Saturday, 31 December 2011

Thank you 2011..

                The blogworld is full of New year post as its time to look back and introspect the year gone by.. I usually don't look back on the year gone.. Its mostly about the next year that I await. If your birthday comes in January then you can't help but look forward for the next year :P The rest of the year is a drag I tell you! 
               At the start of the year, its about making resolutions and giving them up after a few weeks. So this year I have decided to make no resolutions but rather a "Looking back list" at the end of the year. The excitement of the year isn't just limited to no calenders, new diaries ( I love them!! ) but for me the celebrations last till February. A number of celebrations keep coming till February and then its all dry till Diwali. 
              For me 2011 was a blessed year. The start of it almost made me feel that this was going to be the worst year ever for me but then things changed..

              January and February did not give me much happiness. I was disappointed with 2011 and cursed it. March and April saw me struggling with my blood sucking college. Long hours of lab work and longer hours of journal writing, boring lectures, some very stupid and irritating teachers made it even worse. I lost all hopes with the year.. 
             As if taking pity on me my life took a better turn. I got selected into the student's chapter of an international organisation. That was a high I got! I got through the first interview( for anything) and it gave a new rise to my self confidence (which was sinking lower day by day).
            Semester ended in May and I took a much needed vacation to my hometown. 
            June 2011, I took my first trip with college friends to Goa. This was the first time I was out of town without my parents. Some sort of new independence that was! I had some great memories that would be termed the "Best days" with my college buddies and made me closer to my group of friends.
            July and August flashed by too soon to be noticed. My first ever organised seminar took place. It gave me a lot of exposure and experience. 
            The star of the year was September! S came over to meet me after 2 and a half years. Spent some of the best moments of my life with him. 
           The month long holiday in October was a rescue to my over worked brain. Monday reds totally made it a very sweet month.
           November saw me bury myself in loads and loads of journal and books and December was the dreaded semester month.. 
           The last weeks of December were a bliss. I spent my time writing, mixing up with lot of bloggers and cooking. I still can't believe its the last day of 2011!!! Where did the year go by??
          2011 will be special..

S started his company in 2011.. 
I saw more of that cute smile on the face of  my S 

I realised that I really wasn't guilty of losing my best friend. 
I understood that sometimes people really aren't at fault. Its the situation. 

I was wrong to judge the people I had no idea about. I m glad I got rid of my prejudices. 
I saw the good in people when I had them at the right time. People can be nasty if you happen to meet them at the wrong time.

I found a friend in  my brother. 
I made new friends at college and now when I step into the campus I see more faces smiling at me. 

This was the last year of my teenage and I let my hair down and enjoyed myself. 

I started enjoying my own company and stopped complaining about being alone. I like the silences and I find a calmer me when I m alone. 
I realised that no matter how close people are, they cannot be always there for you.
I let people be and learnt not to always be the first to initiate a talk. Sometimes all people need is time to get back. 

When I thought there was no way S and I can be happy, 2011 proved me wrong. 
When I thought I couldn't love S more than I already did, it gave me new reasons to fall in love with him over and over again.
It made me see how I felt about him and how much I respect him.

I became more comfortable with who I am. 
I learnt to say NO and not be guilty of it.

I discovered the joys of cooking. 

It dawned on me that I have only a couple of year left with my family. Its that time when everyone from the community starts talking about marriage. IT scares me! 
I want to be home and enjoy my life right now.. 

It has been a wonderful year. I have nothing but gratitude for it.. I wish 2012 brings in more joy, health and prosperity for everyone.. 

Wish you all a very happy New Year..

P.S: I pray 2012 movie is proved wrong.. There is so much to do.. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A mighty heart..


