Sunday, 25 December 2011

Spread the smiles..

                      It's Celebration time.. Cakes, wines, music and lots of gifts, facebook walls adorned with pictures, blogworld full of posts, malls decorated with snow and Santa feel.. yes its Christmas time. There is something about Christmas that charms me more than Diwali. Its the spirit of goodwill. The lack of too much noise, too much pollution. Its the season to care..
                      While giving Christmas gifts might not be culture for most of us non-Christians, slowly the trend is changing. Christmas has become cosmopolitan. Just like New Year celebration. Traditionally every region celebrates New Year on different days. For some of us it's Gudi Padva, for some of us during Diwali and for others its during Pongal. In recent years all of India celebrates 31st Dec as the New Year. So slowly the trend of celebrating Christmas and giving gifts has started in urbane towns.
                      Wondering what is the connection between the title and the stuff I m writing? Well yes I did go a bit off the road. 
                      The point is, each one of us is different. Then how do we bring the smiles? 
I m someone who loves to gift. The whole idea of gifting excites me. Right from the choice of buying that perfect gift to the last minute creative wrapping! 
                       When I was little younger, my idea of gifting was "Gift what you would like to receive as a gift."  I don't know where I got this idea but since then it was always gifting chocolates, cards, make up products. But the thing totally didn't work. How was I supposed to gift a guy or a child for that matter? I remember how I once gifted a 3 year old a jigsaw puzzle which was way to intellectual. Yeah I was way to enthusiastic to educate the kid! I dread to ask what happened to that gift. 
                       My mother is like the Santa of the family. She always gifts the most practical things. If she is at loss as to what to gift, she simply puts cash in a nicely decorated envelope! It was from her that I learnt to think of being in the shoe of the person you are going to gift.  
                       Now the gifting involves- first trying to get into the character of that person, then looking at the store through that person's eyes and then selecting that perfect gift. The wrappings still are my choice :D :D. I m known in my circle for getting the best wrappings done. I get a thrill when people open the wrappings!! Crazy I know. 
                        Gradually I realised how much the choices differed although the result was the same- a wide smile across that face!  For some people the value matters, for some just the gesture.
                         There are still people like me who want to be treated like " the center of attention". For whom material things don't matter much but the personal touch does. The years of storming my little brain I have a few tips handy for giving that perfect gift.
A few things that might help you to spread the smiles.
  1. Try to know the hobbies of the person. If the person is into creative works gift them something they could make use of. I once gifted a friend of mine a  fevicryl hobby ideas set of fabric colors! This friend of mine loved to decorate.
  2. If the person is someone close to you and you know what exactly they need, then gift them that! It might be the basic of the things but it will bring a smile. Gifting someone a set of geometry box would be will bland, but if you know that's what they are planning to buy then get them the same. It would save them the cost. But make sure they don't buy if before you do! 
  3. Things that will never go out of use! Comfortable clothes to wear at home, bowl set, wall clocks. These are things that could never go wrong. Gifting clothes should be restricted to only when you know the size :P 
  4. Personalized gifts. People love themselves. Yes they do. Get them something basic like coffee mug, photo frame, pillow, pen, book, anything having THEM on it! They would love you for it.. There are many customized gift shops coming up these days. All you have to do is give them the picture and choose the gift. Rest is done.
  5. If someone loves to read then gift them their favorite genre. Flipkart can be a great help! If the person writes, then gift them a nice dairy.
  6. Gift the love. Its not what but how that matters. The gift could have been given by anyone, but what's so special about you giving it? Give it in a way that would surprise. Attach a note. Give it at the most unexpected time. Give them something to remember the gift by!
  7. Random acts of kindness. Sometimes just a loving text message to show that you care, a card to tell that you value the person, a kind word to let them know its ok if they are wrong sometimes and you understand, a hug to convey that you are there.. Its all that a person you love needs to know.. All that matters.. When times are rough, its not about how big a gift you gave, its how you made them feel is what they will remember and a smile may creep in on their lips long after you have made them happy..
                                                 born to be alive
                                                Rainbow of Christmas Stockings | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Was searching for some pictures to go with the post but couldn't stop putting up these! So cute and cheerful!!
Wish you a merry Christmas you beautiful people!
Its Christmas and I m left all alone in my cozy room. How I wish I were in some place where it snowed and I near the fireplace!! :D :D


Sujatha Sathya said...

gifting is an art
loved the bit about 'random acts of kindness'

merry xmas to u . truly diwali & xmas have no religion just as onam has none in kerala

Alcina said... ye sab mujhe itna mushy kar deti hain :P
well the best gift for me in winters is a hug :P
So i gift you a big *hug* :)
Yeah its so nice to watch someone open the gift you give them..seriously!
commented on your last post too..
Hope you are spending nice time with S as it is holiday time :P
take care
and keep smilooooing always.. :D

Keirthana said...

Wow... You rock at gifting.. I always wear my head out thinking what to gift.. Thanks for the tips honey :)

M in love said...

@Sujatha: Yes gifting is an art.. You perfect it only with practice :) Thank you soo much

M in love said...

@Alcina : Hugs to you too dear.. Yes winter is mushy :)
S is keeping busy! :D :D
Have a great winter and take care :)

M in love said...

@Keirthana : Thank you dear.. Hope this helps you :)

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