Monday, 8 July 2013

Perfect day :D

              I must be God's favorite :D I can't thank my stars enough for the perfect day I was blessed with.

            On Saturday S was here. He finished off his work and by 4 he was on this side of the city. I reached early ( rare event!) and waited near the bridge. I fixed my eyes on the stairs. He had told he will be there in 15 minutes and at the 16th minute (yes I was watching the time on my phone :P) I saw him rushing down the stairs..He was wearing formals and jumped the steps eagerly

            'Araam se, bhaagi nahi ja rahi hu me!' I teased him, my heart still thumping with all that adrenaline in my system.
            We took an auto to our usual destination. He stuffed the phone charger and room keys in my purse and started animatedly describing the journey. All the while I restrained myself from hugging him :D
            The only movie that we could manage was The Lone Rider and it was a good one hour before it commenced. We snacked around in Mc Donalds, planning the next day and making his reservation. Next came the shopping. It was around 6 when we were done and headed to the movie.

            The next two hours we sat in silence, whispering 'I love you" and laughing about the queer way in which the kids next to our seat behaved. It had been really long since we actually enjoyed a movie (Last being Oh my God which had me in splits)
            We decided the time to meet on Sunday and parted after the movie got over.
             I had quite a few things on my mind. Sleep eluded me well past midnight. I was excited like a kid before picnic and it was an apt simile. I tried to catch some sleep so that I didn't end up looking like a panda the next day. I woke up at 1.30 am :P The same thing happened every other hour. Finally I gave up at 4.30 and stayed awake on bed till it was 5.30. My eyes were red due to the lack of sleep but my mind was on alert.

             I had packed my bag on Saturday morning to avoid any suspicious activity that raised the alarm bells at home. With that part taken care of, I got other preparations rolling. Breakfast, bath, dressing up... I had it all planned in my mind already. I set about with the tasks, smiling and singing to myself.

            Dressed in formals (which covered the top I was wearing inside), the red neckpiece S bought me the day before, hair made up like any other day, I started with the only thing that would decide my readying time..lenses!! The sleep deprived eyes didn't help either. After toiling for more than 15 minutes (including cleaning them like an OCD, flushing the eyes with water and then bawling like an idiot) I stepped out without falling to much interrogation at home. Step 1 completed.

              Twice in 24 hours, I was early. We had mutually decided to be at the station by 7.30 and I reached a good 20 minutes before time. S hurried to meet me. There we were! Two of a kind. He had been awake since 3.30 am :P

             After S  had his breakfast, we went to the National Park. It was swarming with vehicles. A serpentine line for tickets was building up. Sunday ,coupled with the soft spells of rain, made it a great day to trek or have family picnics. We took our tickets and waited for the van or bus to take us to our destination. Finally we got a van that took us to the Kanheri caves. We were brimming with the thrill and expectations !
            I changed into a pair of track pants and took off the formal shirt. Wearing a tank top with a three fourth was a first time. S looked at me adoringly.
            "Do I look weird?"
            "No! You are looking nice.. Pataka!"

            After some photography and looking around, we started the climb. We did not wish to venture deep into the range because of the heavy bag S carried and it was risky on two accounts. First was the clumsy me who can slip on flat surfaces. Second was the risk of lecherous groups which were notorious at such places. The place was a beauty. With the water falls active this time of the month, the scenic place was all the more a sight to see! There were a large number of caves ( I forgot the exact numbers) but we explored only a few. With our rendezvous and the nonsense stories we made about the life of people who actually lived in such caves, I think we set some of them  rolling in their graves.

            The descent back was a treacherous one (for those who are aware of my extraordinary balance skills, this is no news!). I took each step holding his hands and S walked behind me to hold me if I slipped. He kept giggling every time I miscalculated my step and he pulled me up from falling and shouted when I acted reckless.
            Back at the base, we changed again and coincidently got the same van which we came in. I wanted to take the mini train ride with S next. We halted at that station inside the park and embarked on a 20 minute ride across the park. IT was worth every minute. Right from the herd of deer we saw, the monkeys on the way and the sparkling water that flowed!
            It was only close to noon when we came out. Exerted and happy!
            After lunch, we went for the movie Lootera. Soft, calming, soothing and old school.. Just like our love story :) S enjoyed teasing me that Sonakshi behaved just like me :P Freaking resemblance to me it was :P
            There was this scene were Ranvir asks for Sonakshi's hand.
            "Pen hai pen?" S asked me between the scene.
            "Kyun??" I took him seriously, thinking that he must have remembered something.
            'Likhna hai lines, tumhare papa ko bolne" 

Contrary to myself, I went "Awwwww" in that moment!!

            I loved the movie. It had a calming pace which is a rare thing. Not for the restless ones though.

            We stood at the bus stand, chattering and waiting for the bus to arrive. With time, I have become used to that feeling of him walking away. I no longer cry when he steps into the bus although I feel something tugging at my heart. I don't feel myself shake when I walk all alone to the station. I don't feel disoriented when I return home. I no longer shed tears at the moments we spent.
           IT strangely relaxes my nerve. To have something to remember and live by. To have more moments to relish. To not worry when we would meet next. To not succumb to the pressures of the distance.
          Maybe it is our sheer determination or it is the faith with which we face each day.. The unknown fear that lurked about my happiness is now clearing. Life is gifting me with such perfect days to engulf my thoughts..

                            I wish I could share our pics here, but this is all I can for the time being...



Alcina said...

That is the biggest till date aww i have ever written :')
I loved what you wrote and loved it more because this was for real.I wish you have more memories to create and cherish as soon as possible :)
Love for you and S
Take care you guys!

Keirthana said...

Well, this post made me go Awwwww all the way. Glad that you had most out of the day. Let this happiness continue always :)

M in love said...

@Alcina: Thank you so much dear

@Keirthana: Thank you, you know how much nervous I was!

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