Thursday, 10 November 2011

Disappointments, fights and finally a love letter !

              We missed the Monday red! Inevitably the public holiday had to come on Monday.. I had been working like crazy cleaning up the house after it got painted. Choosing the color, thinking up combination can be fun but not inhaling the smell of primer and definitely not cleaning up the mess thereafter. Overworked, over harassed as I was even the much awaited Monday turned out to be hectic. Disappointment!!!!! 
              Added to it a lot of other things happened which made me super upset. I called up S to talk and he was sleeping away to glory which infuriated me even more. Missed call pe missed call was what I did and he switched off! Load the guns and get ready for the fight! 
              The next day was a disaster. I sooo hate fighting specially the energy draining ones! Adding insult to injury S decided to be busy and not fight back even though I was shouting my guts out. So that left poor little me whiling away sulking and waiting for a chance to bite. Quite literally !!
              Finally he called back with a calm tone (Jeez I tell you how thanda that is to my boiling blood). I went on complaining about how horrible he was and how he should be with the other girl (imagined by me and supported by him and then actually thought to be true by me) and not talking to me. Somewhere in between the whole scene he found something funny and started laughing. *Change of topic* and I suddenly lost what I was fighting about and he started pulling my leg and that pretty much ended it because no matter what I did I couldn't get that gussa back and grinned like an idiot. 

This was what happened with exact same sentence but over the phone :) :) 

So the imaginary girl was forgotten after he promised that he was just playing along with my imaginations and there was no one other than me.
Then while I was home browsing, suddenly a tubelight lit in my mind, "What about the phone switching thing that initially annoyed me? Uski bharpayi kaun karega?" 
So I went over to my mail and emailed him with the first thing that came into my mind, "I WANT A LOVE LETTER ELSE I M NOT FORGETTING THIS FIGHT!!" 
     Seriously I didn't  have a love letter except the one someone wrote in school and on confrontation told that "mazak tha" :P :P 
     I remember reading those "personal letters" in those "art of writing letter" book that all of us refer for English letter writing during school and think of writing and receiving. Alas ! Our times are different and love is a mere text away (read 160 characters).
        To be true, I half expected S won't write the letter and simply let it pass. Imagine my joy when I saw the letter duly written and lying in my inbox!! Now I know of people who write love letters with Copy Paste from google and some even get it written from others ( I have written one for a friend :P :P khi khi khi) 

        It was the most original, true and hilarious letter ever read by me :D :D To top it all, it was written in my mother tongue ( alright OUR mother tongue) Tulu .. 
        I wouldn't translate the letter because that would steal the charm of it ( super cute :D :D ). I couldn't help smiling and laughing at the cuteness and funniness of it. "A letter can surely end a fight" 
        If you think the story ended here then WAIT.. Later at night while we were skyping he brought out the fact that I used a bad word for him during the fight. Yes anger can make you do such things. :( 
        Then started the drama. He acted as me and I acted as him. While I was trying to persuade him to forget the thing, he playfully started acting like me. Right from the bloated face, to pulling of hair in frustration (yes I do that, now stop gaping), to asking for silly things. Everything acted to the perfect T. 
        Finally I could bring back peace with some negotiations (Don't ask!). Its not for nothing that I say guys are easy to please.. :) 
        For you S, I loved your line "You are the rasgulla of my life.. I can't imagine my life without you". My filmy sweetheart I can't stop reading that letter! I have it byheart now!!

P.S: Coming soon "How to punish your boyfriend"


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Okay, the picture of those two (read: you two ;)) made me giggle too! :D :D I loved this post! Loved it! :D Sis! *Hugs* You must really look cute when grumpy! :D :D And Love Letter? Insanely Romantic (I am ignoring the fact that you demanded it :P)

Blessed be! :D

Red Handed said...

Hheheheheeh about the WRITE ME A LOVE LETTER NOW! I just did tht to my guy. I tweeted him and asked him to write and he did.
Fighting with ur guy is tiresome and really crappy and patching up is equally cute!!!!!

Viya ;) said...

eheheh :P :P so cute!! :) :)

Alcina said...

Awwwwwwwwieeeee..again greattt! :D
Guess what same here..painting and all..i just so hate the smell when its over.
And all in all it was like yeah banta hai banta hai dono ke side ke nakhre :)
And love-letters..super romo that you guys are..haye kisiki nazar na lage ;)
keep smiling always(S n T)

Anuranjani said...

awww.. awww... aww.. this is so freaking cute and Love Letters. They are always such mood-lifters! :D

M in love said...

@MSM: thank you soo much sis.. S wouldn't say the same thing about me looking cute when grumpy :P :P

Insanely romantic I m so I demanded it :D :D

M in love said...

@Redhanded : hehe really?? Aww cute :) Patch ups are cute no matte who wins :D :D

M in love said...

@Viya: thank you :) and welcome to my little blog :)

M in love said...

@Alcina: totally agree on the painting scene! Thank you sooo much dear.. yes love letters super romo :D :D

P.S:- S and M :D :D I think you got confused with someone else i mentioned as T

M in love said...

@Anuranjani: thank you soo much dear.. Love letters are mood lifters! true :)
Welcome to my little blog :)

Suruchi said...

oye and we don't get to read the love letter????????????????????? a translated version of course...haaaaaaaaaaaw...please!?!

Alcina said...

aww..sooo sorry..don't know what i had in head :P

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