Friday, 10 June 2011

you always get me!

                If there is one thing no one can equal S at, that is making a fool of me! Poor me is always the BAKRI.
There must have been innumerable times when he said something with so much convenience that I DID believe it .. even if it was outright bizarre and crazy! So it goes like if he tells me something is wrong with the solar system ( by giving some made up explanation and cooked up stats) and it is actually night although it looks like day... you can trust me to believe that!  
               I remember the most terrifying fool he made of me..
I hadn't called him all day as I had guests visiting and his genius of a brain cooked up a brilliant tale to get me!
               Late in the evening I called him. He was sounding ill. I asked him what was wrong. He replied that he had fever.
              I got worried because he was alright when we last talked and touchwood he never falls sick like that without reason (unlike me!!). 
              He told me ," Actually yesterday I went out with a friend of mine to a tattoo parlor. He got a design made on his arm."
              I was all ears to what he was saying! Alarm bells ringing!
              He took a dramatic pause! 
             "Then?" I asked nervously.
             "I too got a tattoo of your name on my chest ... in German."
Wow! now which girl wouldn't like to get such a permanent name engraved on her man! Minus the pain ofcourse! 
            "But now it is hurting and due to that pain I have fever."
That statement was enough to get me hysterical! Pain, fever, tattoo, pus!! everything running on my mind!
            "Why did you have to get a tattoo?" I almost cried.
I was on the verge of tears when he said, "Mazaak kar raha tha".
            He is too good at acting I tell you!

On April 1st I planned to get even with him for all the little fools he has made of me. I succeeded partly because he started believing me at the end  of it !  

Later in the evening we were talking and suddenly he asked me, "How far is Kanjurmarg from your place?"
"Uhh I don't know. Will ask someone.. Why?"
"Actually I have a meeting there. Will be coming on 20th."
"What? 20th? "
"Why ? aren't you there?"
"I told you na .. I was going to go to Water park.." I ofcourse didn't want to lose this chance . I was already thinking of ways to postpone or make adjustments..
"Ok wait..I will call them and cancel the plan." 
I heard the giggle on the other side the moment I said this! Oh Shit! IT was still April Fool's day and he got me! Shaaay!!!!!!!!!
He was having a smug moment I say! 

Now you all know how upset I was about going native and him visiting my city.. All the time I was thinking what he would be doing here... 

I landed in my city at 1 sharp .. When I reached home and called him he asked me, "When did you reach?"
I answered him, "Reached airport at 1."
He told  me, "Ohh I was there till 11. My flight was at 11. I looked around if you would be there. Missed just by two hours."
"Really ?" I asked innocently.   
"Ha baba.. bad luck. I was waiting you know."
I felt so miserable on hearing it. So he had been here while I was somewhere else! Star crossed love!
"Bas mat bolo aur."
"Mujhe bura lagta hai." I said in a low tone.. 
"Nahi baba.. Me toh aya hi nahi " and he giggled again!!!
"You!!! you are too bad! Always make a fool of me " 
"I know "
Ohh he tricks me so well with his story! But I m soo hopelessly stupid when it comes to him! Love that is! I m so so madly and foolishly in love with this man!

So the moral of the april (sorry June) fool is (yeah this one has a moral, so read ok!) 
He hasn't yet been to my city so we still stand a fattt chance ! 

P.S : Thanks readers for the supportive comments on my last negative post :P Good times do come around !!


chirag said...

things are getting back on track
dekha kaha tha na call se kaam ban jayega...

Bessy said...

awwwwwwwww. the teasing! :) pulled my heartstrings.

M in love said...

@chirag : yes things are back on track..
@Bessy: thanks for visiting :)

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