                      Have you seen the movie "A mighty heart" ? I recently happened to see it. Anyone who has ever loved and cared would be on verge of panic and tears. At least I was. 
                      The story is based on the real life incident of Daniel Pearl- the American journalist who was kidnapped and later beheaded by an organisation in Pakistan. 
                      The story touched me. I was quite young when this incident happened and I remember reading about it. Never did it cross my mind that he might be having a wife waiting for him.. What I was imagining back then was- An American journalist goes on work to Pakistan and gets kidnapped. His family back home is worried about him missing and days later they find him beheaded. I was completely wrong! His wife had accompanied him to Pakistan and was 5 months pregnant when he was kidnapped. For 10 days, they knew he was kidnapped and the constant fear of him being killed was looming over their heads. 
                     Some portions of the film were so heart wrenching.. His wife keeps calling on his cellphone to only hear "Currently unavailable". In one part, she was so scared of the repeated false alarms of his death and she send a text message to his number- " I love you".  The scene brought me on the verge of tears. Painfully it is all true. At the end of it, when she realizes he is no more, she deals with everything with dignity. The book itself is an attempt to keep her husband alive in the memories of the people. It requires courage to go through those dark moments again while writing them down. Although the book, penned by her, talks about her husband as the "Mighty heart", in my eyes she is the mighty heart..
                      I tried googling up a bit on the story. Although an online version of the book wasn't available, I did manage to get a small excerpt of the book. It is the first chapter of the book. The way she writes about her husband, you wouldn't know he is no more! She brings him alive in every word. 
                     A small excerpt from the first chapter that I read follows.. This part of her writing stirred something within me.
                     Danny is back before four P.M. for a brief visit. As usual, I run into his arms and bury my face in his neck. I stay there, wanting to get drunk on his smell, wanting to feel some of his sweat. I do not like to be separated from him. Sometimes, after I've gone somewhere, I find him at the front door waiting for my return. He takes me in his arms and tells me how much he has missed me. He squeezes me tight with one hand, and with the other, he caresses my face, calling me "My wife, my life."
Occasionally I like to be separated from him for a few days just to savor this feeling we have -- painful but delicious -- when the one we love is absent. Just for the pleasure of finding him again when he comes to pick me up at the airport. Of reading the emails he sends me from a stop in transit, for the mere pleasure of hearing him tell me, "I'm on my way." Only when I am back with him do I feel whole.
             I m dying to read the book, but at the same time I do not know if I will be able to read it to the end without crying.. 
                          The very same evening after I watched this movie, I tried calling S. I couldn't reach him.  "The airtel number you are trying to reach is currently not available" kept repeating each time I tried.  For the next two hours I keep trying every 5 - 10 minutes. This never really happens and it instantly got me worried and my over imaginative little brain started panicking. I mailed and texted.
                        Finally when he called me to tell that there is some network problem, I couldn't help but sigh! The whole movie was still playing at the back of my mind. 
                        Later at night when he came on skype, I gave this whole wide grin and he said, "Itni khushi! Abhi zinda hu dekh ke kya?"  Even the thought sends terror down me. I have a weak heart S. I cannot bear to miss you even for a day.. 
                        I pray that no pair ever gets separated in such a cruel twist of fate.. 
P.S: The first chapter of the book can be read HERE

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Spread the smiles..

