Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Men are from Mars Women are from venus..

In a relationship, planning to get into a relationship, married or single, you need to have a look at this!!
No, I m not doing publicity of this book.. there are better people assigned for such work..
Why I would suggest to read this is simply because it does make you see things in a new light..

The battle of the sexes is over rated and over written subject.. This book talks about bridging the difference. That is why this book has struck the right chord..

I liked the imaginary concept of men being in Mars and Women in Venus..
Men competed each other and when they got bored of competition they reclined to their caves where they spent their time alone..
Women in Venus lived together in groups and when in despair they called everyone and talked about it.
The competition got monotonous on Mars and women realised they needed someone to claim as their own. 
Men and Women came on earth but they had one problem.. They spoke different languages..
So they formulated a dictionary wherein they could decipher everything said by the opposite gender.
With passing time, the dictionary got lost somewhere and there started the problem of all relations..
Men and women began looking for similarities in each other and when they couldn't find those, they started demanding changes in their partner..
The very reason why both sexes were searching for each other was forgotten.. Instead of celebrating the differences, they sulked over not being alike.. 

Isn't this the core of all the tensions in a relation??

John Gray has shed light over various cycles and needs of the individual gender.. 

But this book is not something to be read once and then kept on the shelf to collect dust..

It is a sort of a manual.. Each time you face a crisis with the opposite gender, you have to run through the pages... 

It is an effort towards reconstructing that lost dictionary..


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