a cold shoulder the next day. Such boys are moody and extreme and their unpredictable nature makes girls curious to know them more. They will keep you thinking about what you did wrong.

Devil-may-care-attitude They don't care about what the society thinks about them. Neither do they worry about future. They live for today. They don't care if the neighbor gossipy aunty saw them with their girl or their father shouts his guts out on them. If they are obsessed you for the time being then well, they can do anything for you. From climbing pipes to cornering you in the life..They are the bollywood idea of romance!

Lost looks Somehow they mostly are endowed with boyish looks and to-die-for physique. They stir the maternal instincts! True fact, girls feel drawn to protect them! No matter how rude they are, girls will still think they are genuinely lost souls.

Thrill These boys will set the adrenaline rushing. They come with 'DANGER' written in bold letters. That is what makes them more alluring..

Because girls like to think they will tame them! Yes, this is the reason. Girls like challenges. They want to tame these wild boys into good ones. No matter how many girls have been in his life she wants to be the one who lasts. The one who brings the change. She wants to show off the trophy to the world. 

Everyone gets over this "I love bad boy" phase and those who don't think end up becoming bad girls!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The girlfriend you think you are not !

              Have you watched  Himesh's Damadam movie?? no? Okay wrong question! Have you watched the promo of Damadam? Sure you must have!
              I watched the promo with S when we had gone for a movie.. Frankly I don't know how the movie is, but in the promo you have this Himesh's girlfriend who is all the time hovering over him and nagging. If you don't know what I m talking about watch THIS. I promise it won't kill you. 
              Okay so while we were watching the promo, S was like "Look she's acting like you" and I laughed it off. I can be very doubtful when I m angry and I can be real possessive too. But I definitely won't like to think of myself to be like the girlfriend mentioned above. 
              While we were in the train he got an SMS and I couldn't help taking a peek at it. It started with "Dear S (ofcourse his real name!) and I asked him to show me :P It turned out to be the travel company confirming his ticket. I looked at him and said, "Nahi wo dear likha tha isliye" and gave a sheepish grin. He looked heavenward!  See what I m talking, we all change in love..
So you think you are not the girlfriend who
  • Calls her guy and wants to know where he has been and what he is doing.
  • Gets curious to read the texts he receives.
  • Worries why he hasn't replied to your text as soon as you get the delivery report.
  • Keeps a tab on his online activity.
  • Gets jealous when he talks to another girl.
  • Doesn't like if he thinks someone other than  you is pretty.
  • Sulks when he thinks shes being a control freak or irritating.
  • Wants to be with him 24X7. Okay not quite literally!
  • Never likes to be proved wrong.
  • Wants the guy to apologize first for raising his voice and then she will apologize for the wrong she did.
  • Wants her guy to comfort her always when she is upset.
  • Wants her guy to care for her the way she cares for him..

But somehow we all end up becoming the same when we fall in love.. It has got something to do with the fact that no matter how focused we are, we do make the love of our life the center of our universe. He becomes the reason why we want to live. He becomes that hope when we are upset. 
  • We lie to our parents for him.
  • We ditch our girls to  be with him.
  • We adjust our schedule as per his schedule.
  • His call is more important to us than talking to someone else.
  • We dream of life with him .
  • We take the effort to look pretty for his eyes only.
  • We want to be there to care for him.
It has got to do with the way we innately are. Guys just make us a part of their lives and we make guys our life.. They want things to go on like they were before and we make magnificent changes in the life we had. Because we all become the same when we fall in love, the girls who are not in love appeal to them. Ofcourse we were one when we weren't in love. Isn't that why they fall in love with us? 

As I m writing this, S is online and I ask him "Am I like Purba in Damadam?" 
He says, "No.. somewhat.."
"How much percent?"

Yea, from this very blog you can make out that S is not just the center of my universe, but the universe for me..  Naturally I m doing the very things I don't want to.. But 50% is not bad na? Hmmm there's still room for improvement..

Check out this video from Pyaar Ka Panchnama.. S ka favorite video.. :D :D I forwarded him this sometime back and I got the response, "Itna sab jaanti ho, toh aisa karti kyun ho?"

 Its exam time and yes S has made his personal duty to call and make me feel guilty for wasting time by saying, "I would have loved to hear that you are studying" :P :P Sweet he is.. Facebook is not happening till exams get done.. He has made sure of that :P 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

How to punish your boyfriend..

  As promised I m back with the post I mentioned last time..

