Saturday, 11 March 2017

2 years later

              Its been a long, long time. More than 2 years after the last post!

Before I start my new journey on this blog, just a gist of what happened in last 2 years.

1. I got a job in March, 2015.

2. I worked hard and long hours to prove myself in my new company.

3. Me and S did some amazing road trips to places nearby.

4. I became dependent on Ola and Uber to travel in this city!

5. Functions, functions and more family functions happened.

6. I flew to Mumbai more frequently in the first year. I haven't been to Mumbai in 8 months now! Terribly missing!

7. Good news in my life meant only one thing. No, that hasn't happened yet.

8. We completed our first anniversary!

9. We travelled some more.

10. We shifted to another rented place.

11. We bought our own house!

12. We completed 2 years. Now the suspense is building for the good news.

13. We moved into our new house this year.

14. I completely ruined my 25 birthday. Yea, the grand one which didn't happen.

15. I looked for a job change and immediately landed one.

So here I am. Sitting with a laptop on my recliner sofa (more on this one in another post) and wondering how far I have come. I missed writing here and shamefully even forgot the password to this account. Finally managed to unlock this account!

In another news, my post "How to punish your boyfriend" seems to have more than normal following. I received mails from people asking me to custom design their punishment :D :D Thankfully, I was away and I hope their other halves did not have to endure any torture in absence of my advice!

Right now, it seems like the perfect moment to restart the blog. To put down all the beautiful things that I experienced in the last two years, of bittersweet realizations and some breath-taking photos! 


Fatima said...

Wow it's so good to hear from you. And life certainly has changed in 2 years. I haven't been active at all, come post and go is all I did with my blog, this is the first time I'm reading a blog and commenting in over a year!

Great to know you're doing great. Lots of Love :)

Alankar Ale said...

Looking forward for your more blogs.
anyway i also started writing.
please do read. I would appreciate if you give an honest feedback.

Alcina said... forgot to write after this :/

M in love said...

@Fatime: Let's hope we keep writing at our blogs no matter how life changes. Thank you for reading. Hope you are doing weel

M in love said...

@Alankar Ale: Thank you for reading I will definitely visit your page

M in love said...

@Alcina: Oh dear, the miseries of mundane life has kept me away. But I do hope I keep writing here more. Thank you for reading and making me feel inspired

aman arora said...

Keep writing.. N plz have a look at this. Blog

M in love said...

Thank you Aman :)

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