Wednesday, 2 November 2011

When mondays became red!!

             Never ever have I waited for mondays so much as these last few weeks! Monday blues suddenly became Monday red in our love story 
             I m super happy !!
             I got a good diwali vacation till 14th of November which is like awesome!! 
             Even though me and  S do talk on phone everyday, the skyping time is highly restricted due to our super busy schedules! Sundays were the only days we could chat at leisure but then the whole country (including my family) has holiday on Sunday.. The problem? Yes we can't talk on skype! Only seeing only seeing! (Annoying song na by the way! Himesh I tell you!). Also being Sunday I have to be super alert to not draw attention to myself.. So a large part of sunday (when S has holiday) goes waste.. 
            But then dhan te dan! He is working on Sunday and taking leave on Monday :) :) The reason for this weird pattern is powercuts in his industrial unit on Monday and ever since I got this new I m doing the duck dance (PeeVee this one I learnt from you )
            How I love monday now!! Can't just wait for sunday to get over :D :D 
Even though I m miles away from S (bless that person who started skype and yahoo video calling) I can see him all day if I wish to! 

It feels like we got teleported to each other's house! (How I wish) .. So close that I could almost grab him into a warm cuddle (the things that the stupid heart desires)

tumblr_l4595kbLuI1qc9dyfo1_500.jpg 500×365 pixels picture on

So Mondays we have been practically living on Skype! Talking endlessly and talking nonsense (mostly me) and S laughing, giggling and looking hottt :D :D 
                      Canon eos 1100D, just for fun
 Why do I feel you will say I remembered you after I ate the food?

41..I love the way you make those lame jokes on my love for food! Even if I say "hawa khaane ja rahi hu", you find it enough to make fun of me and say "Ha idhar bhi khaane ki baat!"

42..I love the fun we have while scribbling on yahoo!
 haha this is a yahoo scribble page!!

43..I love the 'x' and the 'o' we play and I love to do the cheating :) 

 44..I love it when we laugh on some random snap on facebook or some post I send you a link of :) 

45..I love it when you give me that cute adorable look which makes me fall in love with you again and again..

46..I love it when we play dumb cherads ( ok don't give me such looks, I accept we tried it only once and I DID the acting) and I don't know what you found so sexy to say out "MURDER !! MURDER!!"

47..I love it when you make that annoying sound with the speaker when I m looking at other things (like my facebook page) !! 

48..Love the time we have spent from me shying to sing for you "Bahut pyaar karte hai tumko sanam" and you said "Itni sweet ho!" and now when I shamelessly sing "Oolalalaoolala tu hai meri fantasy" and you say "Bas! ek toh sardi hui hai tumhe uspe ye torture!"

49..Love the sweetness that you bring into my life
My shweetoo shweet gulab jamun, love you more than all the sweets that I like !

50....And I love it when you call me rasgulla :D :D 

don't they look delicious together?? Ah so do we !

So this diwali vacation has become really special because of our monday reds :) 
You know what? I will always be with you S even if you snore ! 
Call Dr.Bieber! I've BieberFever


PeeVee™ said...

Mera duck dance popular ho raha hai:P

And you guys are just aww:) <3
We do the scribbling too!!
And I'm the one who makes the annoying noise when he's browsing:P

And may your Monday reds last till you guys get married:)

M in love said...

ha popular toh hai!

Scribbling is so much fun na! Yeah when I m browsing he usually is the one who distracts and when he browses I m the one who fights :D :D

Thank you Peevee :D :D *hugs*

Red Handed said...

Oh I miss the cute adorable look ym guy gives me. He is ona trip right now :(
Such a cute post!

Suruchi said...

awwwww...absolutely dil se waala post and itneeeeeeeeee cute baatein-my god, why on earth did I think you were the quiet one Maiths....

you seem to be a whirlwind of energy with S around...S waale sab hote he aise special hain!
smiled through the post and feel like saying again-

ohlalalalolalal tu he meri phantasy!lol
naah-seriously-stay blessed:-)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Howww Cute!!! :D You are such mein Sweet!! :D :D

M in love said...

@Red : Thank you :) you and your guy make up super cute tweets :)

M in love said...

@Suruchi: hehe I m not at all the quiet one :P especially as compared to S :D :D

Sahi kaha, S wale hote hi special hai <3 <3
S for Suruchi as well na :D :D *winks*

Thank you once again and yess the phaantaassy song is still the one on my lips these days :)

M in love said...

@MSM: Thank you :) too much sweet you are :) <3

Alcina said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......................................I don't know but meri ankho mein khushi ke aansu hain..gosh i am feeling as if i am falling in love..
I wish i wish...your life has all the weekdays and weekends as reds...and congrats on the skype thing..and wow you guys rock..loverlyyyy..
Bless you both!
keep smiling always honey
<3 <3

M in love said...

@Alcina: reall?? so sweet :) :) Aww thanks a lot honey :) your comments really make my day :) <3

Anuranjani said...

Haila! I so wanna fall in love!! <3
Suchha cute post!!
God Bless you both! :)

M in love said...

@Anurajani : hehe such a cute comment :D Thank you for the wishes dear..

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