Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The girlfriend you think you are not !

              Have you watched  Himesh's Damadam movie?? no? Okay wrong question! Have you watched the promo of Damadam? Sure you must have!
              I watched the promo with S when we had gone for a movie.. Frankly I don't know how the movie is, but in the promo you have this Himesh's girlfriend who is all the time hovering over him and nagging. If you don't know what I m talking about watch THIS. I promise it won't kill you. 
              Okay so while we were watching the promo, S was like "Look she's acting like you" and I laughed it off. I can be very doubtful when I m angry and I can be real possessive too. But I definitely won't like to think of myself to be like the girlfriend mentioned above. 
              While we were in the train he got an SMS and I couldn't help taking a peek at it. It started with "Dear S (ofcourse his real name!) and I asked him to show me :P It turned out to be the travel company confirming his ticket. I looked at him and said, "Nahi wo dear likha tha isliye" and gave a sheepish grin. He looked heavenward!  See what I m talking, we all change in love..
So you think you are not the girlfriend who
  • Calls her guy and wants to know where he has been and what he is doing.
  • Gets curious to read the texts he receives.
  • Worries why he hasn't replied to your text as soon as you get the delivery report.
  • Keeps a tab on his online activity.
  • Gets jealous when he talks to another girl.
  • Doesn't like if he thinks someone other than  you is pretty.
  • Sulks when he thinks shes being a control freak or irritating.
  • Wants to be with him 24X7. Okay not quite literally!
  • Never likes to be proved wrong.
  • Wants the guy to apologize first for raising his voice and then she will apologize for the wrong she did.
  • Wants her guy to comfort her always when she is upset.
  • Wants her guy to care for her the way she cares for him..

But somehow we all end up becoming the same when we fall in love.. It has got something to do with the fact that no matter how focused we are, we do make the love of our life the center of our universe. He becomes the reason why we want to live. He becomes that hope when we are upset. 
  • We lie to our parents for him.
  • We ditch our girls to  be with him.
  • We adjust our schedule as per his schedule.
  • His call is more important to us than talking to someone else.
  • We dream of life with him .
  • We take the effort to look pretty for his eyes only.
  • We want to be there to care for him.
It has got to do with the way we innately are. Guys just make us a part of their lives and we make guys our life.. They want things to go on like they were before and we make magnificent changes in the life we had. Because we all become the same when we fall in love, the girls who are not in love appeal to them. Ofcourse we were one when we weren't in love. Isn't that why they fall in love with us? 

As I m writing this, S is online and I ask him "Am I like Purba in Damadam?" 
He says, "No.. somewhat.."
"How much percent?"

Yea, from this very blog you can make out that S is not just the center of my universe, but the universe for me..  Naturally I m doing the very things I don't want to.. But 50% is not bad na? Hmmm there's still room for improvement..

Check out this video from Pyaar Ka Panchnama.. S ka favorite video.. :D :D I forwarded him this sometime back and I got the response, "Itna sab jaanti ho, toh aisa karti kyun ho?"

 Its exam time and yes S has made his personal duty to call and make me feel guilty for wasting time by saying, "I would have loved to hear that you are studying" :P :P Sweet he is.. Facebook is not happening till exams get done.. He has made sure of that :P 


Red Handed said...

hehehe cute post tha this one...I am a very possessive girl,, but he doesnt think I am. Good for me!!!!
He is more possessive than I am about him :P

Alcina said...

Chalo 50% toh banta hai yaar..itni chutt bhi kaafi hai :P :P

I just wish your love grows on and on and on and on and on and on and on............


And that video of pyaar ka punchnama is my favvvvv too hehehehe...

All the beshtttttttt for ur exam..and haye soo sweet..padhai karo darling :D

and keep smiling alwaysss...

PeeVee™ said...

Why did I get the feeling that ALL those points were entirely and completely about me?:P
Now I need to have a conversation with him about how much I'm like Purba-_- Hopefully he'll say less than 50% :O

And that PkaPunchnama dialogue is one that I have re-winded and watched a million times:D I feel almost sorry for the guys:D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Hehehhehe, though none of these apply to me right now, I am DEAD SURE, I will be like this :P :P Even stirrings of severe jealously and inquiries, I have experienced! ;) :P Veryyyy nice post! :D

Jane Doe said...

oh my god.. i felt like someone is spying on my deeds. I am everything up there. superb post. when it comes to possessiveness and obsession, i am the queen :D

M in love said...

@Redhanded : lucky girl !! You get away with all of it :P :P

M in love said...

@Alcina :Wahi toh! S ko ye specially padhne bolungi me :P 50% chutt kaafi hai :D :D

Thank you dear and yes I m studying (mera fb password jo nahi hai mere paas :( ;(!!! )

Take care dear :)

M in love said...

@PeeVee : haha this proves that ALL of us do the same things :D :D
You must be a goood girlfriend if you get below 50 % :D :D :D

Yeah the dialogue is true in many cases but then why should boys have all the fun :P :P *evil*

M in love said...

@MSM : Jealousy bina pyaar kaha hota hai, right na? Thank you for reading dear :)

M in love said...

@Jane Doe : Welcome to my blog :) I guess we all have that in common.. great that you identified with it.. Obsession and possessiveness come along with love! Ek pe ek free types..
I have been on your space, super cute blog you have :)

Suruchi said...

Chalo finally something good came out of that Himesh movie-and yes, we all are guilty of doing these screw ups at some point or the other and our menare not entirely blameless for their tendencies are such that they make us doubt and keep a chill!

And you know what's the weird part-at some point I think our men like it too though they'd pretend to be all irritated by it:-)

M in love said...

@Suruchi : I m wondering if anyone watched that movie :P Men are not CERTAINLY not blameless! About the latter part, of them actually liking it, I have to research that :P :P

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