Sunday, 9 June 2013

Monsoon here I come!

             For last 2 years I have been welcoming monsoon in Konkan railway trains. I m missing Goa terribly.  I m missing that journey with friends to Thivim station. The bus ride from Thivim to Calangute. The lazying around, the food, the street roaming and beaches and ofcourse the rains. The furious roars of the waves as the rains create turbulence, the wind that leaves sloppy kisses and the guards screaming their lungs out to stay AWAY from the waters. I m missing all of it!
             This year I was in Mumbai when it drizzled and flooded on Facebook. Why was I never awake when it rained :O Finally yesterday it rained and by that I mean it rained for hours. So yes all that over hyped smell of soil, chill in the air, etc etc statuses are now rightfully applied to the atmosphere here. When will I ever stop dreaming romance in monsoon? Sigh.
             I m headed to Konkan.. hush hush.. I know some of you already guessed :P  I m so excited to make that journey on the same route. Amidst the trail of lush green, I pass through the red mountains. Those dark tunnels, that cloudy sky, those proud palms, that red drenched soil.. Ah! The joys of nature.
             I await to embark on those narrow roads, that muddy lane that leads to the house. The house of my grandparents.. Yay! Monsoon here I come!

            Ah I just wish S was with me now. I have been jumping around like a kid ever since my tickets were booked. Every conversation includes, " I m going gau" :D :D
            The weather is just getting to me.
             I can't stop fantasizing about this journey in side berth with S.
             Those cold hours and warm soup.
             The adventure on the roads.
             Walking close under an umbrella on deserted streets.
             IF only !

           For now, its just me and my family. My novels, my phone, my window to distant lands of joy..
           Maybe I will blog when I reach there :D
           Happy Monsoon people :)



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