Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What a woman wants...

           Warning: The needs are the most common ones.. I m not to be blamed if this doesn't work on your ladylove..

           Simple, priceless things a woman wants in love..
  • Tell her "I love you" everyday.. Trust me it makes her day..
  • Call her to check on her health when she is not well.. Yes we know you feel it's best to let us have rest and so don't call.. But your call is what we need to feel better..
  • Compliment her when she tries something new with her looks.. You can be subtle in expressing your dislike for the same by saying "I like you more in your previous hairstyle" rather than saying a direct" what have you done?? It doesn't suit you!!"
  • She likes to be called "baby" but not be treated like one always.. 
  • Send her an e-card or a love note without occassion.. 
  • Even if you talk everyday do not ever miss that special call at midnight on Valentine's or Her Birthday.. 
  • Do not ever compare her with somebody else's girlfriend in looks or cooking department.. You can do it only if you want to say, "Baby you are so much better than her" :) :)
  • Appreciate her efforts to please you.. Be it learning to cook for you, be it losing weight ( this is for you S) , be it learning your language.. We just need that praise to keep going on..
  • When we talk about our problems, we just wish you to listen to us.. Never ever we want you to solve it so do not feel miserable and say "What can I do??" 
  • Try to be friends with her friends ( but not over-friendly, we don't like surprises about you from our girlfriends) 
  • When she is low, try to lift up her moods rather than leaving her alone.. ( Going into the cave to sort out ourselves is sooo not in our nature)
  • Hug her and hold hands when she cries.. Sweet words and a light kiss can soothe her.. We don't like you running away from tears...
  • Try to understand her humor and don't crack jokes on her family...
  • We all like some old fashioned chivalry like opening doors, pulling chairs...
I hope my little wishlist is of some help to guys and girls are free to add more to it... :) :)


chirag said...

will take care of the points

M in love said...

:) sure ur gal would be very happy then :D

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