Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wooing your love in Diwali!

               Its the biggg festival of the year- Diwali!! Wish you all a very happy Diwali!

So the entire week has been busy- shopping, cooking, cleaning and now you look like a pan cake and all dolled up for the festival, yea? 

Well you could still sneak a little bit of time and make it special for love ;)

1.. Try making his favorite sweets.. And if he happens to be fussy over food ( like S !! :P) , then simply get creative with chocolates! Yes they are lifesavers, antidepressants and aphrodites! Do I say more??

2..Give him a nice long massage on Narakchaturdashi ( hehe sounds funny but that is the day you are supposed to be having a good oil massage and a long bath with utna- a kind of herbal powder used for the abhyanga snan or the purifying bath)

3. So you have lit up the entire house and neighborhood with those colorful, floating diyas then why spare the bedroom? ;)
Save up a few and light your bedroom with those aromatherapy candles for your rendezvous with love

4. You have shopped, shopped and shopped till you dropped.. So play a little dressing up for him.. Do some wooing with your sexxy dress :) 
Dress for His eyes only :)

5. Make a handmade gift for him.. A card with happy pictures of you two could be a win win one! 

5.. Play games with him.. No not the mind games darling..  If it is the Diwali time card games, then make him your partner and give naughty hints to him all the way ;) and it is only you two playing then make up conditions to be fulfilled for the one who loses! IT should be SUPER fun!
[ beLLe ]

If you are wondering which of these you can do and the answer is none, do not worry.. You can still score points with him by doing NOTHING :D :D 
Guys are easy to please sometimes ;)
-- Do not comment on how the friends' or neighbors' guy helped her clean the house, took her shopping etc etc and you have a happy guy!
-- Let him party with his dudes without reminding him to control the booze :P :P 
-- Don't call him when he is gone to Momma to celebrate diwali.. Pamper yourself at the parlor to keep your mind off the temptation or plan a girls' day out :D :D 

Soo easy no? Its simple being the girl sometimes :D :D 

Have a great Diwali people! 

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Okay I m super duper late to post this. I was kind of trying to get back to reality after the total dream sequence of my life!
S came visiting last month and I was dream walking in that one and half days..
What happens when the love of your life meets you after two and a half year?? Well the emotions, the pent up expression, the happiness, the pinch of separation.. nothing, nothing can be put into words!

                                                    image by me!!

Well we were sitting in this park, when I had this idea of clicking a snap like this..
S was like, "You want to put this on Little things in love right?"
How well you read me S!! At that moment I was thinking of how good it would look and probably I could use it somewhere on my blog and voila ! you say it before I actually assemble my thoughts on it!

Its more than a month since we met, yet it seems like yesterday that you were holding my hand which fits perfectly in yours.. I guess that's what love does to people!

I don't know why I have this great fixation with S ka hand.. I mean I find it soooo cute.. slender fingers and look at those nails! Anddd it is so warm and soft to hold! Okay now too much mush I know!! I just love the feeling when those warm hands move across my face to pull that straying strand of hair back.. :) :)

There was so much going on in my mind to post but I guess I will fail to express my happiness in words!

P.S : I will be back before Diwali with some little things to do on Diwali :) 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Love it when..

31. Love it when you so easily predict what I would do. No one has ever known me as much as you. 

32. That giggle you give when I start with , "You know what??"  or that "Tumhe pata hai kya?" and you say "Nahi na"  

33. I love it that you tell me everything, even if that makes me sad. 

34. Love it when you are all sleepy sleepy and want to go to bed, but still you come online for 10 minutes just to see me . I love that sleeeepy look of yours.. Its sooooo cute!

35.  Love it when you are all busy but you still call and say, "Badi mushkil se time nikala call karne!" 

36. Love it when you indulge me like a small kid.. 

37. Love those sofffft hands !! 

38. Love it when you wear red because I lovvve you in red. You look so hotttt in red! 

39. Just love the future with you !! 

40.. Love it when I love life because of you 


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