Saturday, 4 January 2014

A year of Changes

             The first week of the new year is not yet done, so technically I m not really late :P Wish you all a very happy 2014!
             What did you guys to welcome the new year? Facebook is still flooded with photographs of the New Year vacations and parties. As for me, I slept in 2013 and woke up in 2014 :P
             I have never been big on New year parties. It is what I do the rest of the year that counts right? I have spent all my new year with family. We used to order food from outside earlier as waiting for tables in over crowded restaurants did not really appeal to any of us. In the recent years we have stopped doing that. My brother's birthday is just a day before so all the celebrations happen that day. 31st is usually lazing at home, watching award shows, having a quite home made dinner and sleeping.

             S was in Delhi for work this year. We kept chatting on watsapp till 11 pm and I didn't know when I slept. When I woke up, it was 5 am already and S had called at 12, sent messages and then finally gone to sleep. I called him up and picked up drowsily, talking to me like the first time I called him on a New Year. It felt like we were back there. A journey of 8 years that passed since that New year!

            This year is going to be a year of changes for most people I know. Many friends will start working, many will be going abroad for higher education, many friends are getting settled, cousins are on a look out for a life partner and I will be starting on an exciting ride.

             My parents now know about S and me. S would come down this month mostly to meet them. I m keeping my fingers crossed. So thrilled and so nervous about the new turn in my love story. Dad agreeing was a total surprise. I had expected him to be mad at me, discuss a lot and then maybe come around but his instant approval came as a huge surprise! S and I were so so happy that day and now I can't wait for S to officially meet the family!
             Hoping that 2014 becomes the best year of my life :)



Red Handed said...

hahaha I gave you a person "YAY DANCE" on whatsapp, dint I?
So happy for you love!

Wings of Harmony said...

:D OOOOH!!! Waah waah!! :D Happy New Year!!! :-* Blessed Be!! :D

Keirthana said...

Happy happy happy! :) May everything go as smooth as your parents' acceptance :)

Alcina said...

I read it on the same day but could not comment :P
happy new yearrrr...and am so happy for you guys......all will be well from now...may this year bring you the happiest of news...

Ramya said...

Happy new year and all the best to you :D

M in love said...

@Redhanded: You did :) Love you RED

M in love said...

@MSM: Thank you so much dear :)

@Keirthana: May your wishes come true :)

@ Alcina:that was so sweet dear :) Have a great year ahead.

@Ramya: Thank you so much dear :)

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