Monday, 8 October 2012

Sniff.. sniff.. and sneeeze

 That's all I have been doing last two days..

  Hot water steam, tumblers of water and a couple of crocins, liberal use of vicks vaporub, strips of strepsils later, the temperature went down but the cold and the weakness remained. Sigh! Is there no cure for cold? Seriously??
 Morning visit to the clinic turned into an afternoon entry into doc's cabin. My regular doc was off on a vacation and the bachpan ka doc had a serpentine queue of people and I happened to be 65th of those people! A shot and a dose of 5 tablets later, I finally feel alive enough to eat and not feel like I swallowed mud.
Struggling to write the journals today :( Practical exams tomorrow. God save me for you alone know I have read nothing!
How I crave for a chicken soup :( I hate it when I have cold and can't get my comforting soup because of the mouth ulcers :( :( 


Ramya said...

Get well soon dear :D dont bother much about other things :) you will do well anyways :D

M in love said...

Thanks Ramya :) I hope I do well enough to not get thrown out of the laboratory :) A mistake can kill people you see ;)

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