Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happiness in little things..

    Sometimes we take life so seriously that we don't even realize what we are missing out on.
    Exams, deadlines, pressures and stress of the busy life and added to it the little disappointments that burden us leave hardly any space to step and relish life. We take so much time to dwell on the rude behavior of others, the wrong that one time friends did, the way a friend is acting difficult, some comment on your appearance that you didn't take well, some insecurities, some troubles and the list is never ending. We measure difficulties in buckets and happiness in spoons. A tiny problem comes over and we feel threatened of our very existence but a little joy will go unnoticed. Until it becomes a luxury..
         I miss my Grandmother. She is someone who is untouched by time. Its like she lives in some sphere of happiness and ignorance. I don't know if they are inter related. The only disappointment I ever see on her face is that of not feeding someone who came home! She goes on with life unaffected by the changes around her. She would never really give up on her leisurely cup of tea in the morning. She goes around doing the work and only after it finishes will she take her longgggg bath. Never ever in the two decades of my life I have seen her taking a quick bath. When you are around her, you kind of live in the slow motion. As a kid it gave me a lot of comfort that she was never hurrying around anywhere. Always there to listen to my blabber attentively. Always taking time to nurse my small bruises. Always rock me to sleep. And then life happened.
        I was always busy with classes. She would always wonder what kind of a life I live and pity my state :P
She would try to lift my heavy bag whenever I went to her and say " What use will you back be when you grow as old as me!"
       She would call me everytime she prepared mutton curry. Ah the little wonders of her culinary skills!
       The lemon juice that she would make whenever I go to her house.
       The fuss over making me eat atleast chicken and bread when I would say I m dieting.
       The way she always found to way to send me pakoras whenever she made them.
       The ginger juice she made every friday for me and how she always forced me to gulp the bitter fluid down and then quickly put a spoon of honey in my mouth. Yes she carried honey too all the way to my home.
       Now its over a year since she moved to native and a year since I saw her. Calling her is not an option because she cant hear on the phone well and it kind of irritates her. Every time she knows I m on the other end she always says "Come soon in holidays". I m waiting to visit her in June :D
       Like I said we never really take time to enjoy the things we have! Now all of the above things sound so distant and luxurious.
       There are some things which make me happy in little ways

Like the early morning "Good morning jaanu :*" text from S
Reading a good book or a good post
Opening Criminal case and finding two orange juice bonus or getting energy refill or finding a burger :P
Sitting with the family and talking
Getting an unexpected gift from mom (like the huge teddy :P )
Long conversations with friends
Meeting the school besties and giggling and laughing like kids
Eating kulfi with S
Coming home drenched or tired and taking a warm bath in dettol!
Having manchow soup on a cold evening.
Drinking lots of coffee and telling bro that "kick laga" before starting to study for exams. :P
Mom getting bored and telling "order chinese for dinner"
Baa from next door always waiting for me after her walk so that she can come with me in the lift.
The kid in the building who I call "goluuuu" and do timepass with at the building gate :P He is just 2 years old :D :D and a cutieeeee
The way I step out of the house and the lil kids flock around me calling "hi didi"
Staying up late in the night watching crime patrol reruns and then waking up late
Getting so many likes on a pic of mine which S clicked
Dad getting a new gadget and giving it to me :P
Reading confessions about people I hate :D :D :D
Shouting out comments in the movie !!
The walnut brownie in Mc Donalds and the doughnuts in MOD <3
Going to college and finding some lectures got cancelled :P
Skyping with S
Going through old photographs and slam books
Finding money in old clutches
Writing  a blog while I m supposed to be studying for exams :D :D :D

Little precious things in life <3
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Until later!
Lots of love


sulagna ™ said...

made me actually wonder everything you say is true..i miss my grandma so much :)

Alcina said...

I could relate to some of the feel good far as exams are concerned i guess they almost become a part of your life at some point :P and you accept it anyway..
I can so understand the project,assignments and deadlines..suffering from them myself :P
Grandmas are so nice na..even i spend a lot of time with my thamma(grandma) or i can say i used to before college happened :P Now she always ask me when am i taking a leave from college so that i could be at home all day with her :)
How are you and S? :)
tc both of ya!

Ajiteja said...

Lovely writing sensible thinking.....
Trying to catch up the rat race of life later do not forget your own words... Happiness lies in little things....
And yes happiness really lies the smallest things which make our life beautiful and lovable....
May your and S life be filled up with tonnes and tonnes of such simple, silly things which are the seeds of real happiness.....

Yash said...

I lived your words.
Keep writing. :)

M in love said...

@Sulagna: :D :D Grandmas are all so same I realised :D

@ Alcina: Yes the reality of life :( Theres too much work and less time to do what you really like!
S and I are both well and I hope you are coping well with college :)

@Ajiteja: Thank you so much for your kind words and yes we tend to forget it so often that happiness lies in little things :)

@Yash: Thank you so much :)

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