Monday, 10 November 2014

Pre-wedding :D

                   I had been waiting for November to come.  This is our last month as singles. As the days are passing by, the feeling is unsettling. The initial excitement is giving way to nervousness. Go with the flow, I often have myself thinking. Yet, at times I feel over whelmed with the changes that are to come. I have no idea what waits ahead. I am without a plan and the control freak in me getting paranoid. Ofcourse I have a plan. Only it is not sketched to the last details.

                    Months in advance, I had booked for our prewedding shoot. I wanted it all decided before hand. The first time I saw a fellow blogger do it, I wanted one! Oh, I love captured moments and more so the candid ones. Dressing up and being the perfect couple in love just like in the movies was exciting. S did not have the same opinion. He proposed the idea of a post wedding shoot. Although post wedding shoots do have that charm, it is more about arranged marriages and the post nuptial glow. I wanted our dating days captured. After a lot of deliberations, we chose the photographers for our pre-wedding shoot.

                     The location had to the place where we went every single time. National Park. Those who have been reading my posts know about our Kanheri trek. We chose Kanheri caves as the location. I have been counting days ever since.

                     S flew down a day before the shoot. We spent the day shopping for him and going around. Next day, early morning we left for the shoot. The slight chill in the air added to the feel. When we reached the gate along with the photographers, it was closed. No entry to vehicles till 7.30! We had no idea about this and had about an hour to kill.

                     We shot pictures on the road, walking about, sitting in the auto. It was actually fun. It gave us time to understand what was needed. Once we were inside the park, it was a field day. We covered quite a lot of places.  All in all, it was an experience worth the effort and money. Maybe I should write about tips to do the prewedding :P

                     Anyway, here's a shot from the day.


                    Less than a month left to go!


Fatima said...

Wow so happy to hear. :D

And I so agree Kanheri caves esp the route has seen so many couples in National Park and not to forget Bandstand and Marine Drive too :D

<these are my friends k hangout spots too :P )

Keirthana said...

So glad for you two! *Hugs* Go with the flow, that's what will help and don't worry about sketching everything to the last details, that won't help. Sometimes you need a little chaos to keep going.

The pic is really cute :)

Red Handed said...

The longest dating couple I cool!!!
That shoot is on point!

Alcina said...

Awesome you guys..all the best is all i would say..sigh..You always leave me mushy and romantic with your posts..

Kevin Collins said...

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Amit Pandey said...

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