                      It's Celebration time.. Cakes, wines, music and lots of gifts, facebook walls adorned with pictures, blogworld full of posts, malls decorated with snow and Santa feel.. yes its Christmas time. There is something about Christmas that charms me more than Diwali. Its the spirit of goodwill. The lack of too much noise, too much pollution. Its the season to care..
                      While giving Christmas gifts might not be culture for most of us non-Christians, slowly the trend is changing. Christmas has become cosmopolitan. Just like New Year celebration. Traditionally every region celebrates New Year on different days. For some of us it's Gudi Padva, for some of us during Diwali and for others its during Pongal. In recent years all of India celebrates 31st Dec as the New Year. So slowly the trend of celebrating Christmas and giving gifts has started in urbane towns.
                      Wondering what is the connection between the title and the stuff I m writing? Well yes I did go a bit off the road. 
                      The point is, each one of us is different. Then how do we bring the smiles? 
I m someone who loves to gift. The whole idea of gifting excites me. Right from the choice of buying that perfect gift to the last minute creative wrapping! 
                       When I was little younger, my idea of gifting was "Gift what you would like to receive as a gift."  I don't know where I got this idea but since then it was always gifting chocolates, cards, make up products. But the thing totally didn't work. How was I supposed to gift a guy or a child for that matter? I remember how I once gifted a 3 year old a jigsaw puzzle which was way to intellectual. Yeah I was way to enthusiastic to educate the kid! I dread to ask what happened to that gift. 
                       My mother is like the Santa of the family. She always gifts the most practical things. If she is at loss as to what to gift, she simply puts cash in a nicely decorated envelope! It was from her that I learnt to think of being in the shoe of the person you are going to gift.  
                       Now the gifting involves- first trying to get into the character of that person, then looking at the store through that person's eyes and then selecting that perfect gift. The wrappings still are my choice :D :D. I m known in my circle for getting the best wrappings done. I get a thrill when people open the wrappings!! Crazy I know. 
                        Gradually I realised how much the choices differed although the result was the same- a wide smile across that face!  For some people the value matters, for some just the gesture.
                         There are still people like me who want to be treated like " the center of attention". For whom material things don't matter much but the personal touch does. The years of storming my little brain I have a few tips handy for giving that perfect gift.
A few things that might help you to spread the smiles.
  1. Try to know the hobbies of the person. If the person is into creative works gift them something they could make use of. I once gifted a friend of mine a  fevicryl hobby ideas set of fabric colors! This friend of mine loved to decorate.
  2. If the person is someone close to you and you know what exactly they need, then gift them that! It might be the basic of the things but it will bring a smile. Gifting someone a set of geometry box would be will bland, but if you know that's what they are planning to buy then get them the same. It would save them the cost. But make sure they don't buy if before you do! 
  3. Things that will never go out of use! Comfortable clothes to wear at home, bowl set, wall clocks. These are things that could never go wrong. Gifting clothes should be restricted to only when you know the size :P 
  4. Personalized gifts. People love themselves. Yes they do. Get them something basic like coffee mug, photo frame, pillow, pen, book, anything having THEM on it! They would love you for it.. There are many customized gift shops coming up these days. All you have to do is give them the picture and choose the gift. Rest is done.
  5. If someone loves to read then gift them their favorite genre. Flipkart can be a great help! If the person writes, then gift them a nice dairy.
  6. Gift the love. Its not what but how that matters. The gift could have been given by anyone, but what's so special about you giving it? Give it in a way that would surprise. Attach a note. Give it at the most unexpected time. Give them something to remember the gift by!
  7. Random acts of kindness. Sometimes just a loving text message to show that you care, a card to tell that you value the person, a kind word to let them know its ok if they are wrong sometimes and you understand, a hug to convey that you are there.. Its all that a person you love needs to know.. All that matters.. When times are rough, its not about how big a gift you gave, its how you made them feel is what they will remember and a smile may creep in on their lips long after you have made them happy..
                                                 born to be alive
                                                Rainbow of Christmas Stockings | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Was searching for some pictures to go with the post but couldn't stop putting up these! So cute and cheerful!!
Wish you a merry Christmas you beautiful people!
Its Christmas and I m left all alone in my cozy room. How I wish I were in some place where it snowed and I near the fireplace!! :D :D

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Of missed calls and Waiting!

                 When you are in love, a larger part of your life consists of waiting. You are always looking forward to something. The whole love story can be summarized in just one word - WAIT. The wait to get together!
                 In long distance love the wait gets an entire new meaning. It is what keeps the days rolling.
                 Our love story is the love story of me, S and our phones.
                 Ever since we started talking on phone, S would insist I give him a missed call and he would call me back. He is not the one who would call first. Extra precautions by Mr Virgo (although that does save us sometimes) to make sure no one but me receives it. Then the relation evolved and new modifications came into the missed call rule.
                  A missed call will be responded to anytime he is free. If he calls and I m busy ( doing important things like watching TV or bathing or lesser things like attending lectures) then I have to give another missed call when I m available and the cycle repeats.
                 Two-three back to back missed calls means "EMERGENCY" and if it is a false alarm then a good deal of lecturing from S is called for!
                 On weekends the time period for calling back is only 3 minutes. Uske baad time out! Try again after next missed call..
                  Due to this missed call cycle that has actively been working for last 4 and half years it has now become second nature for me to check my phone every 5  minutes after giving a missed call and  everytime I come out of the bathroom. Since the phone is always on vibrating mode, my ears and sensations have become so much tuned that I can hear any phone vibrating in a crowd! My dad thinks I have special powers to listen to ultrasonic things :D :D
                  The worst thing about a fight with S is that there is no hope of getting a call. Ruthless he is sometimes. I stare at the screen and it gives me the blank look as if saying, "How can they do this to us?" No wait, no missed call and no passing of time. Days are the longest and even though I pretend to be busy, the ears are on high alert for a call. In the end I give up and give a missed call..
                There was a time (the worst ever) when he would call only on landline and I told him, "If I give you one missed call, you can call me anytime after that but if I give you another missed call then it means don't call!"
                 I gave him a missed call and shortly Dad came. So I gave him another missed call. Then my Dad went out again so I dashed to my phone and gave him a call but no reply!
                 I waited for more than an hour near the landline.
                 Next day I asked him, "Why didn't you call?"
                 He replied, "You told to call on one missed call and not to call on second. You didn't tell me what to do for the third!" What could I say to that.. He wins over me  :P
                 Here I wrote this whole new post while I was waiting for S to come online. He gives me a missed call which means, "I m home and online!". Yes we have this language of missed calls. So off I go until next time. Waiting does make you creative ;)
                 Its worth all the wait when that voice you love so much says, "I love you" and it never seems  enough!
P.S: My dear Phone is very critical. Gets switched off when I slide it. So I m gone to those pre mobile revolution generation. Can't text! Only receiving calls and giving missed calls to those who text. Sigh! Pray for me and my phone.


