Thursday, 28 April 2011

Aaj kal love hota hai janab!!

            This is not about pasta ( though the title is the caption of a certain pasta brand) .. This about aaj ka love or whatever it is today!! I have been thinking about it for some time and the more I think the more I get amused by the complete clash of ideas of aaj ka love and me!!

  • This is the generation of speed.. There is no patience in love.. If the said object of affection doesn't respond for more than 2 weeks then the love starts withering away.. Whether it is "short-term interest" or the greed of "too many fishes in the pond" I do not know..
  • Love is more about attraction than liking.. There is a thin line between these two.. Attraction sure keeps the spark alive in relation but if there is no liking it is of no use.. There is hardly any genuine fondness in couples.. A little gain in weight, a slight negligence in dressing up gets the hormones down..
  • Love is more of show for others than a blessing for self.. Who's dating who will always be the hot gossip, but making sure to be on the list is becoming an agenda for some. Catching the hottest dude or the sexy bomb of the college is the way to establish superiority!
  • There is too much of practicality and less of emotion.. Girlfriend/Boyfriend are often like part of the curriculum for some.. Leave the college, forget the boyfriend/girlfriend.. Make way for the  new alliance in the new place seems to be the order of the day.
  • There is lack of passion and sincerity about the relation. Gone are the days when the guy would leave his rich family and start over all again for the girl.. Gone are the days when the girl fleed from her parental house to be with the guy. Today's love lives for the moment. If there is going to be a problem then they better ditch the relation. Agreed that fighting back and all seem easy in movies but prove to be a pain in real life, but then why get involved in relations that you are never going to live up to?
  • There is an uncomfortable level of "openness" in relations.. The girl doesn't mind if the guy is dating some other girls for fun as well.. Not only in love but even in marriages this trend is catching up. Open up the newspaper "Personal questions" column and you would come across many queries regarding swapping partners as well!! I wonder where this is all heading too!!
  • Love is materialistic! Love has become more of a medium to exploit the other partner for personal gains.. 
  • Love is has a editable memory.. Ek gayi toh doosri aa gayi!! 

These are very common changes in the lifestyle today.. I m sometimes at loss for words when someone casually says that," She is waiting for her Mr. Right " when she is actually professing to be in love with so and so from college!! 

I feel like a martyr when someone asks me "Are you serious with your guy?" and when I reply in affirmative, I get this admiration in their eyes like "Wow, you are great!!" 
The school of thoughts I come from has been long closed down or what??
How am I supposed to be in love with someone and not be serious about it??

I m against the use of word "True love"... People !love is always true!! If it is not, then you are confusing something else with love dearies!!

Somewhere down the line everyone meets that someone they should ideally be with, that's true love and when it happens there is no time to be practical!! 

Whether you stick to that special someone or move on in life with a consolation is the question!!


chirag said...

rightly said
all points are true but still there exist that true love

M in love said...

chirag love is always "true".. people have to be true to live up to it ...

chirag said...

yes u are right

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