Monday, 28 November 2011

Simple is best!

            Today I spent the better half of my day trying to change the look of my blog. Actually the work started yesterday when I came across PeeVee's beautifully designed header. Since I m pathetic with designing ( I don't know to work on Photoshop!! Jeez I m hopelessly behind time!) I did the next best thing- went on a hunt for that PERFECT TEMPLATE. I was using the SIMPLE template offered by blogger template designer so far. The only creative touch I gave to my blog was the variations in the background when I got bored of looking at my blog or jealous of the awesome designs the blogworld is coming up with.
            So I downloaded a few XML files from btemplates and discussed each and every look with a gmail friend. Since this friend and me have similar likes in the writing space (yea I discovered it only after we started discussing the look) we tried best to come up with a good combo. Sigh! The number of times I have uploaded and edited templates!! Tauba tauba atleast for 3 months I m not going to download a template!
            It was a Monday so I had a lot of time (read planned free time) at hand which I devote to S. So while he gave me breaks in between alright its sounding like a lecture or something, the breaks here means the time he went for lunch, did office work, took power naps I quickly logged into blogger and tried doing some more keeda with my blog look.. 
            Finally I liked a look and then came the problem of adjusting its title. So there I went into adjusting its length in the CSS code and mahn! I suck at searching these codes. That was only part of the problem. This new look forbade me from putting up gadgets ! like the most essential ones-- Followers! So I tried playing more with the codes while my dear S stared at me working my fingers so furiously on the laptop. As much as I wanted to keep it from him, the tapping on the laptop drew his attentions. 
            He kept giving me the LOOKS and made some sounds on the speaker when I came out of the trance and I was like, "Thoda wait karo, mere blog ki maa behen ho gayi hai" :P :P Swear maine ye words kabhi use nahi kiya! I guess its the effect of reading blogs which use this language. But the good part is we both burst into peels of laughter 
            So finally when I adjusted the title head, I went "Waah me toh genius hoon". But this so called inflation of ego was short lived. I couldn't do anything about the gadgets. So at the end of the day after wasting like hours I came  back to the old one.. Thank goodness for the brains I had to save this one! I love this simple look where I can change whatever element I can just by going to design and not some CSS code.. 
 I would now just restrict myself to changing the backgrounds or some images and nothing more. Atleast until I find something just perfect and simple for my much beloved blog. Just goes to say that simplicity is better than the overdone crappy look and certainly better than copying. Lesson learnt! 

 After much pleading I got my facebook password from S for just one day. Seriously I m disappointed. Just 5 notifications in the 1 week I was away!! Hmppph! And 3 requests from useless people (read people I deleted from my friends list). Makes me feel that nobody came online or everybody is studying!! So I better gear up.. Long night ahead with lots of mugging to be done. 

S this is for you,

you know why :) Love you more than elephants! :D :D 

P.S: If "Miss you like mango" ho sakta hai toh " love you more than elephants" fir bhi logical hai! What?? More than elephants matlab more than size of elephants!! 

P.P.S: I had a new visitor Sujatha and  my dear sis Pradeeta visit this afternoon on my blog. You both ladies -sorry for that ravaged condition my blog was in :P :P 

P.P.P.S: My last post was another attempt at doing something different and I was terribly bored.. The post was not so good but then again I realise I should blog for myself than for style.. According to S it was too boring :P :P Thank you 3 ladies who commented on it.. S was like, "ek bhi comment nahi ayega" :D :D :D.. If not for those 3 comments, I would have deleted that post..


Red Handed said...

hey I like this one too. Simple yet speaks for the theme behind ur blog :)

M in love said...

Thank you Red :) Learnt a lesson and a few CSS codes from the task I did :)

Suruchi said... and me are in the same boat-we never really know how to battle the techy glitches!

I too wish i was half as savvy as some of the other bloggers-and end up doing ma-behan of my blog too(i hope you didn't learn those expressions from my page)

and yeh template bhi baht acha hain-bilkul aapke tarah:-)

M in love said...

@Suruchi : *hugs* I know we both are in the same boat ! You too change background and images like me..Theres some new header image whenver I come to your blog :D :D
Hehe not exactly you, there are more and more bloggers who use this language :)

Thank you ab iss template ko thode din haat nahi laguangi :)

Alcina said...

Well i hoped on your last post :D

And it wasn't boring trustttt meee..

And about the blog template thing..yeah man i too try to make it look like wow but never happens :(
Before my exams and during my exams i did the same idiotic thing some one month back..just like this downloading XML folders and all :P and finally gave up on one and i don't know if it suits or not..
I came when you had written this post and saw your template was something different and i quite liked it and today i am seeing its all white with just one pic in the is quite serene a look..

I finally commented on your posts and i am glad about that :D

M in love said...

Atleast someone liked it :)
Ditto for me! All this blog look thing strikes during exams :P The template I liked too but it didn't allow me to add widgets or followers list! It was confusing :P
I like this simple look now :)
Thank you for commenting :)

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