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Mumma's girl


            " Girls are always close to their fathers, but dekhte hi dekhte Mom becomes their best friend."
These were the lines said by a senior at school when I was in 7th grade. We were out for a science exhibition and she used to call up her Mom from the booth and tell the most boring things about her day, "Mummy I ate sandwich."
              I prided myself on not being much of a Mumma's girl.
              Some of my friends' mothers pamper them no end. From waking them up with a tooth paste laid tooth brush in hand, keeping their clothes and towel ready for bath and packing their lunch and waterbottles in the bag to serving them food in their bedrooms.
              Some of my friends tell every little detail of their life to their mother. From who is dating whom in college, to who got which phone or who said what. Sometimes talking to them makes me feel like I m talking to their Mom! I have to be careful of what I say because it will go directly to their Mommy dearest and I don't like them judging about my character. Never know what innocent comment will go down as what!
              I always thought of me being a little distant from my mom. I was never her tail. I could deal with my issues like some fee receipt problem in school ALONE. My mother never had to queue in the long line of parents waiting for paying fees. I always did that myself. It was only when my school building got repaired and I told my friends, " Fee counter has shifted to first floor" and they asked me "Where was it earlier?" I realised that none of them ever knew what has to be done to pay fees!
               I never went home crying and bombard my mother with how my friends were acting difficult or why a teacher was being particularly rude with me. That was just not me.
               Cousins trusted me with their secret because they knew I never go telling Mommy about it. When one of them got married to her boyfriend my mother asked, "You knew all of it, didn't you?" But she never bugged me as to why I never told her.
               She wouldn't call me every ten minutes when I go out with friends. Only a call when it is past 10 and she would ask where I was. She trusted me to come home. She is not the kind of mother who will call up my friends if my battery dies. She never calls me so many times to know when my battery dies and she also knows that I will call up somehow if I m going to be late.
               My mother is a working woman and she neither has the time nor the nature to cook up stories in her mind at the slightest change in my mood. She has always given me SPACE.
              Some days back she was leaving for the native place alone. She was ironing her clothes in  my room. I was sleeping. She came over to my bedside and gently brushed my hair, "My baby is so cute..sleeping like a small child." She didn't know I heard.
              My eyes were aching due to all the strain I had taken reading and the time in front of the laptop. I told her that my eyes were paining.
              She brought some cotton wet with water. She placed it on my eyes. She replaced the wet cotton every 10 minutes. Even after she went she called to ask if I rest enough and not study much.
              I realised how much I depended on her.
            Right from her waking up early to cook my food to taking care of me when I fall ill.

I often talk with S about our future. The time is coming closer when we will have to tell at home. I realise that roughly 3 years I have with Mom.
She was making idlis last sunday and packing up the vessel she specially uses to make idli. I told her "I want one too!"
She said, "To take to your husband's house? I will buy one to give you."
She paused sometime looking at me. Till now it was just leg pulling about marriage, in laws, husband when we spoke of marriage. First time we both became senti..
I m about to step into my twenties. The most important decade of my life and finally I have become a "Mumma's girl."

First time in so many years I told her, "Don't go to native, I miss you. You don't miss me? You don't call me enough."
She was surprised or overwhelmed I don't know. I m never too vocal about my love. I just keep telling, "Mom you don't love me enough. You always love bro." She didn't know what to answer and then said, "How can I not miss you. I always think of you."

