Monday, 27 June 2011

Love in times of internet..

           It all began on the internet.. Back in 2005, when I and S first met and then he went to his city, his mail id was all I had of him.. My first mail id was created long before that and due to no activity on it, got deactivated too. When S entered my life, a whole new world of internet opened up for me.
           In those days (I was in school) I did not have an internet connection at home and projects, made with the help of internet,still hadn't been heard of in the syllabus. Today even primary students operate the internet for the school projects but our school projects were independent of the internet. Encyclopedias and library books were still the most referred study material.
           It was just 2 days since he left for his city and I was missing him already. I remember the day I went to the internet cafe. It was a rainy afternoon and the cyber cafe wore a deserted look. I created my account taking a lot of time and struggling with the slow internet connection. Finally a mail was drafted and I battled if I should send it to him. After making a few changes, I finally clicked on SEND.. Then began the wait..
          The whole internet and mailing thing of course had to be kept a secret lest unnecessary suspicion be drawn to something that didn't even exist. It took more than two days for him to reply to the mail.. The cyber cafe had become alluring and the only way to reach him (he didn't even have a cellphone that time). We exchanged mails and then came the next step.. I invited him for a chat.. The time was decided upon and I was hoping that he turns up..
         Our first yahoo messenger chat was something very casual.. The only distinct memory of that first chat I have is that , it was the first time he called me honey ( though not in a romantic undertone) and I called him sweetheart.
        The chats became something I looked forward to and started arranging all the time. The last day of the month I had half day at school. Often we used to have a chat on that day.. There was only one cyber cafe (with a decent speed) near my house. Excuses had to be made for each visit to the cyber cafe and it was all thrilling and scary at the same time. I used to look around all the time and seek out new cyber cafes at a distance from where I stayed ( too cautious I m).
        The chats and mails stopped once he got into a job and we drifted away for sometime. The forwarded mails (yes, where have they gone ??) were exchanged now and then. How he fell in love and how we entered a relation is another story.. Now lets forward to 2007 when we were in a relation

We confessed our love to each other but hadn't even seen each other since 2005. Mailing photographs through cyber was a risky thing to do (remember how pictures were morphed in the initial days of internet liberty?) and neither was MMS a viable option. We came to the the internet then.. This time video calling :)

 The first time we were going to video chat I remember being as nervous as a newly wed bride. ;) I hadn't seen him for soo long and the wait and the questions ! would he find me beautiful? would he change his decision when he saw me? I was very young then and naive to this whole world of romance. He had come home early from office and set out to search for a cyber with webcam.. (trust me its a bigg trouble to find one) and I was all ready and waiting for him at a nearby cafe. As fate would have, my cellphone was in repair and he had a powercut in the cafe. So I waiting for a long time before I could see him. And it was worth the wait..
There he was! sitting right in front of me in a navy blue shirt and he looked hottt.. I was lost again.. He looked at me and oh God ! I had never been so concious in my life! and then the internet connection died.. 

       With time we depended mostly on the webcam chat to see each other. Although we got cellphone with MMS facility later but watching each other was only possible through the cam. The excuses, the frustration of not finding a suitable cyber with cam, of not finding a good connection.. We have lived through it all..
      Now to the present time..
We both have internet connection at home. We both have cam. We can see each other whenever we are home. We can feel free with each other.. It's a blessing to our love story..
      Even now when I m on internet in the morning and he comes online to check his mails, he sends me a chat.. We chat but we can't go on messenger since he is in office and we chat like those gone days.. Even if it's been only 10 minutes since we talked on phone we are all , "Love you jaanu " on chat.. It brings back all those days of love when internet was not so easy to have :)
     Long distance isn't so much of a pain thanks to Skype  :)

 P.S: I know this was a long one, but had to be in continuation :) Hope you liked it..

Friday, 10 June 2011

you always get me!

                If there is one thing no one can equal S at, that is making a fool of me! Poor me is always the BAKRI.
There must have been innumerable times when he said something with so much convenience that I DID believe it .. even if it was outright bizarre and crazy! So it goes like if he tells me something is wrong with the solar system ( by giving some made up explanation and cooked up stats) and it is actually night although it looks like day... you can trust me to believe that!  
               I remember the most terrifying fool he made of me..
I hadn't called him all day as I had guests visiting and his genius of a brain cooked up a brilliant tale to get me!
               Late in the evening I called him. He was sounding ill. I asked him what was wrong. He replied that he had fever.
              I got worried because he was alright when we last talked and touchwood he never falls sick like that without reason (unlike me!!). 
              He told me ," Actually yesterday I went out with a friend of mine to a tattoo parlor. He got a design made on his arm."
              I was all ears to what he was saying! Alarm bells ringing!
              He took a dramatic pause! 
             "Then?" I asked nervously.
             "I too got a tattoo of your name on my chest ... in German."
Wow! now which girl wouldn't like to get such a permanent name engraved on her man! Minus the pain ofcourse! 
            "But now it is hurting and due to that pain I have fever."
That statement was enough to get me hysterical! Pain, fever, tattoo, pus!! everything running on my mind!
            "Why did you have to get a tattoo?" I almost cried.
I was on the verge of tears when he said, "Mazaak kar raha tha".
            He is too good at acting I tell you!

On April 1st I planned to get even with him for all the little fools he has made of me. I succeeded partly because he started believing me at the end  of it !  

Later in the evening we were talking and suddenly he asked me, "How far is Kanjurmarg from your place?"
"Uhh I don't know. Will ask someone.. Why?"
"Actually I have a meeting there. Will be coming on 20th."
"What? 20th? "
"Why ? aren't you there?"
"I told you na .. I was going to go to Water park.." I ofcourse didn't want to lose this chance . I was already thinking of ways to postpone or make adjustments..
"Ok wait..I will call them and cancel the plan." 
I heard the giggle on the other side the moment I said this! Oh Shit! IT was still April Fool's day and he got me! Shaaay!!!!!!!!!
He was having a smug moment I say! 

Now you all know how upset I was about going native and him visiting my city.. All the time I was thinking what he would be doing here... 

I landed in my city at 1 sharp .. When I reached home and called him he asked me, "When did you reach?"
I answered him, "Reached airport at 1."
He told  me, "Ohh I was there till 11. My flight was at 11. I looked around if you would be there. Missed just by two hours."
"Really ?" I asked innocently.   
"Ha baba.. bad luck. I was waiting you know."
I felt so miserable on hearing it. So he had been here while I was somewhere else! Star crossed love!
"Bas mat bolo aur."
"Mujhe bura lagta hai." I said in a low tone.. 
"Nahi baba.. Me toh aya hi nahi " and he giggled again!!!
"You!!! you are too bad! Always make a fool of me " 
"I know "
Ohh he tricks me so well with his story! But I m soo hopelessly stupid when it comes to him! Love that is! I m so so madly and foolishly in love with this man!

So the moral of the april (sorry June) fool is (yeah this one has a moral, so read ok!) 
He hasn't yet been to my city so we still stand a fattt chance ! 

P.S : Thanks readers for the supportive comments on my last negative post :P Good times do come around !!


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