Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rewinding the songs..

             There are some songs which become memories. Some songs become favorites because of their sheer brilliance and some songs are long cherished because of the memories they carry. While they are ignored at the moment, years later they still remain in that corner of the heart reminding you of a memory unsung.. There are songs which bring a nostalgic tear into my eyes, some which bring back the pains which have been buried deep, some which tingle me with the fun I once had, some which bring a smile with them and some which make me miss the times and people who shared that memory..
            Accha sila diya tune mere pyar ka-  I often don't remember the name of this singer. I had to google it today :P But there was one time when I was crazy about him. That time was 1996 when I was only 4 years old! Yes, he might have been my first favorite singer. Its hard to understand what a 4 year girl could connect to this song but this was my favorite song from his album. The singer is Attaullah Khan. Unheard of in today's times. My mama would play this album on his tape recorder. My masi fed me on a story about him (which, I later realised , is the story of the film). Because I had never seen who this man was, I even proclaimed that I will marry him one day :P
           I would throw a tantrum when mama wouldn't play the song. Once, when he was not home, I climbed on the edge of the bed to reach the tape recorder to play the song. As I inched forward , I lost my balance and fell down. In no time, my naani and maasi became hysterical. I was bleeding.. That brought a end to the craze of listening everyday but this song still brings back those memories.

        Dil leke haan- This song from Na tum jaano na hum has a very funny side to it. Me and a relative of mine (who by the way is 8 years older to me) would pass our time watching music videos in the day time during vacations. We two would dance on some steps with me often becoming the girl and she the guy. So one of those times, we emulated the exact steps of Esha and Hrithik. So perfect that we made sure everyone saw it. We danced to it every time it played on TV. We forced everyone to see it :P When anyone visited the house, they were made to sit and watch us dance :D :D crazy crazy times.. I would roll with laughter everytime I remember it !

        Aashiq banaya aapne: It was in the year 2005 when Himesh Reshammiya rocked the nation with this nasal  vocal chords. The "surooooooooooooor" fever and his hits from Ashiq banaya aapne gave the background music while my romance with S bloomed in the cyber cafe.
       I had put some of our pictures in my new phone and while I was checking out those pics I was listening to music. I don't what I pressed but because of that our picture used to get displayed each time I clicked to play this song :P :P No matter how much I changed the setting, it wouldn't go! I became the laughing stock of my group  until I had to revert back to factory setting :P

       Bahut pyar karte hai tumko sanam- The first song which I sang for S ;) Very very special for me..
       Mahiya- The first ever time I danced on stage to a self choreographed song that too in front of my parents and did all the nakhras and natak thinking as if only S is watching :P :P Maybe I wouldn't be able to do it in front of  S  :P

       These are only a few from such a large number of songs that have special memories :)
        Recent song to go to the list is Chinta ta ta chita chita :P :P  I used to get irritated with this song until something funny happened with S :P
        Last week I got a little irritated with him over something and switched over to the radio. I swear every single radio station was playing this Chinta ta ta at the same time (different paragraphs though) !! I couldn't stop giggling :P





R.Punitha said...

Hi ,

Very beautiful recall:))

I too cherished some moments

while i study your childhood Days Dear:)))

Sweeeeeeeet memories!!!

M in love said...

@R. Punitha: Thank you so much for your wonderful comment :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Hehehe, what lovely memories! Achcha sila diya!! :D Dang, you got hurt! :D I know, how we connect memories and songs na? Loved the post!! :D :D

Khimbyrlee Eerlrybmihk said...

I never heard of those songs. But when I listened to it, I got addicted. Thanks for sharing. :D

M in love said...
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M in love said...

@MSM : Hehe some obsession that was :D Yea memories are what make the songs special

M in love said...

@Khim: I m so glad that you loved the songs :)

I do, I do. said...

The songs making memories..wonderful!


M in love said...

@Thank you so much :)

Fatima said...


You've a lovely blog out here!
The write ups are so lovely and touching..I could so many things :)

And this post is wonderful with so many memories, reminded me of so many beautiful songs some of which are still in my playlist !

Take Care.

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