Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Little things in me :P

               I was really really hungry coming back from college and I had run out of  my packet of peanuts :P Though I had resolved not to eat before reaching home, this time I had even run out of change to go back home. Rather than listening to that rant "Kahase change leke ayenge madam, mera first round hai! " from the bus conductor ( Dude I have enough issues than listening to your chutta problems and funnily enough you never have change when I fail to give you the perfect change!! Hmppph) I bought a packet of bourbon from the nearby shop and a packet full of change :D :D

              Sitting by the window seat, I opened my packet of cream biscuit (wasn't that how we used to call such biscuits??) I even parted the two sides of the biscuit when I spotted the neighboring aunty eyeing my biscuit! What?? Now I can't even have my biscuit in peace? I promptly shut them back together and ate it whole like normal adults are supposed to :P

               I like to part the two sides. First eat the non cream part. Then remove the cream from the other part and eat the biscuit and then slowly devour the cream.. Messy ? YEa.. But I like it that way :D
               I don't buy chocolates and keep them for freezing :D I like them melting on my fingers and my lips :P And then lick my fingers when I m done.
               I like my chaas to be made a little thick and not churned to a water consistency so that when I m done with the drinking, I can eat the rest :D :D

               When I m served at home, I eat what I don't like first :P I keep my favorite things for the last so that I can enjoy it. I m often teased for it by my family and they ask me, "You don't want this??"
               I pick out paneer or prawns from the gravy and line it all around my plate in a good design and then finish them off last! Some creativity I started as a kid :P

               If I happen to kick a pebble on the road, I make sure I kick it till reach my destination :P Some OCD !
               When I m not talking on the phone, I m usually singing on the road :P I somehow remember the most weird songs on road. Like "Hum tere jaanemann na hote, powder banke tere gaaalo ko sehlaate" ( IT really is a song from the movie pran jaye par shan na jaye :P I know kisine nahi dekha hoga! It has Sushmita Sen in it!)

               I sing along with the advertisements and irritate my brother with crappy film dialogues. One of the times I was trying to harass him with Singham dialogue "Pappa paappa ye log bahut khatarnaaaakk hai" and that smarty recorded it on my Dad's phone. You can imagine my Dad's uncontrollable laughter :P
               There's another wonderful things about me- I blog the most when I have exams :D :D



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