Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Don't let her go..

 Found this on facebook and thought of sharing it.

When a girl WALKS for miles to see you.

When a girl SAYS SORRY even though she didn't do anything.

When a girl CRIES because  she still loves/misses u.

When a girl still TRIES TO GET YOU BACK.

When a girl ,no matter how much YOU HURT HER, STILL LOVES YOU.

when a girl STOPS her argument with her guy to SAvE her relationship.


When a girl is upset but DOES NOT tell you as she thinks she is ANNOYING YOU.

When a girl wants to LEAVE u because  of your RUDE BEHAVIOUR but she is not able to do so.




FROM here

Makes me wonder if it really is love or are we expected to always make adjustments and put up with pain? 

Friday, 17 February 2012

Chup Chupke (continued)

    continued from Here 

       I walked into the subway with no option but to text him myself. By this time I was going mad with anger or frustration! Nevertheless I kept walking and stole a few minutes to text him to tell that I was going on another platform.

                 He replied back that he just entered the station. 
                 We were walking towards the AC lounge room when I receive a text again. "If you are on the front side of train number xyz give one missed call and if you are on the behind give 2 missed calls".
                 From where I was, I couldn't even see this train XYZ. What was I supposed to do? So I texted him again that I was going to the lounge room.

                 Now this lounge room is all closed and you can't see anyone from the other side. No sooner did I settle down in the lounge than it was thought by all of going to eat in the neighboring restaurant on the station. Since we had less than an hour to eat the next door restaurant was deemed appropriate. Leaving aside 2-3 members (to look over the luggage) the rest of us were rushed into the restaurant. Right at that time I get a text " I m outside the lounge". So again I had to text him that I m in the restaurant!! Uff!! I had not yet seen a glimpse of him..

                  The restaurant was like a small canteen with tables randomly scattered and places occupied. So our whole group got distributed around. While my parents occupied the table diagonally behind mine ( I was with my brother), the rest of them were sitting all about the place.  A middle aged man was sitting in front of me too occupied with his large thaali.

                  Right then S texted me that he wouldn't come in as the restaurant is too small ( S were you serious when you said "me choti  moti jaga pe nahi khata??", I seriously wondered this!) and he would wait outside. My dad was busy placing the order so I could quickly give S a call and asked him to come inside and have something too. The man sitting opposite me gave me a look and then got busy with food. 
                  I looked around ( I couldn't see the entrance from where I was sitting) and then I saw S walking towards the counter and my heart went on to do a mini jig. Yes!! Finally I saw him!

                  He was standing right next to my Dad and that was enough to get me nervous. I kept looking at the counter even though my thaali was served. The man sitting opposite to me was done and I texted S to look behind and just come and sit there. But he did not see his cellphone. As soon as he got his plate he turned and I pointed out to the seat in front of me with the enthusiasm of a small kid. My brother got shocked at this daredevilry of mine. As S settled down on the seat I couldn't take my eyes off him. He looked at me and gave a quick smile. 
                  My brother whispered to me, "Are you crazy? Dad is here!! What if he sees him?" 
                  I was just too happy to worry about it right then, "Don't worry Dad won't know!" I said.

   So we had this very filmy type of a lunch where I kept stealing glances at him and kept blushing.  The food was bland and with great difficulty I was swallowing it because it was the reason I could see him. I couldn't stop  myself from smiling and looked away when my Dad saw me! 
                  I almost thought "I m dead" when he came to my table and asked me what happened! I told him that I was looking for spoon. Thank God for those Southern restaurants which didn't serve spoons with meals. Dad asked for spoon and got me a spoon and then went back to his table. Hush!

                 But this made S all the more anxious I feel and he hurried up his eating. I couldn't keep up with him and neither did I like that food. So when he went to wash his hands, I left the rest of the food and went after him, inviting a raised eyebrow from my brother. 
                 When I entered into that handwash area I tried hugging him and he pushed me! I had something written for him on a paper which I think fell somewhere there. At that moment I was more concerned about his storming off than the paper. Frankly, I was even hurt by his behavior. So when he went out I returned to my seat next to bro and waited. Dad told me to go wait in the lounge.

                 I was about to go into the lounge when I got a text "Bahar ladki ne dekha". I looked up and saw that he was standing outside the lounge. I went to him and told him that I had got something for him which I lost. He told me that one of the girl in our group had seen us. He told me that the handwash area could be seen from where people were sitting. So basically I had upset him. 
                 I went to the lounge and sat and thought about it. The europhia was over and worry took place. I asked him if he would wait till 3 and he said yes in a very irritated tone. 
                 The next half hour I couldn't feel at ease. I was feeling nervous. When we finally came out to go to our train once again I tried to search for him. I couldn't see him anywhere. The whole process of looking for every male started. When we were a little away from our coach I saw him standing at the door of my coach. As we were approaching, he moved ahead. I kept staring at his back.

