Saturday, 13 August 2011

Love it when..

11. Love it when you sing for me on special occasions. Somehow I have never known of these songs until you sing it for me..   Does this image remind you of anything??? Just thought this was how you must be singing in your college days.. lalalalala.... 

12. Love it when you say you hate makeup on me .. I can be natural around you..  but I always want to be beautiful for you..

13. Love it when you  want to see me in the clothes I just shopped. 

14. Love it when you fancy showing me things around you... swizz knife! 

15. Love it when you tell me to let my hair down because you like it that way.. 

16. Love it when we just can't keep things form each other and say "bataye bina pet dukh raha tha" when we have to wait. 
17. Love it that no matter what happens I will always need you in my life. You never have to think if I want you. I want you more than life.. 

18. Love it that after all this time, I still blush at your mention. 

19. Love it when you give me that wonderful feeling each time you call me "jaaaaanu". 

20. Love it when you make me soo proud of you... and that I can think of many more things that I love about you...


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Awwwwieeee, I am melting here like melted sugar :D :D This is really cute. Girl, you are Totally in LOVE!!!! :D

chirag said...

nice one
romance is in the air

Priyanka said...

AWW, that is the cutest thing ever next to little babies and chocolate. Strike that, AS CUTE AS THOSE :) <3

suruchi said...

oye hoye...someone is soooooooooo in love:-)

M in love said...

@MSM : Thanks dear..yes totally in love!!

@Chirag: thank you

@Priyanka: :) :) thank you so so much!! That was a cute compliment!

@Suruchi: yes very much in love ;)

Animesh Ganguly said...

Wow, romantically sweet. Reminds me of my love :)

M said...

lovely romantic post M!!!!

M in love said...

@Animesh : thank you so much :) aww so you too in love :D

@m thanks dear

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