Friday, 15 June 2012

Prayers Answered :D

             A few days back I was a bundle of nerves. I was fervently praying and asking others to do the same for me. Like I promised- details later :D So here is how the story goes..
             I was supposed to go to a field trip to Goa with my friends. With much persuading, I had convinced my parents to let me go one more time to the same place with the same people. So far so good. Complications began when all my friends starting dropping out one by one and instead packed into the field trip to Manali. Manali was a big NO from my home. I was left with two options- Goa or nowhere.
             Some of my classmates were making plans to bring along their boyfriends (secretly ofcourse) and just out of the blue I asked S if he would come. At first he was reluctant to promise because of the nature of his work and we went through so many tiffs because of it. I was unsure if I should go or not. If he would not turn up I would simply rot to boredom because there was no one, I was comfortable with, on the tour.
            We were 60 days away from the trip and pretty much confused. With much deliberation I made the advance payment. Skeptical about the events that would follow. Fearing the worse.
             The days that followed were the full of frustrations and temper. We fought almost everyday. I thought he no longer cared while he thought I just don't see sense :P With my feelings completely made to feel invalid, I was worried if I had made the right choice.
             2 days before the trip was to be made, S booked his tickets and the hotel. The very next day we had a bitter fight. The negativity of it was getting to me. The thing with being the one to propose first is that you constantly feel you are the one who needed the other. I wondered if he even needed me in the first place.. I had told him in anger that I would not talk to him unless he talks and gives me reason enough to believe that he wants me as much as I want him.
              The next day I woke up with a text asking me to check my mail. I called him up as it was too early to go online from home. The voice, that answered the call, had me. It was the same tenderness with which we used to talk when we were alone. Somehow that never happens as much. No matter how hurt I m, it is bound to get me to forgive him. Like it did that day..
              That morning I opened my mail and reread it again. I was all smiles the entire day (although I didn't tell him that). He proposed me again in that mail :)
              Now that we both were together all I was worried about was the other factors. Right from safe travel, accomodation, the lies, the calls, everything! Now paranoid is an understatement for that!
              With bated breathe I waited for the morning of 12th June. On the morning of 12th June I saw him waiting for me. That was enough to set aside some worries. It was 8 months since I hugged him!!
              In two days we lived our dream. Somehow whenever we meet, it seems like a dream to me. Everything went perfect without any glitches. Touchwood.
              We sat together on the beach, watching the waves lap on the shores..
              We held on to each other as if making up for each moment spent apart..
              We walked hand in hand on the sand leaving behind imprints of togetherness..
              We woke up with the assurance of having each other at arms distance.
              We got drenched in our first monsoon together and then held close, trembling in the cold winds..
              We walked the distance which neither of us could do all alone..
              We watched the sun set putting an end to the wonderful day we had.
Thank you so much my dear readers for the prayers and comments. I and S read it together :)



Mystical Skeptical Me said...

I think I finally breathed!! *Touchwood* Beautiful beautiful post M. You are in love all over again! :D :D

Blessed Be!

Keirthana said...

Sooooooooo sweet. I read your entire post in one breath. Having experienced some situations, though of a smaller intensity level, I couldn't breath until I finished your story. Happy for you!


M in love said...

@MSM : Thank you so much for your prayers and that message :) It was reassuring!
Yes I m in love all over again :) with the same man ;)

M in love said...

@Keirthana: Hehe thank you so much dear :) I m sure your story was thrilling too :D Once again thank you so much for your sweet comment :)

sulagna ™ said...

beta :) khush raho khush raho aish karo !!

Alcina said...

Shuks..I am crying right now..

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