Thursday, 18 October 2012

Its a yellow day !

           For me yellow defines happiness :)
           Yellow flowers would lift my spirits more than the red ones :P They say red for love and yellow for friendship. I say yellow for what makes you happy :)
         I love the bright yellow houses in the countryside although people find them funny. They have this cartoon like feel to them. You know the houses in cartoons which are so sunny and bright, but the yellow ones are so sprightly!!
        When it came to coloring my own room, I went for a shade of yellow called mango yellow with a combination of raspberry red. My mom almost scorned at the combination although Dad yielded to my color sense. The room is now my own corner of brightness and ofcourse the final effect did please everyone.
         Coming to what I said is a yellow day- Its that day of the navratri when the whole city is dressed in yellow. Yes there is a color for every day of the nine days which is followed according to the color of the sari the goddess is dressed. Its a fun concept wherein most of the people choose to follow the color and its almost as if we are all "one".

        So everything in life is pretty much the same.
        Long hours at college, the crowded trains, the serpentine lines at the bus stop, the even more crowded and sweaty bus ride, the walk back home, the piled up work..... :/
       The lectures are little late in the day today..
       So I have had a good 9 hours of sleep
       Enjoyed a slow breakfast without worrying about missing the train,
       Studied a chapter ( Yaaay I m feeling great about it!!)
      Blogged in the morning ( That's a rarity)
       Now all set to ready up my yellow top and have a leisurely bath and set out to  catch a almost empty noon train :D :D   Yes, its a yellow day for me :D        

P.S : If you are not feeling happy and its not a yellow day for you, here's something which will make you appreciate what you have..
The child of the woman selling clips on train.. 

                                                The shadowy figure on the extreme right is the mother..
                                               The child is acting asleep while the mother was trying to tickle her with a clip
                                              It was so touching and beautiful to see.. I guess all mother child relations are..                              Here's happiness that's created out of nothing! 


Fatima said...

Awe..I know the stations are filled with majority women dressed in yellow and all the ladies with yellow saris..a real rarity in Mumbai esp during peak hours :D

So, today was yellow so do I expect another morning post tmrw titled it's a green day..and even m following the color codes :D

And noon...hawh that is like empty trains nice seem to be enjoying :)

Take Care

M in love said...

@Fatima: The stations are such a pretty sight and for once the people are more interested in checking out colors than the indicator :D
You should follow the color codes :) ITs the best part of navratri isnt it?

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