 If the P.S of my last post made you think that this was going to be a chick revolution post like the ones which tell you how to get back at your love for the wrong, then sorry to disappoint.. 

Any lover's tiff  goes through 3 phases:

The actual fight:  This is the first and the least dwelled upon phase. It is the actual reason the fight starts. Like in my case its the inability to reach S when I want to.. sigh! I won't go deeper into it :P See I told you its least time consuming.

The denial : This is when egos come into picture. The one who has hurt is blind to his fault just because the one who got hurt said something unacceptable. This unfortunately is the cause of all problems in a relation and last for anything from a few minutes to several days.

Sorry : Finally when there is enough feeding of ego and love creeps in.. But all that has happened makes the sorry seem small. It doesn't satisfy you after so much tears and anger you spent.. But neither can you ignore the sorry.. Like they say its easy to get angry when the apology is not given, but if someone says sorry then how long can you stay angry? Specially if its your love? 

So this is what the post is about.. How do you punish someone you love? You cannot afford to hurt them because that hurts you too and you only end up regretting it. So why not punish them with something that is going to make you feel happy? Read on to what the punishments could be..

When he has not yet said sorry..
Give him missed calls but don't receive his calls when he calls back.. 

Give one word replies when he asks something..

Wear polo neck tops (I know you got me) *winks*

When he has said sorry:
'A sorry is not enough!!" say it with a pout.. 

- Ask him to write you a love letter.. If you have read my last post then you know the effect it has.. If not then read it Here

- Ask him to sing for you no matter how bad he sings.. The more fataak the number the more fun! You won't stop laughing.. I find it cute when S sings for me.. 

- Ask him to treat you to your favorite dinner.. Ah applies only if you are a foodie.. Else you can ask him to treat you to the beauty parlor! 

- Ask him to take a day off and spend it with you.. Crazy but fun...

- Ask him to make you a card..What's a punishment if it doesn't involve some hardwork.?

- IF your guy is a dabbang dancer or actor then nothing as amusing as watching him do it for you.. Full entertainment !! 

S is one hell of an actor :P  There were times when I used to simply say, "Abhi joke bolo" when I was upset .. Life is perpetual drama with him..

So this was my little list.. Try it, you never know what your guy might surprise you with.. You get pleasure and you give it back, so its win-win situation for both.. If your guy atleast tries then hold him tight.. He's worth it..  

                                                            they are rare..
P.S: Once I m done with my exams I m following all you amazing readers religiously! I already follow some of you but I have been rather lazy with commenting.. You all are gifted writers and beautiful people.. Thank for the lovely comments you shower on me.. It really makes my day..                                                      

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Disappointments, fights and finally a love letter !

              We missed the Monday red! Inevitably the public holiday had to come on Monday.. I had been working like crazy cleaning up the house after it got painted. Choosing the color, thinking up combination can be fun but not inhaling the smell of primer and definitely not cleaning up the mess thereafter. Overworked, over harassed as I was even the much awaited Monday turned out to be hectic. Disappointment!!!!! 
              Added to it a lot of other things happened which made me super upset. I called up S to talk and he was sleeping away to glory which infuriated me even more. Missed call pe missed call was what I did and he switched off! Load the guns and get ready for the fight! 
              The next day was a disaster. I sooo hate fighting specially the energy draining ones! Adding insult to injury S decided to be busy and not fight back even though I was shouting my guts out. So that left poor little me whiling away sulking and waiting for a chance to bite. Quite literally !!
              Finally he called back with a calm tone (Jeez I tell you how thanda that is to my boiling blood). I went on complaining about how horrible he was and how he should be with the other girl (imagined by me and supported by him and then actually thought to be true by me) and not talking to me. Somewhere in between the whole scene he found something funny and started laughing. *Change of topic* and I suddenly lost what I was fighting about and he started pulling my leg and that pretty much ended it because no matter what I did I couldn't get that gussa back and grinned like an idiot. 

