Saturday, 28 May 2011

Distance,moodswings ,plans and failures

                   Life is not exactly perfect at the moment.. Trouble has been brewing since last month.. I stayed away from the blog because I did not want any of my negativity to rub off onto this blog which I started with so much love.. It would only be fair to not leave it stagnated though..
                   Me and S are in two different cities.. I have been missing him badly for so long.. The distance is really heartbreaking, not so much because of the miles in between but because we haven't met for last two and a half years.. Yes, you heard it right.. Two and a half years we have just been talking on phone and seeing each other thanks to SKYPE and Yahoo!
                  Of late I m having some extremely irritating mood swings.. The hormones playing havoc in my otherwise sound love life.. Only a drop of a pin is enough these days to get my temper soaring.. Then I get this hopelessly depressing mood and I cry myself out for no central reason. It just could be S not calling me back or S not checking my snaps..
                   He is having his own problems at workplace and I feel I m just adding to it.. I  sometimes feel like cutting off from him for like days and sort myself out.. That is not an option because I simply cannot stay away from him. I need him, even if it is just for fighting. It's not that I enjoy fighting or arguing. I get drained emotionally instead. I just need to talk to him no matter what.. Sometimes I feel its a compulsive disorder.. Now I don't know what I am talking about..sowie!!
                 He is supposed to come to my city next week and guess what?? I m leaving for my native place that very date!!! For a family function! Now who do I cry out my bad luck on??
                 With this state of affairs I will go mental soon...
Enough of my venting out here.. Just hope that we meet pretty soon.. The distance is taking a toll on me.. Sometimes I think what have I done so wrong to deserve this? Probably God doesn't give you good things easily..
               S came into my life as a blessing and nothing can change that fact.. Even if we don't stay together forever ,I will always love him..
P.S: I think I should be back only when everything is alright...


chirag said...

trouble are the parts of life and if they are not in life
spice of life will not be there
and its ok you an talk to him on phone
and vaise bhi duria pyar ko badhati hain

Kiran Ashraf said...

awwww i really feel for u. dont worry girl . c u know that inspite of the distance..yr guy loves u and u love him..thts what cheer up :)

Red Handed said...

You will be just fine my girl. They say distances make the heart grow fonder. Wish it was true. it just makes you mad and crave so bad.

Hold on.. you b fine trust me!

M in love said...

@chirag : hope that is true :)

M in love said...

@Kiran Ashraf :Thanks for the support :) YEs love is all that matters :)

M in love said...

@REd handed : Thanks girl.. you really said what's on my mind.. cravings!!!

Alcina said...

It would be soon well..sometimes the things are meant to be so ugly so that the next coming is utterly sweet and full of surprises..come back soon to write..i would love to read..

keep smiling always..
P.S.-Hope things are a bit better now at your end.

M in love said...

thank you Alcina..that was soo sweet of you :) and things are definitely better now ;0

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