                 I kept pacing the coach but the relatives wouldn't let me go out of their sight.  I couldn't manage to see him again. Looking at the circumstances, I had already achieved quite a lot :)
                 Later when the train started and we took our places I found time to call S. I was happy that he did not mind that debacle I did in the restaurant as much as I thought he would. So yes one panga less in life! I was busy dreaming the rest of the journey!

                 When you are so away from the love of your life what can  you not do to just see them for half an hour? This unexpected half hour was more than enough for us although at that time I kept whining how I could have seen more of him if he had come before my train arrived and we  would not have wasted so much time just struggling to catch up. Seems like everyone had business with him in those 15 minutes that mattered!
                 This thrilling date that we had will go into those stories that we will someday remember and laugh at when we are old and wrinkled and still together and still falling in love with each other ;)
                                            Celebrate here, its fun

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Chup Chupke

                         Just in case you have been wondering if I ran away and shut this space- No I haven't :)
             The recent dearth in posts can be blamed on my blood sucking college and my very busy other half- S. 
          So we are in the 5th year of our relationship and the very famous 5 year itch gets to us sometimes. Like it did 2 weeks back. I was ready to go out of town for a week when something trivial started up and got blown into a major fight between us. So much that I had mentally prepared myself to not talk to S ever.

 2 days away from him- I thought maybe I should wait till he talks to me.
3 days away from him- Ok I will wait till Valentine's Day. If he doesn't talk to me till then , its the end of it! 
4th day I got to know that I will be in his city for full 1 and a half hour (only on the station though) and I m confused!

The angry half- " So what? It's just one and a half hour and anyway the whole family is going to be there. There isn't much that you can do anyway. And you are PISSED OFF! 
The "i-m-mad-but-i-love-him-madly-still" half- " What if things go well and you realise you missed this opportunity just because of your ego? It's Valentine's month and you are about to get what you want the most- To see him! 

So while the bride and groom (What ? Didn't I tell you I went to attend a wedding ? Well that was one of the reasons :P) were posing away for the photographer who thought himself as some big-shot modelling photographer, the ladies busy with very important debate on the design of the silk saree and the men of the group deciding where to party in the evening, I sat all alone battling this very serious question of my life. 

I did what I do when I confused- Give him a mised call :D. I thought - "If he calls back, I will tell him." If he doesn't then I can blame it on him." :P 

He called me back to tell " I m still waiting for you and haven't run off with anyone else, if that's what you are checking"
Couldn't help smiling at that. 
So I told him that I will be in his city the day after and asked him to check the train details and all after I message him the details of my journey. 
He was somewhat unsure of the whole plan. He kept asking how he will meet me in front of everybody (with chances of Mom recognising him). 
If apprehensions were part of my behavior, I wouldn't have made it this far ;) So I told him to be there and rest will be taken care of.

The next 2 days were full of planning. With the help of my two friends I could send him all the details and happenings. I couldn't text him directly so these two friends relayed the messages. I was just a few hours short of seeing him. I couldn't believe the turn of events.
I called him once that day. After that short call I said, "Milte hai kal"
He was still worried and said, "Milte kaise hai?"
I said, "Ok thik hai, dekhte hai kal" :P 
I was as clueless as he was about the whole idea! 

My train was supposed to reach his city at 1:30 and the next train for my city was at 3. So that roughly gave me 1 and a half hour. He messaged me that he would be there my 1:30. Contrary to the tradition of Indian Railways, the train reached dot at 1:30. Not a minute of delay.

I was expecting him to be already waiting in front of my coach so he could not lose me in the crowd. I got down all excited to see a platform with no one around. Once again I gave him a missed call. He texted me, "I will be there in 15 minutes." 
15 minutes! I was worried. In 15 minutes I could reach the furthest platform from the one I was on. I looked around restlessly. What if the entire group decided to wait at some other place? How would I inform him? 
Thankfully the men went to check the next train schedule and asked us to wait at the same place. So we waited for more than 15 minutes there during which I looked as far as my eyes could see. Every approaching male was looked at until he came at a distance close enough to know that it wasn't S. Restlessness now gave way to anger.

The 15  minutes were over. The children in the group were hungry and the ladies went around to buy some snacks for the time being. I was offered snacks but I had no appetite to eat and ended up snapping at one of them. 

The men were back and it was decided that we wait on some other platform (like I worried). I picked up my bags and dragged myself slowly behind them. Being the last one in the group. I was still looking around. 

"Did he find something more important? Would he not come?" I saw myself wondering..

                                                 | 500 Bilder

(to be continued) 

P.S: To be continued is just to keep the post short( as I see it is already getting too long ) and not to keep the readers in suspense. The other part will be up in a short time :D 


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