Monday, 13 May 2013

Little update

  The exams are done finally! That's the first update. The exams got over on 3rd but that's another thing that I was too lazy to type anything until yesterday :D
After the exams we are required to do a month of industrial training. While the rest of my class got assigned companies in groups, I got placed with someone I never even talked to in college. When I got my letter for training I was waiting to hear the other names but alas! It was only me and him :(
Call it bias or prejudice or whatever, but there are some people you never choose to mix with. He is one of them. Being in the same batch of labs didn't matter at all in these 3 yrs. I never talked to him and being in the office for almost 6-8 hours with him was a feat in itself.
The first day of work started with boring assignment of checking the packaging and making a report of the same :( I learnt about some things I had no idea about and boy did I even know what all things they document! Trust me every package of medicine undergoes so much detailing and checking !
It was a slow day and even though I knew that I would have to deal with an uninterested companion, I had little idea about tackling the bigger issue-bad breath!
I almost died that day with being on my toes (literally!! because of the shoe bite :( ) for 6 hours and rushing about to save myself.
The day was soooo exhausting and by the time I was home I was about to doze right away.

The next day I got to know that my co-trainee was going to go home in 4 days and would return only at the end of the month. I was worried that the manager might want me to come also later with him :O Worse would give us a certificate without bothering to train any further :|  By the end of the second day I was relieved that nothing of the sort would happen and I would be allowed to continue but now I would b working solo. Eating solo. Writing report solo :( Sometimes bad company is better than no company at all!

It was the fourth day and I prayed in the morning that something worked out for me. Surprise, surprise! The moment I enter office, I see a new trainee. Turned out that she too would be working as long as I m :D
Plus I knew her from my 12th standard physics class. What's more ? She stays close by so I have company to go along with :D sometimes things work out for the best! We just have to keep going ... :) So now the fellow has gone home and me and the new trainee work together and its turning out quite well :)

The last two weekends I spent with my nephew who came with my cousin sister from Pune. So much adorable time we have. He's just 4 and I dote on him. Talking to him is so much fun :D Could have posted his pic here but my sis would be mad at me :P

The company I m training at has its audit so that means holiday for us trainees :) Work starts on wednesday.. Until then I have all the time in this world to cook, watch grey's anatomy, read blogs and laze around.

S is in town and busy :P Can't wait to see him!!!

Until later

P.s Ok that wasn't such a little update :P


Red Handed said...

I was goin to comment something ele....something abt ur depressive boy trainee..and nw ur new female co trainee..but then I read that S is in town. And then i went Yayyyy!

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