Friday, 22 June 2012

Falling in love all over again..

              Yes I have fallen in love again. This time fully knowing what I m getting into. When I fell in love five years back, I was naive to the ways of love and to what a relation means. I faltered and erred. Much more than I would have realized then. I ran out of love, sometimes too indulged in my own worries. I hurt.. a lot more than I was ready for. Just when I thought I have experienced all that love holds, I fell in love. All over again. With the same man 
              12th June, early morning (8 a.m :P) Sagar restaurant.
             S and I had gone to have breakfast at this place. Now this restaurant is on the first floor and has its kitchen on the ground floor. The cash counter, where S and I were standing, was just close to the stairs at the entrance. He was waiting to make the payment when he realized we left behind the bottle of water on our table. He asked me to fetch it. I made one smart movement, my attention fully on my target -the bottle! Little did I know that the moment I turned, the floor had given way to the stairs :P And there went I , down the stairs!
             I thought I would go straight to the ground floor but luckily I got my grip and held on after falling 4 to 5 steps. Damage was already done. The entire floor had its eye on me
           While I was sliding down the stairs  thoughts  on my mind were:
  1. The entire floor is watching you! Run!!!
  2. S is hiding his face maybe! What a clumsy girlfriend he has :P 
  3. What if S shouts at me for being so stupid? In front of everyone!
  4. My behind hurts :P and my hands are burning!!!
         I got up to see S all worried and right there. Instead of getting mad at me ( I could have done something toofani like break my head with that stunt of mine) he pulled me closer to ask if I was alright. Not once bothering to look around and see how many people were watching us.That won me 
        Although I kept bickering over how stupid I looked due to the fall , it was done away with his reassurances ! 

        Thank you S for all the wonderful ways you care for me 

        51.. Love it when we talk utter nonsense and keep arguing about who speaks the right mother tongue.
        52.. Love it when you hold my hands and say nothing and yet I feel everything.  

        53.. Love it when you leave those messages in my inbox while I m away.. 
        54.. Love it when you call me your gudiya.. 

        55.. Love it when you shy away when I make you smile while you chat from office 

        56.. Love it when you hold  me like nothing is going to take me away from me 

        57.. Love it when you listen to all that I blabber and when I ask you "What did I just say", you are able to say my exact words !!!  

        58.. Love the way we keep teasing each other with all kind of names!! 

        59.. Love the fighting with you.. 

        60.. Love the fact that you have given me the best two days of my life.. 

           Love you sooo much S !


Swarnali said...

That was totally an "aww" worthy post. God Bless you both :)

Ramya said...

:) Ah woman looks her best when she is in love:D and I can imagine how beautiful you would be by being in love with your S :D

Let god keep you both together always and always in more love. Keep smiling :D

sulagna ™ said...

ohh actually thought he will be embarrassed ?? mad woman :)itna toh even i can vouch for S that he will only be bothered about you

M in love said...

@Swarnali: Thank you so much!

M in love said...

@Ramya: Woman is beautiful when she is happy and I m very happy :) Thank you Ramya.. Its your good wishes that make it all possible :)

M in love said...

@Sulagna: :P :P It was so embarrassing for me to have fallen like that! Mad I m :P :P

Alcina said...

:D .......
I am dreaming once always do so with your posts..leave me dreaming..sigh..
Lots of love surrounding you guys..and yes everyday you fall in love all over again :)
And that was so damn caring of S.
I lovieee what you wrote.. :)
Take care S n M :)
Keep smiling alwayssssss...

Keirthana said...

Wow, lucky you! Love is dripping from those little things you had mentioned :)


M in love said...

Thank you Alcina.. Its so nice to see you again on my blog :)
I m sure the dreams will very soon be a reality :)
Yes it was very caring of S :)
Thank you once again dear :)

M in love said...

@Keirthana: Love is in those little things that matter right?? Love is nothing great, it lives in the small memories and moments I feel :)

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