Thursday, 20 June 2013

Back again

                    Regular readers (yes the three of you) must have guessed that S was in my native place last week. I was hoping that we would meet there. For the last few months we have been meeting every month and I was expecting that we might be able to make it this month too. S had invitation to attend his friend's engagement. Although bored at first to come for engagement, this new proposition excited him too. Next came the task of convincing mom to let me go.
                    After the last time we spoke about my relation, the topic never came up again with Mom. I was a bundle of nerves and followed her like a puppy all around the house. She was busy with meeting relatives and doing household work and I dare not ask her at the wrong time. When she was alone, I would gauge her mood and think of saying something but she moved too quick. After trying one whole day, I finally managed to ask her, "Mom can I go to Mu ( short form of the place) on Sunday?"
                 "Why ? Who's there?" She asked.
                 "He" I replied, my heart pounding madly.
                 "No need, I won't come around looking for you here!" she said sternly.
                 "Mom, please. I will call you all the time. You take his number too. Please na" I pleaded
                 "No no.. not here. Here everyone notices who is going where. I don't want any scene here. You do what you want in Mumbai. Ask Dad if you want but I won't let you"
                 Asking Dad was out of question so I walked back dejected. S told me to broach the topic the next day.
                The next two days I tried all I could but she didn't budge. I know she was feeling sorry too but she didn't have it in her to let me meet S in a place where people know you by your name. Saturday evening I made my last attempt. I refused to accept anything that she was offering. I did not want Gadbad ice cream in return, nor did I want anything else to eat. She looked at me helplessly. She really was afraid of people making a mess of our relation. I had to give up. I ate Gadbad icecream and drowned my sorrows :(
                Late that night, S came back from engagement and messaged me
                " I can come to Mu by 10 tomorrow. What happened today?"
               It broke my heart to tell him that I couldn't make it. I knew that I was the reason he made the trip in the first place. It was a sad night for both of us and we went to bed with a heavy heart. I m just so glad that he understood my plight and didn't become mad at me. I know I would have created havoc if I had been in his shoes.
                The next day we were back on Watsapp as usual. He was leaving that day and I had the train on Monday. I had quite a few tasks ahead to compensate S :D
               So I m back in town. I m being a good girl to S :P :P
               I m back to the holiday routine which includes Grey's anatomy, criminal case, novels, lazying around and sleeping. I m hoping to include more of writing :) 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dear S

It just breaks my heart to know that you are in the same place as mine,
That you are breathing the same air as me,
You are closer to me right now,
And yet we cannot meet..

I wish we lived in a perfect world,
A place where we could be together without worrying about anything,
Somewhere people didn't bother us about seeing each other..

Right now I'm calm outside, smiling even..
But my insides burn,
flames of desire and regret I swallow within,
Only you know how my heart aches..

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Awesome day

Spent the day lazying around yesterday. Grandparents wanted to visit a temple today so yesterday grandpa called a driver home. The temple is an hour' s drive away and we were 7 people and that man says one ambassador car would be enough !! Talk about fitting in :p.  After much persuasion by me ( I didn't want them to blame it on my size if I didn't fit) everyone agreed that only 4 people go in that car and rest by bus. As luck would have it, the car broke down on the way before it even reached our home in morning. Grandpa finally relented to hire a van. :D He refuses to believe that his whale of a grand daughter won't concise in a car having 6 people :D
            The house was live with activity early in the morning. The hustle bustle was evidence of the rare events when the entire family went out some place. The drive was awesome with the roads all clear. The temple was a beauty as with all architectures of such sanctity. After getting the rituals done we decided to skip the temple meal and eat in some restaurant. It is another thing that doesn't happen much in this house. On our way back, the driver got a little distracted and we landed on the side of the road in a shallow patch. As I was on the window I felt myself tilt and people started gathering. When we got out I saw that the van was saved by a block of stone else would have toppled over. Narrow miss !  The people helped us out and then pulled the vehicle on road. Couldn't thank the stars enough!
             The lunch was delicious and thank God it was that good that no one brought again the line "should have eaten at temple, see God punished!"  Personally God has been much more benevolent to me and won't lurch me in a ditch because I didn't eat at temple :)
             Back home everyone is dead tired and happily snoring while I type this. I m just whiling time waiting for S to ping. Poor.guy just returned from work..
               It's raining outside and there is no electricity right now. I lay on bed with my ears cotton plugged. I hide inside the thin blanket. It just gives me a false sense of safety from all insects. The cat of the house is sleeping tucked in the bundles of waste cloth under the bed.
             My S is collecting all bonus loyally :p.. So no worries about that. Missing Grey' $ anatomy.. No zee cafe here..
             S replies as I type and I'm off to sleep when I complete this line :)
             P.s- I'm still struggling to reply to comments via blogger app. I wrote long responses to previous comments and it disappeared :(  will type replies once I figure this out !

