Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Breaking the ice...

             This is the very first post of this blog and I m totally clueless about what I m supposed to write to break the ice...
             All you need to know about me and the blog probably?? Why I started the blog?? Who is going to read this blog?? Well to answer a few..
             I m the-girl-next-door as I would like to put it.. I could be your regular girl who you spot in the bus.. I could be that random face you saw in the crowd today.. I could be any of those nameless faces you came across in your lifetime..
             This blog is something I could say a public diary.. I plan to share the simple joys of life and love.. mostly love... :)
             Why I started the blog has no answer.. I have read n number of blogs love, life, dreams etc etc and I m nowhere close to what they are already doing.. But may be I can add my own ideas and thoughts..
             Who will read this blog is still a mystery.. probably someone will google "love" and stumble upon my blog... and in time become a follower.. but that is far off for now.. Here is my cozy space where I m all alone with thoughts..


Aditya Iyer said...

nice posts but really the first ones always rock :D

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