Saturday, 19 November 2011

How to punish your boyfriend..

  As promised I m back with the post I mentioned last time..

 If the P.S of my last post made you think that this was going to be a chick revolution post like the ones which tell you how to get back at your love for the wrong, then sorry to disappoint.. 

Any lover's tiff  goes through 3 phases:

The actual fight:  This is the first and the least dwelled upon phase. It is the actual reason the fight starts. Like in my case its the inability to reach S when I want to.. sigh! I won't go deeper into it :P See I told you its least time consuming.

The denial : This is when egos come into picture. The one who has hurt is blind to his fault just because the one who got hurt said something unacceptable. This unfortunately is the cause of all problems in a relation and last for anything from a few minutes to several days.

Sorry : Finally when there is enough feeding of ego and love creeps in.. But all that has happened makes the sorry seem small. It doesn't satisfy you after so much tears and anger you spent.. But neither can you ignore the sorry.. Like they say its easy to get angry when the apology is not given, but if someone says sorry then how long can you stay angry? Specially if its your love? 

So this is what the post is about.. How do you punish someone you love? You cannot afford to hurt them because that hurts you too and you only end up regretting it. So why not punish them with something that is going to make you feel happy? Read on to what the punishments could be..

When he has not yet said sorry..
Give him missed calls but don't receive his calls when he calls back.. 

Give one word replies when he asks something..

Wear polo neck tops (I know you got me) *winks*

When he has said sorry:
'A sorry is not enough!!" say it with a pout.. 

- Ask him to write you a love letter.. If you have read my last post then you know the effect it has.. If not then read it Here

- Ask him to sing for you no matter how bad he sings.. The more fataak the number the more fun! You won't stop laughing.. I find it cute when S sings for me.. 

- Ask him to treat you to your favorite dinner.. Ah applies only if you are a foodie.. Else you can ask him to treat you to the beauty parlor! 

- Ask him to take a day off and spend it with you.. Crazy but fun...

- Ask him to make you a card..What's a punishment if it doesn't involve some hardwork.?

- IF your guy is a dabbang dancer or actor then nothing as amusing as watching him do it for you.. Full entertainment !! 

S is one hell of an actor :P  There were times when I used to simply say, "Abhi joke bolo" when I was upset .. Life is perpetual drama with him..

So this was my little list.. Try it, you never know what your guy might surprise you with.. You get pleasure and you give it back, so its win-win situation for both.. If your guy atleast tries then hold him tight.. He's worth it..  

                                                            they are rare..
P.S: Once I m done with my exams I m following all you amazing readers religiously! I already follow some of you but I have been rather lazy with commenting.. You all are gifted writers and beautiful people.. Thank for the lovely comments you shower on me.. It really makes my day..                                                      


Red Handed said...

heheheheheeh! Cute post M!!!
I shall come back to it and refer next time I have a fight :P

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Nice Nice.... AHUN! I am going to keep these in mind, lady! :D :D

Alcina said...

Punishment with all the sweetness poured in ;)
Yeah..we saw the way you punished S..and it was great and super romo :D
Some parts here were so damn mushy!

Keep writing...!!
Keep smiling always(for both of ya) :)

Suruchi said...

You call these punishments!
i think they are the ultimate fruits of being in love-what use is a lover if you don't make him do these all, with or without a fight;)

M in love said...

@REd : thank you dear :) LEt me know what happend :P :P

M in love said...

@MSM : Thank you !

M in love said...

@Alcina : Thank you dear.. mushy it was .. ;)

M in love said...

@Suruchi : kya kare? aaj kal lovers are too practical, don't do all this jab tak nakhre na kare :D :D :D

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

LOL! I was just full blast laughing over this!! LOL! And I still can't stop laughing @ the Polo neck top idea!! :) You really should become a relationship counselor! I think men/women who come to you will run back home laughing! Isn't that just enough to solve their problems?! :)

Your newest follower :) You really drove me into following you..I'm going to be coming here often! :)

QuietHere said...

Oh my God. This page isn't cute! This is psychological warfare! ;-;

Ana Lucero said...

Wow those are really good punishments because they are soo cute >.< and it is a win-win. Which is good. I guess I didn't really realize that there are really cute punishments, good thing I went on this page and not some other ones ._. So yeah. I'm glad I found cute punishments ^.^ thank you :)

Ana Lucero said...

Wow those are some really cute punishments >.< I didn't really knew that there was actually some cute punishments for my boyfriend. I really love him soo much and he loves me soo much too <3 good thing I went to this web page and not some other one. And these are some good punishments became its a win-win ^.^ thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi M. My girlfriend forgot my birthday, could you suggest me some cute punishment for her.

Mr Rix said...

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