Friday, 7 December 2012

The month that went by..

             The piles of notes posted in last update have been miraculously studied and reproduced in exam (although how much percent I don't know!)
             November started with exams :( The first part of the exam was before Diwali and went very well for me. Then came diwali which I spent eating and putting on weight ( I can't believe I have to start shedding it all over again ) and ofcourse studying.
             Mom and bro left for native and well it was different. Different in the sense that I haven't been away from them so long and more different because me and Dad had to do everything :P
             I would set up my alarm as early as 4 am to keep the dough for chapati outside the fridge along with the milk. I would head to bed to sleep for a couple of hours and get up again at 6 am and make chapatis for breakfast and lunch while Dad made the vegetable. The last two exams for some reason were very bad for me. After returning home there would be piles of clothes to be washed. Sigh! I was out of breathe and would sleep as soon as I hit the sack. Once the theory papers were done I had 4 days of holiday and then began the practical exams.
           December didn't begin on a good note with me messing up my chemistry practicals. I just hope it all gets fine :(
          S came for work on 3rd Dec and stayed up there till 4th afternoon :( I  had exams on till 4th evening and then early morning on 5th. So there went our precious chance of spending time.
         I had my biotechnology practicals on 4th and God knows I didn't give a damn about those poor microbes. All I wanted was to end it early so that I can see S.
        It was all kind of new to us. I mean we have never met in such circumstances. He standing outside my college and me getting out of the lab and smelling of chemicals (Thank God it was chemistry that day and Bless the person who made deos). I quick dab and spray and out I was to meet him :)
        Will the sight of seeing this man wait for me ever stop making me blush!!
        For a moment he gazed at me and I wondered if I was looking weird with all that hurry but was relieved when he said, "Acchi lag rahi ho" :P
       We had just 3 hours on hand and 40 minutes of it was in the autorickshaw :P
       We watched Talaash and even though I knew the suspense all along, S didn't let me tell him :D :D It was worth the expression S gave when the suspense was revealed! He unbelievably stared at the screen and I kept looking at him ! Whatte expression :D :D
       Was sooo exhausted that day but a day well spent. S left the next day while I was again giving another practical exams. Damn them :(
      So the exams are finally over and the very next day a new semester was started. Such sadists!
       Its 7th December already! Where did the year run by???
       It feels like it was just last week I wrote a post welcoming 2012. This sure has been the fastest year for me and yes I met S many times this year :D 


Fatima said... exams still going on just got a 2 day holiday so came online..m waiting for my mini holidays too :D

which sem are you in ??

You're so lucky to have met S :)

Take Care

M in love said...

@Fatima" All the best for your exams :)
I m in 6th sem now :D
Yep this sure has been a lucky year :P

Red Handed said...

S and u..are cute :D

nupur said...

Its very sweet to see how much you care for S and you people have been in a relationship since so long :) will need tips. :D

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