Monday, 2 May 2011

For my love

That deep calm voice 
which makes my pulse race..
Those long slender fingers
which caressed my face.
The only pair of eyes 
in which  I want to see me..
The comfort of those warm arms
where I want to be..
That steady shoulder I can
always lean my head on
If its you on the other end
theres no path I wouldn't tread
that only heart which knows 
the rhythm of mine..
That only soul which
can love mine so fine..
It's all you,it has always been 
coz you are the man of my dreams..


chirag said...

very romantic

Alcina said...

your man would be all smiling..
Nice portrayal of the love emotion..

Cute blog!

M in love said...

@chirag :thanks
@alcina: :) thank you so much..

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