Saturday, 5 July 2014

To Grandma, with love

              It is no news that I m a foodie. The sight of food makes me happy. Hot fried chicken, the layered and spicy dum biryani, mouth-watering chicken tandoori, the gooey dark chocolate cake, the list of my cravings is endless. But if I had to name my favorite, it would  be my grandma's cooking. Nothing in the world compares to her cooking.

              Nani has only one goal in life- To feed everyone. You can never go empty-stomach from her house. Eating is my passion and serving is hers. Having spent my childhood with her, I have relished her cooking. If there is food I dream of, it is her delicacies!

             I miss dal made by her. It was an everyday treat. The hot simmering of mustard, the aroma of curry leaves, the sound of her pouring the dal to the masala would make my stomach grumble. The tomatoes, the chillies, the salt, everything in the dal make a delightful flavor that arouses the taste buds. Hot dal garnished with coriander and white rice were what I lived on.
             When I was a kid, my parents had taken me to Mangalore for holidays. The boiled rice and curry were unknown to me. I despised them. I longed to go back to Nani. I starved myself and ate only bananas. The moment I came back, I rushed to Nani and told her I want dal rice made by her. After days I had eaten a proper meal!

            I miss the Sundays when she would make soft, fluffy idlis and crisp dosas and spicy green coconut chutney. Sunday mornings, she would send it through grandpa and I would wake up the treat of idlis and dosas.
           Rainy evenings, she would set to make onion and potato pakoras. She would sometimes make sweet potato pakoras too. The fried, warmth of the pakoras which ginger tea would be a perfect combo with the chill in the air.

          The savory mutton curry that she made on rare occasions makes me drool every time I think of it. The rich red colour of the curry  would have me salivating. The small cut, fresh tender meat would be cooked to perfection and the zesty curry would be heaven for my gastric pleasures. She would call me everytime she made mutton curry and I would dunk fresh bread in the curry and enjoy my meal.

         I miss the fresh lime juice that she would make for me. The salty and sweet fluid would tingle my senses and  make me want more of it. She always made it in excess for me. Some evenings she would make beetroot halwa. The sweet dish was a rarity because she had a belief that sweet caused stomach ache. Her halwa was to die for! Lavish gajar halwa would be made only in winter. Lot of ghee, khoya would make it deliciously fattening and filling. The orange colored halwa with dry fruits in it would be enticing!

        Ever since grandma moved to Mangalore, my indulgences have been limited to the visits there. Age has also made grandma slower and less active to cook like before. I miss her food. I miss her.

        Grandma always paid attention to how she served the food. No broken idli or torn dosa would make it to the plate. She gave importance to the crockery used and made food look even more appetizing. Perhaps only the best of the crockery can give her cooking an even more beautiful look. A look at BOROSIL variety was all I needed to be reminded of Grandma's cooking. How she would love to serve in those beautiful dishes and bowls!
       Next time I visit, I m taking some of those crockery to her. To Grandma, with love.

This post is written for My beautiful food contest held by Indiblogger and Borosil


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