As I write this tears brim in my eyes. I have been thinking too much of my love.. My love for S , my love for a life with him.. What didn't cross my mind is that I will have to be without the person who first taught me to love.
Who first taught me to draw an elephant.
Who first taught me to make a rangoli.
Who first introduced me to the world of books.
Who first taught me to make rotis.
Who filled my purse before it ran out of money.
Who became Santa for me every Christmas.
Who shops with me and waited patiently for hours.
Who realises what I don't have before I even say.
Who cooks my favorite dish when I say its been long since I ate it.
Who brings home the same food for which I had been craving, without me even saying!
Who stores my photographs in a pouch in her handbag.
Who forgives me for all the mistakes I do, without me even saying sorry..

Friday, 9 December 2011

Why I love winters!!


               The mercury is finally dipping in my city.. I wake up to a fog filled city. The oil in the parachute bottle looks like ghee in the morning. I bathe only after 10 when it is somewhat less chill.. No matter how early I sleep, the eyelids won't separate in the morning.. I m in love with my bed and blanket.. ALL.OVER.AGAIN..
               These are the signs that make me happy.. Yes its the beginning of the bessst and most loved part of the year for me.. 

               I await winters.. December, January and February are my favorite months ( Did I tell you I have favorites in everything!! )
              Why do I love winters so much?

Warmth The coldest months of the year and full of warmth. Warmth which you like! Warm blankets,  hot cup of tea or coffee, piping hot food, warm clothes, warm hugs and more cozying up. Under blankets with a great novel or under the sheets in the arms of your love, bliss!! 

Celebrations Most of the people you know have their birthday in December! The Christmas holidays, New Year Parties are the highlights.. Totally love the Christmas environment.. I wish we celebrated Christmas too in a grand way.. 
Christmas for me meant Santa Clause ( those dressed up ones), gifts and pastries.. Now I m grown up and there is no line I can queue up just to shake hands with the Santa or hang socks :P Yeah those crazy things I did ! 
                                             Celebration!! for the love of pastries :D 

The special part of 31st is hiding and calling S to wish "we made it into a new year".. Not quite literally but the clogged phone lines and all have made it so eventful..

My otherwise all gloomily "professional" college wears a decorative look. There are games, intercollege festival, college days and annual days.. Fun fun fun.. 

Birthdayyyy!!! Aqua that I m, the best part of winters is ofcourse the birthday! January baby ;) The month I get doled out with E.X.T.R.A love.. Aquas are big time attention seekers.. We love to be cherished.. 

Month of Love Although every month is month of love for us, but winter has Valentines.. Now the romantics know what that means.. From the most romantic movies like, "DDLJ" "Titanic" to a month full of passionate cute songs which you feel are fabric made for you are playing on television and radio.. There are special winter book sales which ofcourse are mostly romantic novels.. Its the month for the dreamy ones.. ( S I know you don't identify with even one of the above things.. that was what Chalk and Cheese is all about) 

I love the smell of morning in winter.. It is so pleasantly sweet.. How come every talks of the sweet smell of mud after rain and never of winter? 

The tingling of grass moist with dew.. For this you have to wake up your lazy bum and walk on grass early in the morning.. Hehe no I didn't do it as a hobby.. Last winter I went to a farm house where I did this and its really amazing!

Love the colorful scarfs, shawls and stoles that make their way out of the cupboard.

The smell of cocoa butter and strawberries! Everyone smells of that.. The cold creams, lip balms and the chill soft winds that bring in the smell :) :) 

I can let my hair down and not sweat like crazy.. Love the longgg hair look that goes too well with the warm clothes..

The sun sets early and days roll faster and make you wonder what you did all winter! 

w o r l d t r a v e l e r
 I want a winter marriage!! It is soooo beautiful... 

This cold weather makes me all cuddly.. Missing S so much! I need a biggg HUG.. 

P.S I wish it snows sometime.. I want to live in a place where it snows..alteast for sometime.. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

No one can love you like I do..

 Dear S,

When a girl risks everything she ever wanted in life, she is scared to lose you.
When a girl stops thinking if she is doing what she feels right, she had dared it to be with you.
When a girl worries if you will come back to her, she has bared it all to you.

I might not be so trusting of your promises- I dread to see them failed.
I might not be as patient as you would like me to be- I m uncertain of the future.
I might make it seem like there is no tomorrow- I ache at the thought "if there is no you.."

