Tuesday, 11 June 2013

First day

We set out from home early yesterday. Early morning calls started trickling in that its raining heavily and trains are late. We took of 3 hrs before our train schedule and kept checking on internet about the confirmation status. Contrary to news reports, the trains were running smoothly with only 10 minute delay which is the "normal" delay! So we reached a full one hour before time, something which we regretted only after the fellow passenger turned out to be a talkative navy man :( why god why ?? Why do I get such people as co-passengers? Thank goodness that he slept as soon as the train started and woke up only when his destination arrived. Thank GOD for the little mercies !
            I kept myself busy with the novel and day dreaming :P
            Today morning I woke up with a bad stomach :( worst.nightmare ever!!! Never again bread pakoras in train :( I kept napping as train got delayed. Finally my trouble came to an end and so did the journey.
            It was drizzling when we stepped out of the train. Took auto and had that ride through narrow, lonely and damp roads. Nani stood waiting at the door.. :)
            In minutes I was devouring dosa and her speciality chutney. It started raining heavily and hasn't stopped raining yet. Just the intensity keeps changing. The hot water bath and home grown bottleguard curry put my discomfort at rest finally!
            We went to the market in the evening. Walked through the greenery and the ups and downs of the road in the rains. It was super fun.
            Its just 8.30 now and we have already had dinner and are ready to hit the sack. Its pitch dark outside. The surrounding houses have put their lights off at 8. We are the only house having light right now. I can already hear the night insects and frogs.
        I better stop now before the flies swarm my mobile screen. More later.
        Good night :)


Ramya said...

Which is this beautiful place?

M in love said...

This is my grandparent' s house in mangalore

Ramya said...

oh wow Thats amazing,,, my grandparents place is also bit close to that place :D and so was very curious :D

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