Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mom knows everything!!

                 "Mom I have too have found a guy " I said
                 "For whom?"
                 " For myself"
                 "No need to see a guy right now."
                 "But you told I could, once I turned 21"
                 "Tell your dad" 
                 She got busy on the phone.

"Told mom. She told to tell dad"
"What did she ask?"
"Not taking me seriously only!"
"Don't tell again. She will ask."

               "You told me you saw some guy"
               'But you didn't ask."
               "Just because you turned 21, doesn't mean you search a guy."
               "But I have."
               "No one in our family has had love marriage."
               "So many cousins!!"
               "Not in our family!"
               "We are only 4.. two of us are married."
               "Yes we did not do love marriage (hinting to her and dad :P)
               "What can I do about that"
               "Look at masi.. She's still unmarried. Did she do love marriage?"
               "Wouldn't you be relieved if she did? If I don't do I too will end up that way."
               "Look at the cousins who married intercaste!"
               "But mine is not intercaste."
               "Oh.. so you have seen in caste."
       The cooker whistles and she is off! 

On phone.
I recite every dialogue.
"And she didn't even ask who it is!!"
"haha you have no value only.. No one takes you seriously."
"Don't tease me."
"Ok.. ok"
"What do you think?"
"I think she knows.."

                 2 weeks later.
              "Mom its been 2 weeks I told you."
              "Are you going to marry tomorrow?"
              "No tomorrow is Sunday :D :D "
              "First study and get independent. Talk later."
             " Atleast ask who he is or what he does!"
             " I know its S"
              Topic over 

On Whatsapp
She knows its you
See I told you. One side clear na
What clear
She doesn't have a problem atleast :D 



Red Handed said...

Hheheheeheh Yaayyy!! The coast is clear!!

PeeVee™ said...

:D:D:D by far, one of the easiest conversations, nai?

sulagna ™ said...

wow !!! soo happy so so sooo happy for you :) God Bless

Keirthana said...

Wow!!! So happy for you :) Let the other side also clear this easily.

Until later,
Keirthana :)


woww datz so cooll!!! congratzz in advance :)

M in love said...

@Redhanded : Just hope so :P
@PeeVee: HAha God alone knows how many times I tried to start this conversation that day :D :D
@Sulagna: Thank you dear.. Delhi abhi door hai :D
@Keirthana: His side is already clear :D
@Anjali: Thank you dear :D

Ramya said...

WOW thats awesome :D now its your time to make her proud :D by becoming independent and then :) asking her again for official marriage dates :D Congratulations :D

Alcina said...

Awwwww love muaaaah..i am so happy right now for god ma really knows everything..longtime havent been here..missed d u n me luv :)
Say hie to s n dat i miss u both ;)
Tc guys

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