There is nothing in this world that can rest my insecurities but YOU..
There will be no one in my heart like  YOU..
There is no one in this world who can love you like I do.. 

bear, cool, cute, i love you, love - inspiring picture on

Friday, 2 December 2011

Chalk and Cheese..

"There is nothing in him to be so mad about him.. So don't be stupid to tell him that you love him.." this is what my diary read on a day in 2007. He wasn't the guy I used to think of as "Mr Right".

A few months  later..
I used to think to  myself.. "we are so different.. I wonder if it will work out.."           

I had no idea how different when I was writing this! 

To start with, I was a chatter box and he "hmmm" "haa" type. For the first few weeks we used to talk long silent pauses of more than 20 seconds.. Yes, that less we had things to talk of. 

When we actually began talking I realised that I had not even seen the tip of the iceberg called differences.

From the most basic things to the most complicated decisions- we are poles apart..

He is an early to bed and early to rise person,( just remembered "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise..and makes his girlfriend run away with other guys") while I m the one who likes to stay up late and get up even more late.. 

He  believes in "eat to live" and I m the "love to eat" type of person. They say "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Doesn't apply here. There are only a handful things that he really, like truly, likes to eat. There are only a handful of things which I really, like come what may, don't like to eat.. 

He is order personified. Virgo trait I might add. From folded clothes to neatly sorted and classified email folders! Not a single unread spam. 

Me on the other hand, I have to empty my wardrobe to find a tshirt and still deep within for smaller clothes. My mailbox is clogged with 101 mails as of now and I clean it only when it gets difficult to understand spam from genuine. The good thing is I got the idea of making folders (from him ofcourse) although I hardly fulfil their purpose. There was one time when I had to urgently check a mail and I had no connectivity. I told him to check my mail and he was like, "Kitne mahino se nahi khola ye email id?" and order that he likes, he cleaned my trash mails too.

I m the calender and the data bank. From his nephew's birthday to the names of all people he might have mentioned once, I keep note of all he says. 

I once called him on August 2nd, just tried some fun..

"happy anniversary" with excitement..
"happy anniversary.... " (with a confused pause)
"aaj humare relation ko 4 years ho gaye" 
"ha.. congrats! fir aaj kya plan hai?" and I started with my never ending answer..
"Okay..rakhti hu.. waise aaj humari anniversary nahi hai.."
"Wohi!!! (euphoria!!) 2nd september hai na? Me kab se soch raha hu!" 
"Fir bola kyun nahi?" 
"Maine socha tum confuse ho gayi ho.. Fir socha agar me wrong hua toh tum gussa karogi, anniversary bhi yaad nahi raha bolke!" 
"Haa fir tum khush thi toh maine socha kyun bolke mood kharab karu!" (see that's how he gets away with it..) 

I love chinese and junk..yummy junk.... He eats when I order it :P 

I want to talk things out when something bothers me.. He wants distance..

I m a book lover and he is sports page reader.

I love to cook what I know to cook and he won't even make bread butter. I have given up the hope that he will stop eating so much outside. 

I speak out my feelings..a lot.. I like to pamper and I like to be pampered. He is the total opposite. This is the only area where he is slowly changing and we aren't so different here now.

He is my conservative guy. "No intercaste" and all that. I have more open out look and such things often lead us to fights.. So these things are often put under carpet now..

He is outright practical and I m the emotional fool.. Don't get me started here..

He will bother more about the negative and I will start dreaming of the positive.. Again typical traits of a virgo and aquarius..

He is the planned kind of a person and I m the spontaneous one. This is not just about him going to the exam completing his entire studies and then even revision (seriously I never thought of doing that since I came in degree college) and me going with "95 % ho gaya hai, 5 % ho jayega in train and college..matlab first time padhke.. fir revision ka time mila toh :P "

I have been stupid and told him that I love him. Two distinct people, two different backgrounds, two different decades (huge difference between 80s and 90s), two different paths that crossed and decided to go together.. It feels miraculous as each day passes and still the "love you" and "miss you" never sound boring or less genuine.

When I get a text, "Call me as soon as you leave exam hall.. Missing you badly!!! really!!!", it makes my heart skip a beat and I still think of thousand raised to thousand reasons for the text.. only to find that he was checking "way to sms" service is working fine or not! Such a brat sometimes! 

