Sunday, 31 July 2011

Finding a Friend in your Love..

           Hello my lovely readers..  Oh well I have been away from the blog not so much due to lack of time but due to lack of topic.. I had run short of tales as during this time me and S had  a major tiff (over a matter I have to think back to remember :P) following which I went on a week long "Ignore mode". So my love life had definitely hit the rock and I spent better part of my life pitying myself and checking my mails! Now before you think more on these lines let me tell you that M and S are still very much the couple in love! So here I m back on the blog with some more little things in love..
          Friendship Day is around the corner and the ambience is already filled with those bands..While in school it was about who had his/ her hands filled the most with those bands which are no more than rag pieces the next day.. It was about the numbers then and I hardly knew the faces that tied those bands on my hand.. Looking back there were only handful of people who were genuinely friends.. I m glad I spent the best days of my life with those people and never fell into that "teenage phase" of making useless and selfish friends.
          Growing up, definitions have changed. I have realised that friendship is more about staying besides your friend in silence and just letting them the comfort of your company than talking out uncomfortable explanations. It is that face which comforts you in a crowd..
          Sometimes life throws weird situations at you. You just cannot unburden those things on your friends. They have a life too and even though they would gladly help you out, you have to be considerate enough to think about their convenience..
          During such lonely times, the only support I seek for is in my S.. Someone I can lean on without thinking if I m a hurdle..Someone I can shout at, accuse all that comes into my emotion wrecked mind and still expect to love me. Someone who listens to all my rattling , gets irritated sometimes and shouts back at me then says Sorry and next moment I m back to my chattering.
          Some people wonder how we can talk the most mundane things of our life ( Not the "khaane me namak kam types".. rolls eyes..itne bhi boring nahi hai hum!!) but then I don't care about all those complaints. I know of people chatting hours with their best friends, those who give every minute details to their moms etc etc.. For me there is only one person I can share anything and everything..That is my beloved S..
         Finding a friend in your love is more comforting because he is more than your friend..he is family and he is more accomodating than your family.. he is your friend..
         Thank you my darling S for being my soundboard in all these years.. for reminding me of my own decisions, for keeping me sane, for assuring me that you will be with me no matter what.. For making useless efforts to make me realise how I should not cry over friendships gone sour because there will be many more friends in life.. For giving me most humorous ideas, for giving me practical advices, for sharing my fantasies and most importantly for your love.. I love you so so much jaanu.. Happy friendship Day in advance :)
        Have a good week my dear readers..Enjoy this week with your friends and your life partner.. Wishing you lots of happiness..


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Awwwwww, it's such a cute thing to say M, that your S is a friend of yours' too. That is what is important too :D I mean, that is what we need sometimes, don't we? :D I am happy for you that the tiff is all forgotten. :* Happy Friendship Day in Advance honey! :D :D

chirag said...

iam agree with you and if ur friend become ur lover ..its always great..because trust in friendship is always more than love
and check out my poem quite similar to the post
"ishq hota hain dosti ke bad"

M in love said...

@Mystical Skeptical Me: What else could one need ;) Happy friendship day to you too honey! :)

@chirag: yes trust is always more in friendship than in love :P but when you are in love for a long time you know the most mundane details of each other that no friend knows and that makes you friends :)

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