Sunday, 8 May 2011

Love it when...

Little note for S 
   Little things in love make it soo beautiful.. Little things about you make me soo mad about you...

  1. Love it when you call me "meri jaan" and I forget all my complains..
  2. Love to hear your sexy voice when you just wake up.. It makes me want to curl up next to you..
  3. Love it when you explain technical terms to me.. ( I know I m too bad at it..)
  4. Love it when you can't spell hard consonants like "kh" and "gh" and end up saying "kaana" for "khaana".. :) It sounds cute coming from you 
  5. Love it when I m correcting you when you speak wrong hindi and you look at me like my small baby.
  6. Love it when you use "Mumbaiyaa" terms .. I still don't know where you learnt those.. :P
  7. Love that naughty smile, I know is just reserved for me 
  8. Love to see you keep playing with the wires of the headphone..
  9. Love it when I crack a joke and you don't get it and keep quiet.. When I tell you it was a joke you give me that "hahaha" 
  10. Love it when you keep forgiving me for my mistakes... ( I m seriously the lesser sinner :P)

For all the little joys you bring into my life 


Red Handed said...

AWWWWW....wish i was a romantic like you...

M in love said...

@Red Handed : Thank you :) There is always one romantic in a relation ! In mine it's me :) But you lucky girl!! Get pampered huh??

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