This was what happened with exact same sentence but over the phone :) :) 

So the imaginary girl was forgotten after he promised that he was just playing along with my imaginations and there was no one other than me.
Then while I was home browsing, suddenly a tubelight lit in my mind, "What about the phone switching thing that initially annoyed me? Uski bharpayi kaun karega?" 
So I went over to my mail and emailed him with the first thing that came into my mind, "I WANT A LOVE LETTER ELSE I M NOT FORGETTING THIS FIGHT!!" 
     Seriously I didn't  have a love letter except the one someone wrote in school and on confrontation told that "mazak tha" :P :P 
     I remember reading those "personal letters" in those "art of writing letter" book that all of us refer for English letter writing during school and think of writing and receiving. Alas ! Our times are different and love is a mere text away (read 160 characters).
        To be true, I half expected S won't write the letter and simply let it pass. Imagine my joy when I saw the letter duly written and lying in my inbox!! Now I know of people who write love letters with Copy Paste from google and some even get it written from others ( I have written one for a friend :P :P khi khi khi) 

        It was the most original, true and hilarious letter ever read by me :D :D To top it all, it was written in my mother tongue ( alright OUR mother tongue) Tulu .. 
        I wouldn't translate the letter because that would steal the charm of it ( super cute :D :D ). I couldn't help smiling and laughing at the cuteness and funniness of it. "A letter can surely end a fight" 
        If you think the story ended here then WAIT.. Later at night while we were skyping he brought out the fact that I used a bad word for him during the fight. Yes anger can make you do such things. :( 
        Then started the drama. He acted as me and I acted as him. While I was trying to persuade him to forget the thing, he playfully started acting like me. Right from the bloated face, to pulling of hair in frustration (yes I do that, now stop gaping), to asking for silly things. Everything acted to the perfect T. 
        Finally I could bring back peace with some negotiations (Don't ask!). Its not for nothing that I say guys are easy to please.. :) 
        For you S, I loved your line "You are the rasgulla of my life.. I can't imagine my life without you". My filmy sweetheart I can't stop reading that letter! I have it byheart now!!

P.S: Coming soon "How to punish your boyfriend"

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

When mondays became red!!

             Never ever have I waited for mondays so much as these last few weeks! Monday blues suddenly became Monday red in our love story 
             I m super happy !!
             I got a good diwali vacation till 14th of November which is like awesome!! 
             Even though me and  S do talk on phone everyday, the skyping time is highly restricted due to our super busy schedules! Sundays were the only days we could chat at leisure but then the whole country (including my family) has holiday on Sunday.. The problem? Yes we can't talk on skype! Only seeing only seeing! (Annoying song na by the way! Himesh I tell you!). Also being Sunday I have to be super alert to not draw attention to myself.. So a large part of sunday (when S has holiday) goes waste.. 
            But then dhan te dan! He is working on Sunday and taking leave on Monday :) :) The reason for this weird pattern is powercuts in his industrial unit on Monday and ever since I got this new I m doing the duck dance (PeeVee this one I learnt from you )
            How I love monday now!! Can't just wait for sunday to get over :D :D 
Even though I m miles away from S (bless that person who started skype and yahoo video calling) I can see him all day if I wish to! 

It feels like we got teleported to each other's house! (How I wish) .. So close that I could almost grab him into a warm cuddle (the things that the stupid heart desires)

tumblr_l4595kbLuI1qc9dyfo1_500.jpg 500×365 pixels picture on

So Mondays we have been practically living on Skype! Talking endlessly and talking nonsense (mostly me) and S laughing, giggling and looking hottt :D :D 
                      Canon eos 1100D, just for fun
 Why do I feel you will say I remembered you after I ate the food?

41..I love the way you make those lame jokes on my love for food! Even if I say "hawa khaane ja rahi hu", you find it enough to make fun of me and say "Ha idhar bhi khaane ki baat!"

42..I love the fun we have while scribbling on yahoo!
 haha this is a yahoo scribble page!!

43..I love the 'x' and the 'o' we play and I love to do the cheating :) 

 44..I love it when we laugh on some random snap on facebook or some post I send you a link of :) 

45..I love it when you give me that cute adorable look which makes me fall in love with you again and again..

46..I love it when we play dumb cherads ( ok don't give me such looks, I accept we tried it only once and I DID the acting) and I don't know what you found so sexy to say out "MURDER !! MURDER!!"

47..I love it when you make that annoying sound with the speaker when I m looking at other things (like my facebook page) !! 

48..Love the time we have spent from me shying to sing for you "Bahut pyaar karte hai tumko sanam" and you said "Itni sweet ho!" and now when I shamelessly sing "Oolalalaoolala tu hai meri fantasy" and you say "Bas! ek toh sardi hui hai tumhe uspe ye torture!"

49..Love the sweetness that you bring into my life
My shweetoo shweet gulab jamun, love you more than all the sweets that I like !

50....And I love it when you call me rasgulla :D :D 

don't they look delicious together?? Ah so do we !

So this diwali vacation has become really special because of our monday reds :) 
You know what? I will always be with you S even if you snore ! 
Call Dr.Bieber! I've BieberFever


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