Only love can make such things happen.. Opposites do attract.. No one wants to live with a clone.. But opposites can fight forever.. For me and S, we have gotten on each other's wrong side so often that we have literally spent most of our 4 years fighting.. Its in the 5th year that we have somewhat come to terms with each other and dare not be reason to infuriate each other :P 

Perfect is not when compatible persons are together. It's when you both are opposite but in that way you complete each other..

Chalk and cheese are finally making peace.. I want to be the cheese coz its soft, delicious, yummmy :D :D 

Note: The post got inspired by Opposites Attract? Ridiculous!!. That was the guy talking and he is a poor not so orderly aquarian like me :P :P 

4 days holiday for the next exam.. S finally gave the password.. So facebook happening today.. What weird passwords he comes up with! I can't guess and crack :P :P 

image credit: google 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Simple is best!

            Today I spent the better half of my day trying to change the look of my blog. Actually the work started yesterday when I came across PeeVee's beautifully designed header. Since I m pathetic with designing ( I don't know to work on Photoshop!! Jeez I m hopelessly behind time!) I did the next best thing- went on a hunt for that PERFECT TEMPLATE. I was using the SIMPLE template offered by blogger template designer so far. The only creative touch I gave to my blog was the variations in the background when I got bored of looking at my blog or jealous of the awesome designs the blogworld is coming up with.
            So I downloaded a few XML files from btemplates and discussed each and every look with a gmail friend. Since this friend and me have similar likes in the writing space (yea I discovered it only after we started discussing the look) we tried best to come up with a good combo. Sigh! The number of times I have uploaded and edited templates!! Tauba tauba atleast for 3 months I m not going to download a template!
            It was a Monday so I had a lot of time (read planned free time) at hand which I devote to S. So while he gave me breaks in between alright its sounding like a lecture or something, the breaks here means the time he went for lunch, did office work, took power naps I quickly logged into blogger and tried doing some more keeda with my blog look.. 
            Finally I liked a look and then came the problem of adjusting its title. So there I went into adjusting its length in the CSS code and mahn! I suck at searching these codes. That was only part of the problem. This new look forbade me from putting up gadgets ! like the most essential ones-- Followers! So I tried playing more with the codes while my dear S stared at me working my fingers so furiously on the laptop. As much as I wanted to keep it from him, the tapping on the laptop drew his attentions. 
            He kept giving me the LOOKS and made some sounds on the speaker when I came out of the trance and I was like, "Thoda wait karo, mere blog ki maa behen ho gayi hai" :P :P Swear maine ye words kabhi use nahi kiya! I guess its the effect of reading blogs which use this language. But the good part is we both burst into peels of laughter 
            So finally when I adjusted the title head, I went "Waah me toh genius hoon". But this so called inflation of ego was short lived. I couldn't do anything about the gadgets. So at the end of the day after wasting like hours I came  back to the old one.. Thank goodness for the brains I had to save this one! I love this simple look where I can change whatever element I can just by going to design and not some CSS code.. 
 I would now just restrict myself to changing the backgrounds or some images and nothing more. Atleast until I find something just perfect and simple for my much beloved blog. Just goes to say that simplicity is better than the overdone crappy look and certainly better than copying. Lesson learnt! 

 After much pleading I got my facebook password from S for just one day. Seriously I m disappointed. Just 5 notifications in the 1 week I was away!! Hmppph! And 3 requests from useless people (read people I deleted from my friends list). Makes me feel that nobody came online or everybody is studying!! So I better gear up.. Long night ahead with lots of mugging to be done. 

S this is for you,

you know why :) Love you more than elephants! :D :D 

P.S: If "Miss you like mango" ho sakta hai toh " love you more than elephants" fir bhi logical hai! What?? More than elephants matlab more than size of elephants!! 

P.P.S: I had a new visitor Sujatha and  my dear sis Pradeeta visit this afternoon on my blog. You both ladies -sorry for that ravaged condition my blog was in :P :P 

P.P.P.S: My last post was another attempt at doing something different and I was terribly bored.. The post was not so good but then again I realise I should blog for myself than for style.. According to S it was too boring :P :P Thank you 3 ladies who commented on it.. S was like, "ek bhi comment nahi ayega" :D :D :D.. If not for those 3 comments, I would have deleted that post..

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Why girls love bad boys


        Have you ever wondered how the jerk in your class ends up with the prettiest girls? Believe it or not, most of us fall for a bad boy sometime or the other. What makes girls fall for bad boys?? 