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

First day

We set out from home early yesterday. Early morning calls started trickling in that its raining heavily and trains are late. We took of 3 hrs before our train schedule and kept checking on internet about the confirmation status. Contrary to news reports, the trains were running smoothly with only 10 minute delay which is the "normal" delay! So we reached a full one hour before time, something which we regretted only after the fellow passenger turned out to be a talkative navy man :( why god why ?? Why do I get such people as co-passengers? Thank goodness that he slept as soon as the train started and woke up only when his destination arrived. Thank GOD for the little mercies !
            I kept myself busy with the novel and day dreaming :P
            Today morning I woke up with a bad stomach :( worst.nightmare ever!!! Never again bread pakoras in train :( I kept napping as train got delayed. Finally my trouble came to an end and so did the journey.
            It was drizzling when we stepped out of the train. Took auto and had that ride through narrow, lonely and damp roads. Nani stood waiting at the door.. :)
            In minutes I was devouring dosa and her speciality chutney. It started raining heavily and hasn't stopped raining yet. Just the intensity keeps changing. The hot water bath and home grown bottleguard curry put my discomfort at rest finally!
            We went to the market in the evening. Walked through the greenery and the ups and downs of the road in the rains. It was super fun.
            Its just 8.30 now and we have already had dinner and are ready to hit the sack. Its pitch dark outside. The surrounding houses have put their lights off at 8. We are the only house having light right now. I can already hear the night insects and frogs.
        I better stop now before the flies swarm my mobile screen. More later.
        Good night :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Just saying

If a guy agrees to collect your daily bonus on criminal case everyday while you are away, marry him 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Monsoon here I come!

             For last 2 years I have been welcoming monsoon in Konkan railway trains. I m missing Goa terribly.  I m missing that journey with friends to Thivim station. The bus ride from Thivim to Calangute. The lazying around, the food, the street roaming and beaches and ofcourse the rains. The furious roars of the waves as the rains create turbulence, the wind that leaves sloppy kisses and the guards screaming their lungs out to stay AWAY from the waters. I m missing all of it!
             This year I was in Mumbai when it drizzled and flooded on Facebook. Why was I never awake when it rained :O Finally yesterday it rained and by that I mean it rained for hours. So yes all that over hyped smell of soil, chill in the air, etc etc statuses are now rightfully applied to the atmosphere here. When will I ever stop dreaming romance in monsoon? Sigh.
             I m headed to Konkan.. hush hush.. I know some of you already guessed :P  I m so excited to make that journey on the same route. Amidst the trail of lush green, I pass through the red mountains. Those dark tunnels, that cloudy sky, those proud palms, that red drenched soil.. Ah! The joys of nature.
             I await to embark on those narrow roads, that muddy lane that leads to the house. The house of my grandparents.. Yay! Monsoon here I come!

            Ah I just wish S was with me now. I have been jumping around like a kid ever since my tickets were booked. Every conversation includes, " I m going gau" :D :D
            The weather is just getting to me.
             I can't stop fantasizing about this journey in side berth with S.
             Those cold hours and warm soup.
             The adventure on the roads.
             Walking close under an umbrella on deserted streets.
             IF only !

           For now, its just me and my family. My novels, my phone, my window to distant lands of joy..
           Maybe I will blog when I reach there :D
           Happy Monsoon people :)



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