Sunday, 15 January 2012

Makarsankranti Date

                    Happy Makarsankranti to all my readers.. What are you doing today? The sky here in Mumbai is adorned with colorful kites and doors of homes here all open to wish each other "Tilgul ghya godh godh bola" ( roughly translated as "Eat tilgul sweets and talk sweet sweet" )
                    Makarsankranti day has some fond memories in my love story. Makarsankranti was one of the days when S got a holiday and there was no holiday in my city. Prior to having internet at our homes, we depended on cyber cafe ( you would not what I m talking if you have read my earlier post on Love in times of internet). Makarsankrant was a special day because we knew we would get to see each other.
                    Right in the morning we would get ready to hunt for a cyber cafe with a cam. I used to dress up in salwar kameez (which I hardly wear otherwise) and spend so much time deciding what accessories to wear. Neither the slow broadband connection nor the continuous disconnection could wither away our spirits. Just for a few minutes of seeing each other...
                    When I first got internet connection at my home it was just a day before Makarsankrant and our first chat from home happened on a Makarsankranti day!! Quite a coincidence it was.
                    Had it been the same situation I can imagine how heartbroken I would have been if Makarsankrant fell on a Sunday. Thankfully it is not. Its a Sunday and S is still working till late afternoon. I m completing my journal work so that I can shop in the evening. I just hope we make time to skype today :)
                    Completely unrelated to the post, but this snap made me go "awwwwwwwwwwwwww"
                                        fav fotos / Soooo sweet
                                        I adore twins!! 


Sujatha Sathya said...

no wonder Makarasankranthi has such a special place in your life

Elvirah said...

I like two things very much about sankrathi, one is flying kites and next one ariselu. I just love this sweet dish very much and also it fascinates me when i see the sky with full of colorful flying kites. Hope you had a wonderful one.

Kajal said...

Love your post. Loved your post about missed calls and waiting too and many more.

your newest follower and a regular visitor from now on. you can find me at

M in love said...

@Sujatha: It does :) Special memories!

@Elvirah: thank you dear

@Kajal: Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for following me :) Will visit your space soon.

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