Unpredictability He may be calling you up and 'babying' you on the phone at night but giving you a cold shoulder the next day. Such boys are moody and extreme and their unpredictable nature makes girls curious to know them more. They will keep you thinking about what you did wrong.

Devil-may-care-attitude They don't care about what the society thinks about them. Neither do they worry about future. They live for today. They don't care if the neighbor gossipy aunty saw them with their girl or their father shouts his guts out on them. If they are obsessed you for the time being then well, they can do anything for you. From climbing pipes to cornering you in the life..They are the bollywood idea of romance!

Lost looks Somehow they mostly are endowed with boyish looks and to-die-for physique. They stir the maternal instincts! True fact, girls feel drawn to protect them! No matter how rude they are, girls will still think they are genuinely lost souls.

Thrill These boys will set the adrenaline rushing. They come with 'DANGER' written in bold letters. That is what makes them more alluring..

Because girls like to think they will tame them! Yes, this is the reason. Girls like challenges. They want to tame these wild boys into good ones. No matter how many girls have been in his life she wants to be the one who lasts. The one who brings the change. She wants to show off the trophy to the world. 

Everyone gets over this "I love bad boy" phase and those who don't think end up becoming bad girls!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The girlfriend you think you are not !

              Have you watched  Himesh's Damadam movie?? no? Okay wrong question! Have you watched the promo of Damadam? Sure you must have!
              I watched the promo with S when we had gone for a movie.. Frankly I don't know how the movie is, but in the promo you have this Himesh's girlfriend who is all the time hovering over him and nagging. If you don't know what I m talking about watch THIS. I promise it won't kill you. 
              Okay so while we were watching the promo, S was like "Look she's acting like you" and I laughed it off. I can be very doubtful when I m angry and I can be real possessive too. But I definitely won't like to think of myself to be like the girlfriend mentioned above. 
              While we were in the train he got an SMS and I couldn't help taking a peek at it. It started with "Dear S (ofcourse his real name!) and I asked him to show me :P It turned out to be the travel company confirming his ticket. I looked at him and said, "Nahi wo dear likha tha isliye" and gave a sheepish grin. He looked heavenward!  See what I m talking, we all change in love..
So you think you are not the girlfriend who
  • Calls her guy and wants to know where he has been and what he is doing.
  • Gets curious to read the texts he receives.
  • Worries why he hasn't replied to your text as soon as you get the delivery report.
  • Keeps a tab on his online activity.
  • Gets jealous when he talks to another girl.
  • Doesn't like if he thinks someone other than  you is pretty.
  • Sulks when he thinks shes being a control freak or irritating.
  • Wants to be with him 24X7. Okay not quite literally!
  • Never likes to be proved wrong.
  • Wants the guy to apologize first for raising his voice and then she will apologize for the wrong she did.
  • Wants her guy to comfort her always when she is upset.
  • Wants her guy to care for her the way she cares for him..

But somehow we all end up becoming the same when we fall in love.. It has got something to do with the fact that no matter how focused we are, we do make the love of our life the center of our universe. He becomes the reason why we want to live. He becomes that hope when we are upset. 
  • We lie to our parents for him.
  • We ditch our girls to  be with him.
  • We adjust our schedule as per his schedule.
  • His call is more important to us than talking to someone else.
  • We dream of life with him .
  • We take the effort to look pretty for his eyes only.
  • We want to be there to care for him.
It has got to do with the way we innately are. Guys just make us a part of their lives and we make guys our life.. They want things to go on like they were before and we make magnificent changes in the life we had. Because we all become the same when we fall in love, the girls who are not in love appeal to them. Ofcourse we were one when we weren't in love. Isn't that why they fall in love with us? 

As I m writing this, S is online and I ask him "Am I like Purba in Damadam?" 
He says, "No.. somewhat.."
"How much percent?"

Yea, from this very blog you can make out that S is not just the center of my universe, but the universe for me..  Naturally I m doing the very things I don't want to.. But 50% is not bad na? Hmmm there's still room for improvement..

Check out this video from Pyaar Ka Panchnama.. S ka favorite video.. :D :D I forwarded him this sometime back and I got the response, "Itna sab jaanti ho, toh aisa karti kyun ho?"

 Its exam time and yes S has made his personal duty to call and make me feel guilty for wasting time by saying, "I would have loved to hear that you are studying" :P :P Sweet he is.. Facebook is not happening till exams get done.. He has made sure of that :P 


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