Friday, 14 February 2014

A step ahead in love..

              The last post feels like ages back. The days are passing in a blink and I m at loss for time. There is just so much that I want to put into words but the thoughts scatter into a multiple paths.
              Last month, I turned 22. This year, I had decided to spend my birthday with my family. The day was spent at college and frankly wasn't too good with the result being declared the same day and I getting less than what I had hoped for. However I dumped the mess at college and returned home. I cut the birthday cake with only my family around. Later we all went to a temple and then for dinner. It was different. Last few years, I have been going out with my friends for dinner without even thinking that I missed out my family from the celebration. The cake was all they got. They never stopped me from going out, knowing that it was the age where spending time with friends is important. I took so much for granted. This birthday, which might be the last one at home, I realized how much I missed the simplicity of being with family.

               S was working over time to make the trip happen. Finally on the 26th of Jan, S met my family. I was really nervous that morning when I was waiting for S near my house. Accompanying him, I entered into the compound where Papa was talking to neighbors. S flashed a smile to him and I freezed ! The next few minutes were tense in the house. We waited for  Papa to come home while Mom was busy with sorting idlis for S ( She wanted to put out only the perfect round ones :P)

             I was made to serve idli sambar to S and then I sat next to him as he ate and Mom and Papa just made small talks. Once tea was served, began the grilling :P We had anticipated a lot of questions and prepared for it but to our surprise I didn't even have to open my  mouth !

            Mom began to list out my shortcomings. It was never ending list. Papa came to my defense, highlighting that I wasn't such a bad girl :P Mom thought it was her duty to warn S of the dangers of marrying me! At one point, S actually told her that I wasn't so bad and I don't cause him much trouble :P I m sure he had my parents at that.

          The talks became easy and relaxed and my parents found it smooth to converse with S. We were both sent to a temple and we came back rushing after the darshan. I and S had lunch at home and then we were allowed to go to mall. S left later that evening. The meeting was a success.

         Since that day, the talks are on about marriage and all the planning :O Next step is our parents meeting each other and I hope it all goes well.

        In another news, I hope this is our last valentine away from each other. I can't believe we had 7 valentine days away from each other. A journey of 7 years!!
        S really surprised me last night. I kind of had the hint that he could call but not what he had in store :) IT was a beautiful start to 2014, a very special birthday and a very romantic Valentine :)



Red Handed said...

Include me in your wedding planning!!!!!!

Alcina said...

Awwwwwwwww.......the feeling must be so awesome..belated happy birthday darling..and congratulations..!Wish you guys all the luck.

Sonali Mukherji said...

beautiful blog...keep in touch:)
plz join my blog

Keirthana said...

Ooh! I missed this out when I was away busy with my marriage. This is great news that one side of the meeting is over and successful. I can get how the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling would be.

May every meeting until the wedding go as smooth as this one! Stay blessed darling!

Ramya said...

Congratulations :D

M in love said...

@RED: You know I will :D
@Alcina: Thank you dear :)
@ Shonali: WElcome to the blog and thank you so much
@Keirthana: Congratulations dear. Thank you and I would need lots of help from you in future :D
@Ramya: Thank you dear :)

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