Monday, 3 October 2011

Love it when..

31. Love it when you so easily predict what I would do. No one has ever known me as much as you. 

32. That giggle you give when I start with , "You know what??"  or that "Tumhe pata hai kya?" and you say "Nahi na"  

33. I love it that you tell me everything, even if that makes me sad. 

34. Love it when you are all sleepy sleepy and want to go to bed, but still you come online for 10 minutes just to see me . I love that sleeeepy look of yours.. Its sooooo cute!

35.  Love it when you are all busy but you still call and say, "Badi mushkil se time nikala call karne!" 

36. Love it when you indulge me like a small kid.. 

37. Love those sofffft hands !! 

38. Love it when you wear red because I lovvve you in red. You look so hotttt in red! 

39. Just love the future with you !! 

40.. Love it when I love life because of you 


PeeVee said...

You KEEP making me go 'awww' girl!!:)

chirag said...

hahahaha....rightly said

Suruchi said...

this is so cute...i didn't know you did a "love it when" series...mine were inspired by the few lines in 'When Harry met Sally':-)

love the love between you two-god bless:-)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

How cute!! :D Especially the love with life part! :D :D Your dreams, your way of life, may come true! Blessed Be! :D :D

M in love said...

@PeeVee : *blushes* really??
@Chirag : thanks chirag for reading ;)
@Suruchi : Thanks :) although if you could have told it was inspired by me I would have been on Cloud nine!! :P :P If we are anywhere near what you wrote 10 years from now, then mission accomplished!

@MSM : thanks for the wishes dear!

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